Pokemon Female Characters

16 Best Pokemon Female Characters

Ash has met numerous members of the sexually diverse people during his ever-growing Pokemon journey to date, many of whom have been with him on his journeys for a brief period of time.

A lot of female characters on this show’s cast have enjoyed amazing performances, while others aren’t even close to sub-par. There have been some who have had subpar performances, yet managed to gain a huge following.

Note This article is a subjective one and represents the writer’s opinion.

Find out by listing the top 16 girls in this Pokemon anime!


Phoebe pokemon

Phoebe has been an Elite Four member who also is a specialist in Ghost-type Pokemon although she is within the Hoenn region. 

Don’t mistake her casual look and relaxed personality as an indication of weakness, she’s not weak, because Phoebe’s Dusclops and Sableye can slash one to insignificance.

If that isn’t working, she’ll resort to an avalanche of powerful ghost-type attacks, such as Shadow Punch and Shadow Ball.

The only thing that can stop her team is Dark-type pocket monsters or monsters of a kind that take harmless damage when she uses her attack with ethereal power.



Fiery female mortals hailing who hails from The Hoenn region is among the toughest trainers in the Generation 3 games.

Flannery is a fiery fighter who burns opponents to ashes thanks to her fierce desire to fight and her fire-type Pokemon. 

The Torkoal is a formidable adversary that is capable of unleashing a devastating Overheat attack if it is not controlled.

She also has Slugma, as well as Magcargo, who are also formidable opponents that have a massive defensive capacity and powerful plumes of flame.



The cool trainer is in the Kanto region and is an expert with Ice-type Pokemon…and Slowbro. 

Lorelei uses the bitterly frigid Blizzard as well as Ice Beam attacks that are unleashed by wintery Pokemon, such as the magnificent Lapras and the strengthened Cloyster. 

In combat, Lorelei will attempt to stop her opponent from capturing their Pokemon making them invulnerable against further icy attacks.



The little girl may appear to be a small issue, but she’s actually one of the best female coaches in the region of Alolan! 

A member from the Elite Four for Generation VII and also an official trial captain, Acerola can pose an enormous danger to those without a plan. 

If you’re planning to battle her, ensure you have Full Restores! Some consider her to be one of the greatest dangers to trainers in Alola She is a powerful Ghost-type Pokemon. 


Karen pokemon

Famous for her claim that the most powerful trainers in the world fight with their most popular Pokemon!

Karen has become famous to be one of the most powerful Dark-type trainers after when she appeared in Generation 2 games. 

Karen has an impressively balanced squad made up predominantly of one kind of. The Umbreon is a sturdy wall that is able to take and deal out a number of hits, and Houndoom is a ruthless opponent with high damage output. 

Also, she has the Murkrow that is known for her ability to easily confuse any Pokemon in the area with her Confuse Ray before unleashing the rage of her shadowy attacks.



Wed to Mustard who was an ex-champion of the Galar region, she’s as strong as him when you take on them. 

So it’s no wonder that they decided to start an academy to train the next generation of gymnasts!

Honey’s team is extremely strong and balanced and has the ability to take on almost any kind of. 

In addition, her most powerful Pokemon is the Gigantamax Venusaur as well as a Blastoise. Both are difficult to defeat with all your Pokemon weak from battle. Do not underestimate the beauty of this face!



Sinnoh’s companion Dawn was Ash’s third female companion. She was introduced as a character in the Diamond and Pearl show.

She’s a girly and hardheaded character but, while that’s great it’s not something we’ve experienced in May. 

It’s no wonder to know that Diamond, as well as Pearl, isn’t among my top seasons of Pokemon however, I’ll admit that this could be because I’ve gotten this season’s English dub (go and get it subbed whenever you are able to). 

So, Dawn isn’t my favourite however, she does have an intimate relationship with Ash and I’m sure that’s why some fans still love Dawn.


Whitney pokemon

Although she only has a few Pokemon that she is able to summon, her team is powerful enough to knock down any rivals and she’s very difficult to defeat at this moment during her Generation 2 games. 

Her Milktank is especially hard to beat as it can heal half of its hit points and can cause massive damage when not monitored. 

She’s had to end numerous Pokemon journeys due to how difficult this normal-type gym presents and some wonder what makes her such a difficult opponent. 

In the end, it’s a great way to get the Plain Badge!

Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is a character that appears consistently in both the anime and the games (even though she might not be identified for the former, her distinct appearance is easily identifiable). 

This massive family of sisters/cousins/clones/whatever they may be are always there to help Ash and his friends whenever their Pokemon need some TLC after a hard fight.

Between the surreality that there is always a Nurse Joy in every town, to each of them’s fervent affection for Pokemon and Brock’s easily attracted heart, which is pulling for her every time the opportunity arises, Nurse Joy has more than earned an appearance at the top of this list.



Dragon-Trainer Iris of Pokémon Best Wishes in the Unova region takes the fourth spot.

Despite these blessings, however, throughout the show, we witness her often scold and belittle Ash.

Her most famous offence is calling Ash a child. Not exactly the most helpful Iris, are you? Iris? 

Furthermore, she’s had the unfortunate experience of being in the weakest time of Pokemon.

Iris, you are a good girl however, that hair could be costing you a lot in shampoo.



The Sinnoh champion of the region is a remarkably skilled trainer and is she is the only female champion as a part of the team. 

Although she appears to be friendly and friendly, Cynthia has a powerful presence that is able to even calm Brock’s Lady-saving Croagunk.

Cynthia isn’t in the series as frequently as other female characters, however, her charismatic character and extraordinary talents have secured Cynthia her spot in the heart of the series’ viewers.



May The second girl who travels with Ash is aspiring to become a world-class Pokemon Coordinator. She is a part of Ash on the Advanced Generations series as a novice trainer, and he assists her in learning how to take care of Pokemon.

Like the majority of the series, I’d suggest you watch the English version subbed of Advanced Generations. In the dub, you get to listen to voices of voice actress Veronica Taylor talk to herself while she is playing Ash as well as May.

We loved watching May slowly warm up to the creatures along with her adorable. Additionally, her relationship with the Gym leader Norman (her dad) brought about a fascinating issue in which Ash was fighting him.



The incessant Pokemon taker along with her two co-workers have been following Ash as well as Pikachu for a couple of episodes less than Ash’s entire time as a Pokemon trainer. 

The fact that she is the most-watched female character isn’t enough to get Jessie the top spot in the ranking.

Although she’s not the most skilled trainer Jessie continues to treat her Pokemon with respect and affection and shows a remarkable love towards Pokemon contests. 

In addition to her natural ability to win contests and her raucous persona, Jessie remains a solid and well-known female character after all the years of playing Ash.



Bea is also referred to by the name of “Galar Karate Prodigy” by numerous. On one short of the brand new Pokemon mini-series Twilight Wings, Bea can be observed training with them.

Machop, Machoke, and Machamp, who are all very well-fit Pokemon who can lift boulders and pound through mountains. 

Yet, Bea can be seen surpassing them, and even getting hit by Machamp as if it wasn’t even a thing! It is a true test of determination to train the body as well as mind at this level!


Misty pokemon

Misty was Ash’s first love in the series’s first season. A nerdy girl who doesn’t let Ash escape from the wrath of the actions of his protagonist, Misty has always been an adored character for the viewers of the show.

Misty even participates in an exciting event in which she hatches her Generation II Pokemon Togepi over two years prior to the launch of Pokemon Gold and Silver. 

But, after Togepi, Misty feels a little unsatisfied as she spends a lot of the remaining series carrying around the baby Pokemon. It’s a loss of the enthusiasm and independence she was recognized for.

She will be back in full force during the upcoming seasons but she will bring back the Misty Spink fanatics have come to know and appreciate.


Serena pokemon

Serena is only on the screen for a brief period however she had quite an impression in the brief time she was Ash’s partner. 

She is not only known to have been in contact with and befriended Ash many years before he began his Pokemon journey, however, but she’s also the only one of Ash to publicly confess her love for Ash.

Serena is also among the few characters who drastically alter their appearance in the middle of the season she cuts the hair into a heartfelt scene and switches her clothes. 

It also differentiates her from other games-anime characters such as May and Dawn since she is the only character that has her own distinct anime style.