18 Best Medieval Mods For Minecraft

Do you ever wish that you could go back in time to the time of the chivalry?

Take a few minutes to relive the time in which knights were courageous Dragons were fierce, and massive yet heavy siege weapons ruled the Earth.

If that’s the case, I don’t have a timing machine.

Modded Minecraft is always an increasingly popular way to play the game. One of the reasons that make modding enjoyable is the fact that mods come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and no two mods are alike to one another.

A single of the well-known themes in Minecraft mods is that they feature a medieval-themed theme to them. 

They are typically an ode to the past and are fun because of their rustic style which is in line with the overall style that is Minecraft survival.

However, I do have a few great Medieval-themed mods that are specifically made to Minecraft. 

If you’re interested in having a fun adventure set within the Middle Ages then these mods will surely help.

18. Age Of Weapons Mod

Age Of Weapons Mod

It boasts a staggering 500 000 unique downloads in its life The Age of Weapons mod is certainly one of the top Minecraft mods that are themed around medieval times available.

This mod adds 299 new items that range from basic blocks to intricate and detailed weapons and tools. 

The new items this mod uses are based on various period, which ranges from the stone age through to the futuristic time. 

While this is not a mod for medieval times, however, it does include a large variety of medieval-era weapons ages which are certainly enjoyable to play with.

17. Overlord Mod

Overlord Mod

Overlord Mod Overlord Mod is a highly fascinating concept that seeks to imitate the well-known Overlord games

In essence, the mod lets players build an army of skeletons to defend their bases.

Skeletons can be given commands and instructions, which could include combat behaviors, as well as the best way to conduct themselves when not fighting. 

In all, it is an interesting mod from the medieval era that allows players to play the role of a veteran general who is in charge of their massive army.

16. Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2

This is a re-creation of the well-known Battlegear mod. This mod takes the initial Battlegear concept and enhances it with an advanced and well-designed system.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, for those who aren’t familiar, the Battlegear collection of modifications is focused on creating a balanced and engaging weapon system, allowing for an amazing battle experience with dual wielding as well shield-related mechanics.

15. Trebuchet


Mod adds a portable trebuchet to your game. It can shoot massive distances of TNT that are lit likely to hit things you do not like.

With minimal effort, this device can also be used to throw monsters into the crystal clear blue sky.

This is the best option to throw objects around your virtual space If you’re looking to unleash this massive engine of war against a near Pillager Outpost, your friend’s castle, or simply to have fun with the simple pleasures of sending a cow flying across the sky.

It is also a good fit in a Medieval setting.

14. Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons

In the beginning, in the world of online game RPGs, the genre was known as “roguelikes”.

The games were distinguished by the players being taken on epic journeys through huge Dungeons.

The Roguelike Dungeons mod brings all the excitement and fun to Minecraft by adding massive underground dungeons with exclusive rooms and loot to explore.

The mod also features three distinct region-specific dungeons: the Tower and the Jungle Tower, and the Mountain Tower.

Explore them all to see what you can find.

13. Astikorkarts


This is the wagon of Middle Ages’ Rolls Royce. That’s what my neighbors from the peasant class have told me.

Three more vehicles drawn by horses are featured in this version. They’re sure to make your town, which has suffered from plague, jealous of you.

It’s called the Animal Cart is one of the three new vehicles that you’ll receive. It can be used to transport others and groups (such as animals or villagers).

Supply Cart Supply Cart, which can store two chests of items and plenty of space for a companion to join you on your travels.

Then there’s the Plow that can swiftly transform the soil into agricultural land – or even create dirt path highways over dirt blocks and grass.

12. Reforged Conquest

Reforged Conquest

Conquest Reforged Conquest Reforged is an Optifine compatible patch that was developed from the Conquest resource pack. It greatly expands the options for decorating available to users.

More than 12,000 blocks are available in the mod. Many of which feature new 3D parts that are designed to suit the various historic and imaginative settings and civilizations.

So it is likely that to see the Middle Ages will be portrayed.

Furthermore, the game’s trees have been completely overhauled with the latest realistic trees, which allow “layered placement capabilities,” and a redesigned inventory system that will help you deal with the awe-inspiring quantity of new blocks.

11. Medieval Weapons

Medieval Weapons

Medieval Weapons offers exactly what it claims on the label: it gives you new weapons.

Things that are unique concerning Medieval times.

The selection is vast however, you’ll get three types of daggers sais, war axes, Katanas, war hammers, chakrams, and shurikens along with new steel versions of all the vanilla Minecraft weapons and tools with this patch.

What’s not to love about this?

10. Millenaire


Do you want to inject a little more spirit into your Minecraft world?

Are you interested in exploring distant lands to discover new world cultures?

Try Millenaire A mod that includes new styles for villages based on the 11th century Norman, Indian, Japanese, Mayan, Byzantine, Inuit, and Seljuk Turkic cultures.

Each village is unique and has its distinctive design, naming villagers, and other culturally distinctive objects.

The mod adds an advanced system of reputation and economy to the game which could affect how villages grow and also the way that the villager treats you.

It is more common to trade with the village, and they’ll utilize the resources they have to create unique structures to accommodate the needs of their population that is growing.

If you squander their resources, they’ll stall and won’t deal with you (no surprise here).

If you’re looking for the more adventurous This mod adds various quests and raids by bandits that you can fight or join to share a portion of the loot!

9. Medieval Craft

Medieval Craft

Medieval Craft includes massive castles in Your Minecraft world.

I’m guessing most people would like to give this test.

The castles are protected by various knight clans and are outfitted with armor inspired by different real-world traditions.

However, even though the castles are filled with valuable treasures, they will not let you access the castles without fighting!

The mod adds 7 new buildings and neutral mob types and 48 new armor and weapon kinds to the game, including the famous Excalibur.

We’ve all heard of the myths and legends however in this instance Excalibur is an exclusive sword that can deal 30 damage. It’s located somewhere across the globe to be found.

8. Cathedral


When we imagine their thoughts of the Middle Ages, it’s no surprise that they consider cathedrals, the Gothic-style skyscrapers that dominated skies that dominated medieval Europe.

This Cathedral mod, which is an expansion for the well-known Chisel Mod provides a vast range of new blocks to Minecraft. 

They’re primarily ideal for the construction of stunning castles, manor homes, and, yes, more cathedrals.

The new blocks come with stones for gargoyles, stone fences, and pillars, which can be constructed with 13 different stone types and dwarven-inspired fortress blocks doors, doors, and steel bars.

There are also some gorgeous new stained-glass blocks, climbing chains of steel, and 17 varieties of roofing tiles made of clay.

Seriously, if you want to get the Medieval style, give this style a go.

It claims it’s only compatible with Minecraft 1.12.x however it’s worth trying to determine whether it will run on the latest versions.

7. Elder Arsenal

Elder Arsenal

Elder Arsenal is another mod that brings the latest medieval, and modern weapons to Minecraft such as daggers knives, katanas, and knives, as well as battle weapons, battle hammers spears, halberds, and spears maces, katars disks, and pistols (yes actually!)

In addition, there are explosives (in both holy and regular variations) and various new shield and bow designs.

The mod also introduces new trap blocks, such as the floor, traps for bears as well as some gunpowder barrels which explode after being activated.

It’s time to be creative.

6. Bayalin


Baylin introduces new products and features designed to represent “the finest of what the middle ages and early modern times can provide”.

The quote sort of says the whole truth.

These new additions include more than eighty brand new weapon sets, twenty brand new armor sets, as well as over 40 new items of medieval food to test. Yes, you can make your food!

And that’s not the only thing.

It also brings new structures and mobs in your world, like castles, bandit-infested camps, and fortresses stuffed with loot, roving mercenaries you can hire to follow your footsteps, as well as other abandoned structures scattered across the world for you to find.

Although this was developed for Minecraft versions before 1.16.5 is worthwhile to try it in later versions as well. As of this posting, it was last updated a few months ago – not bad for a start.

5. Project Brazier

Project Brazier

Project Brazier was previously called Dark Roleplay Medieval, is an open-source mod that hopes to provide a complete RPG gaming experience for Minecraft players.

The mod is in its initial stages however, it has 50 types of decorative blocks to play with – and new crafting tables/products to test also.

This is one worth keeping watch on.

Even as of writing, the latest features already included in the mod include stairs blocks, ships wheels, rope bridges torch holder telescopes, as well as variants of tables and chairs.

With this mod currently still in development, you can anticipate lots of updates to come shortly.

4. Nef’s Medieval Decoration

Nef's Medieval Decoration

Let’s say that you’ve constructed your medieval town already and you’re awed by the appearance of the village.

Do you feel that your interiors are a bit of a down?

Do you ever wish that things were slightly better… middle-aged? (and certainly not the way your mom would like in curtains)

We are glad that Well Nef’s Medieval Decoration is here to assist you.

It also adds furniture pieces to the game including wine racks tables, shelves, and lots of ornamental objects designed to fit the Medieval design.

These extras include things like mead flagons and silver coins, blacksmith’s tools, stones, custom-made cages, and Skeletons (the dead ones).

Additionally, this mod adds a brand new biome dubbed Battlefield. Battlefield, which provides new and exciting structures to play with including watchtowers and ruins and broken-down siege engines.

Are you ready for the future Minecraft world?

3. Rustic


Rustic is a mod of a smaller size that adds brand new, mostly themed on the countryside Medieval contents to Minecraft.

There’s a lot to look through!

The new decorative blocks come with things such as chandeliers and candles tables and chairs, gargoyles, pottery pots/barrels which could be filled with water, and even new types of trees like olive, apple, and ironwood.

Additionally, you get brand new building blocks, specifically, things like new pillars and clay half-timber walls or slate blocks.

Are you satisfied? It’s not likely, as there are many new plants to cultivate as well as an improved alchemy process as well as a brewing method that allows you to create drinks that are alcoholic – each one offering distinct effects.

I’m not sure how many people thought of having a drink in Minecraft However, this mod is one method to achieve it.

2. Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time is yet another mod to decorate your space, bringing almost 300 brand new, exclusive blocks.

The mod includes a selection of beautiful-designed French as well as German Medieval blocks that make a difference to your Minecraft experience (well if you want to travel back to 500 years back in time).

New features include lattice windows and cast iron kettles, and some of the most gorgeous fireplaces I’ve encountered… on Minecraft.

However, Dawn of Time goes even beyond the typical historical decoration mods, by adding things inspired by other major civilizations from all over the world.

Like Marco Polo, You could also quit medieval Europe to distant lands exploring new designs and blocks inspired by Japanese, Mayan, Roman, Persian, and Egyptian civilizations.

1. Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 is a must-play.

It’s a vast project focusing on introducing new medieval-style automation techniques to Minecraft and incorporating the research of elements in strategy games and tech trees.

The latest technologies can create complex machines like windmills, watermills as well as Stirling engines.

You can also design new NPC kinds in addition. For instance, you can make employees operate your brand new equipment, or obtain food and resources.

You can also create NPCs in combat that are soldiers to protect your city or medical personnel to treat you during combat or even engineers who create siege equipment like ballistae.

Additionally, there’s a different type that’s called “utility NPCs” like priests, couriers and traders, and bards.

But we’re far from being done. The game also offers a variety of factions that you can battle and trade with and interact with one another.

In particular, this refers to civilized factions, which build massive castles and cities, and tribal factions who tend to live in camps that are not defended.

If there’s an overhaul mod that’s worth trying that goes beyond Medieval subjects, it’s got to be Ancient Warfare 2.

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