Is Rengoku Kyojuro Dead In Demon Slayer Mugen Train?

With his fiery style and raucous persona, Rengoku Kyojuro has already piqued the attention of Demon Slayer fans. 

When the first movie in the series, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Everyone was eager to watch this beloved character of the fans in action. 

However, watching him was not without cost.

If determination could manifest into an individual who was Rengoku Kyojuro. Even the biggest fires look like dying ones in the face of his ideals and will, and that’s why he is unique. 

However, his love of food and the affectionate love his boys receive instantly create an individual we appreciate.

It’s not exaggerated to declare that the movie not only set records but broke our hearts as well.

Is Rengoku dead?

Absolutely, Rengoku Kyojuro was killed in his battle against Upper Moon Demon-3 Akaza.

(You probably didn’t see the film or you are delusional since you don’t know why you would inquire about this. )

Before this, Rengoku used his skills to guard 5 of 8 carriages on the train. By demonstrating just how efficient his skills are in his work, he can establish himself as a trustworthy ally. 

But, after the demise of Enmu, he was a more than formidable foe. Akaza appeared to be someone who could not be defeated from the very beginning.

rengoku and akaza 1 Is Rengoku Kyojuro Dead In Demon Slayer Mugen Train?

Akaza is impressed by Rengoku’s strength and tries to convince him to transform into the demon. 

After Rengoku rejects the suggestion and the demon unleashes even more of his strength and they’re both engaged in a fierce fight. 

It happened so quickly and intensely that it was so fast that Tanjiro and Inosuke were unable to even watch the fight adequately. 

While causing some damage to Akaza and regenerating quickly, Rengoku falls short and is impaled by the monster in the face.

It was nothing short of a shock to watch Kyojuro suffer a fatal injury as everyone was putting their hopes on Kyojuro’s recovery. 

Furthermore, his final words and the touching moments of his life together with his mom added more pain than it was already.

The consequences of Rengoku Kyojuro’s death.

Through the movie’s course, we observe how close Rengoku begins to be with the three. Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu even refer to him as “aniki” or big brother. 

We are under the belief that The Flame Pillar would be the ultimate guiding force for our characters, as a mythological concept we haven’t yet gotten to experience within Demon Slayer. Their friendship was only for a short time.

Rengoku’s death was a powerful reminder of the dark scene in the tale. 

Rengoku Kyojuro Dead

In a world filled with demons, it was difficult for friendships to grow because of the ease of losing an individual you loved dearly. 

Tanjiro has to go through it time and again, losing one he considered to be a brother. It is crucial to keep in mind the fact that Tanjiro had always been his “big brother”, even with his new pals.

Tanjiro’s most distinctive traits are his maturity and brotherly affection. It was therefore pleasing to see him become an actor who is willing to view him like that.

We are also presented with another among the Upper Moon Demons. This adds to the dark issue that is at hand and demonstrates how serious things could be from now on. 

The Death of Akaza is testimony to the power of the upper moon, particularly Akaza.

While Muzan serves as the primary antagonist in the series, there is more emphasis on the other 12 Kizukis, which shows us that the journey to Muzan isn’t an easy task. 

His death is a complete shock for Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Inosuke, who experienced it in person. Concerning Inosuke, it is painful to witness him grieving the loss of someone who could have been a mentor to him.

Rengoku is further confirming the beliefs of demon slayers. His strong will is still with him when he breathes his last breath – there is pleasure in being human, with the inevitable loss that follows. 

His words resonate with the character and with us all the time when he denigrates the notion of demons, and how selfish they are.

Evidently, he has profound philosophical implications for the tale and the themes. 

The group realizes in a heartbreaking conversation that they are now juggling the expectations of their deceased aniki to carry. 

They will now have to honor his sacrifice and continue moving forward.

Was Rengoku’s death neccesary?

No, It was not.

The deaths of the main characters are meant to provide character development and add more emotion to the story. Only when it is executed correctly. That is not the case with Rengoku’s demise, however. 

In the first place, though his battle with Akaza was awe-inspiring, we never saw Rengoku take on any fight that he participated in. He defeats the first demon that we meet and then assumes an important role in combat throughout the movie.

Although even the people we’ve known for a moment may have a lasting impact upon us. Rengoku and Tanjiro’s relationship had not fully realized potential. 

However, this was a double-edged sabre; losing a character that was quickly loved by us was also a devastating punch to the heart (thank you, Gotouge sensei!). His death acts as a warning to the group and viewers alike – the enemies are near, and looking to take blood.

Beware: The following section will contain spoilers for manga. You can read ahead at your discretion.

As the story progresses and gets more complicated, the significance of his death diminishes. Another Hashiras match against even larger opponents and certain deaths result in more emotionally charged events

Mist Hashira and Muichiro Tokito, for example, manage to defeat the Upper Moon 5 Gyokko despite dying. The deaths of Mitsuri and Obanai have a greater emotional impact than the tragic death of Rengoku. death.

Another interesting thing is how Rengoku fought his final fight. He didn’t get his demon slayer’s mark. That is quite remarkable. 

Although his battle was strong enough to likely activate it, he was unable to activate it. This is likely to be a major reason why he ended up dead, and that’s a shame.

In the end…

It was believed that there was a strong motive behind the writing of Rengoku’s demise. It seems that the motive behind his death was to see more of the people who were dear to Tanjiro die, in the hope of him developing his character. 

In the meantime, Tanjiro is taught a few lessons by Rengoku and also acquires the ability to comprehend sun breathing.

That’s the only thing that matters, actually. He also ends with receiving his sword in a way from Senjuro Kyojuro’s younger brother.

For the sake of the story, it would have been more beneficial to make Kyojuro run for a bit longer, or for the Mugen Train arc to span more time, to ensure that he’s not lost throughout the entire 206-chapter manga. 

Unfortunately, we can not change this! So, let your heart blaze! (And get ready for Season 2!)

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