15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

Before the time when players could summon numerous Hardest Monsters with 2000+ attack points per turn, Yugioh players needed setups and techniques to summon their boss monsters.

It needed careful setup; you couldn’t just summon a low-level monster and play solitaire your way to a board of enormous creatures.

Most of them weren’t often worthwhile. The cards themselves were certainly very potent when they were in play, but getting them there was a hassle.

Here is a list of the 15 Yugioh Hardest Monsters to summon if you’re interested in making yourself try to come up with a plan or are just curious.

15. The Cyberse’s Arrival

Hardest Monster

The issue with this card is that it’s a link 6 monster that needs at least 3 other monsters to summon, even if the summoning mechanisms are the same as for any other link monster.

This means you can use 3 link monsters with a total link rating of 6 or 6 non-link monsters.

Getting 6 monsters on the field isn’t too bad, you might think.

However, each of the six monsters must have a unique set of traits.

Six traits are a nightmare because the majority of archetypes are centered around just one or two characteristics.

But calling three different Link 3 monsters with distinct qualities into the field is a simpler way to summon this.

You can spare yourself the headache with this method. At least the headache is less severe.

14. Flying Fortress Sky Fire

Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

Flying Fortress Sky Fire isn’t a really good card, and it’s extremely challenging to summon, so I wonder why it even exists.

You must first summon “Trap Reactor Y FI” “Spell Reactor RE” or “Summon Reactor SK” before you can summon this card.

Yes, those are the actual names of the cards.

Then, to summon Flying Fortress Sky Fire, you would use the “Summon ReactorSK” effect to send one of the other two cards to the graveyard.

As a result, this is a three-card combo, and the fact that “Summon Reactor SK” is a level 5 monster only makes it more difficult to summon.

You won’t be able to obtain all of these cards on the field through pure chance unless you design your deck around finding and bringing these cards.

13. Vennominaga The Deity of Poisonous Snakes

Vennominaga The Deity of Poisonous Snakes 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

You must first call out Vennominon, King of Poisonous Snakes, to call forth Vennominaga.

It’s difficult to complete this assignment on your own because Vennominon prevents you from calling it with a different monster’s card effect.

You can either tribute summon it or more simply summon it by utilizing a card like Monster Reborn followed by Snake Rain.

You must then use a card effect to eliminate this monster before activating Rise of the Snake Deity, which enables you to special summon Vennominaga from your hand or deck.

12. Machina Force

machina force 2 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

Flying Fortress Sky Fire and Machina Force are quite similar, yet on a completely another level.

You must call forth Commander Covington’s effect and apply it to call forth Machina Force.

You must move Machina Soldier, Machina Sniper, and Machina Defender from your field to the deck, according to Commander Covington’s effect.

Then you can use your hand or deck to call up Machina Force.

This five-card combination is difficult to complete since four of the five cards must be on the playing field.

If you want to summon Machina Force consistently, you’ll probably need to design your deck around it like you would with some of the other cards.

11. The Knight of Destiny Timaeus

08 timaeus the knight of destiny card 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

The summoning of Timaeus the Knight of Destiny is quite challenging. So be sure to pay close attention.

By paying 2000 life points, sacrificing a warrior-type Hardest Monsters, and banishing three Legendary Dragon spells from your hand or graveyard, you must first cast the magic Legend of Heart.

By doing so, you’ll be able to special summon the legendary knights Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos.

Finally, you can special summon Timaeus the Knight of Destiny by putting all of these cards into the graveyard.

It can be time-consuming to do this because you must look for four spell cards and have a warrior monster on the field.

Eight cards in all, including the summoned Hardest Monsters, and 2000 life points are needed for this single summon.

10. The Exodia Necross

ExodiaNecross LDK2 EN C 1E.png 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

Because it is Exodia, how could it not be good? this notorious card is highly recognized for being awesome. But summoning it is just too difficult. You must have all five Exodia pieces in your graveyard, which is not too difficult.

The appropriate spell card and this card must both be in your hand at that point.

Although it’s not impossible, summoning it would require a lot of luck and the construction of a deck specifically for it.

Since your opponent can easily banish it or return it to the hand, the effect is quite terrible considering the cost, making the card essentially meaningless.

9. Gate Guardian

130714.jpg 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

A legendary card with a long history is Gate Guardian. Ever since the Gate Guardian first appeared in the original Yugioh series, players have fantasized about gaining one and have been terrified of encountering one.

If you can’t special summon the three monsters you need to tribute, they all require two tributes to summon.

But even so, it’s challenging to activate all three monsters while holding this, and it becomes considerably more challenging if you anticipate having any cards left to shield it.

8. Zushin the Sleeping Giant

ZushintheSleepingGiant.jpg 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

You need a level 1 normal monster on the field as well as very strong defenses before you even think about summoning this Hardest Monsters.

Maintain that monster’s life at all costs, sort of. All counters (many turns of your life) are permanently lost if it perishes.

According to the theory, you could assign 3 counters each turn if you have 3 copies in your hand.

However, if the Hardest Monsters leaves after the first tribute, you’re left holding two copies of Zushin the Sleeping Giant.

In the field, Zushin performs admirably. It’s another matter entirely to get it on the field, but getting there may be a lot of fun for a player!

7. Majestic Red Dragon

d3d0a1672a49ba35ea3d10be71499551.png 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

The Majestic Dragon, a level 1 monster with 0 ATK/DEF, the Red Dragon Archfiend, a level 8 synchro (very simple to summon), and a third level 1 monster are required to summon this.

The issue is not getting each of them on; rather, it is the fact that until all three are on, none of them will stay on the field.

However, Majestic Red Dragon is a nice card with fantastic visuals and an incredible effect.

6. Spirit of the Pharoah

Spirit of the Pharoah.jpg 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

What a wonderful flashback we have here, even though the majority of us have probably never even seen this card in person, let alone witnessed its successful summoning.

It’s not simple to demand that the First Sarcophagus, together with the Second and Third, be present on the field.

Yugioh has a severe flaw that is exploited by the widespread use of spell/trap removal.

Then you have to consider the fact that your deck is filled with cards that can only be played in particular circumstances.

You’ve already lost before you can begin the summoning process for this Hardest Monsters.

5. The Great Sphinx Theinen

15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

For a typical playing card, that is a lot of work. It’s challenging enough to get Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia onto the field without the Pyramid of Light.

Even so, to destroy the Pyramid of Light, you’ll need the two cards you have in your hand and a Mystical Space Typhoon or a similar spell.

These situational demands are nearly impossible to fulfill.

4. Mirage Knight

44b1027348e093f0ed657ecf6ff87c92feb9e284 hq 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

If you can call up this card, you have my undivided admiration.

Because, in case you hadn’t guessed, Mirage Knight is also a headache.

To begin with, you need to turn on Instant Fusion to call Flame Swordsman. Additionally, you need to figure out how to bring Dark Magician onto the field or into your possession.

Then, to call Dark Flare Knight, you should enable Polymerization.

Finally, you can call Mirage Knight from your hand or deck by utilizing the effect of Dark Flare Knight when you defeat another Hardest Monsters in combat.

There isn’t a strong reason for anyone to want to call this card. But good luck if you do decide to do it.

3. Goddess of Rebirth

1026197.jpg 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth will give you the impression that the game has been completely restarted.

You would need to banish a ritual, synchro, Xyz, and link monster to summon this Hardest Monsters.

This isn’t easy because you need a very adaptable deck to summon all of these diverse kinds of cards in the first place.

However, Sophia banishes everything except for both players’ decks, which makes the effect quite crazy.

2. Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon

dragon cannon 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

As a result, this card was made as a joke given that most players will probably be unable to summon it.

I’m not joking when I say that this requires 11 different Hardest Monsters. So prepare to stand.

Armed Dragon LV3 can be used to summon Armed Dragon LV5, which you must do first.

You can use this to call an Armed Dragon LV7 to the battlefield.

Then, summon XYZ-Dragon Cannon by fusing X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank.

The next step is to summon VW-Tiger Catapult using a fusion of a V-Tiger Jet and a W-Wing Catapult.

Then you would combine the VW-Tiger Catapult and the XYZ-Dragon Cannon to create the VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon.

Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon is the result of fusing VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon and Armed Dragon LV7.

If you’ve been able to summon this card thus far, its effect is insane enough that you will essentially win the fight.

And if you’ve managed to pull this off, you probably deserve to win.

1. Dark Sage

DarkSage LCYW EN C 1E.png 15 Hardest Monsters to Summon in Yugioh

Even with the ideal setup, you’re still relying entirely on luck.

You must tribute Dark Magician once Time Wizard’s effect has been properly activated to summon Dark Sage.

With the help of Time Wizard, you can eliminate every monster that your opponent controls by correctly calling a coin toss.

Otherwise, you suffer damage equal to half the attack’s total, and your Hardest Monsters are wiped off.

Overall, summoning this card isn’t that difficult.

But ultimately, it is decided by a coin toss.

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