15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Most players build their decks around archetypes or card designs they truly enjoy. I know people who have decks centered on cards like Kuriboh, generic Warriors, and Crystal Beasts.

Of course, when they face actual effective decks, this leads to quite a few crushing losses.

A player’s budget is a major issue because the majority of us can’t afford to spend a lot of money on the newest and best cards.

Budget decks may provide you with a strong deck for very little cost, which is where they come in. The sheer number of decks is absurd; it looks like Yugioh is at its most enjoyable right now!

Using structure decks is a fantastic approach to acquiring great archetypes and helpful generic cards.

Starter decks are substantially less expensive but don’t contain anything special; they’re only worthwhile if you’re just getting started with Yugioh!

15. Salamangreat

Salamangreat 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

As of Soul Fusion’s debut, the Salamangreat archetype has a respectable collection of cards with low rarities.

Primarily concerned with swarming the field, using their abilities to clear your opponent’s board, and paying homage to other cards bearing the same name.

A pure Salamangreat is competitively viable given the accessibility of the Soulburner structure deck. For this reason, it is considered to be the greatest competitive deck in the game at the moment.

An archetype may occasionally gain support and improve. This archetype evolved from being useless to being divine.

They have monsters with powerful effects and high ATK/DEF numbers, but they also have spell and trap assistance that can counteract everything your adversary does!

14. Vampire

VampireDomination DASA EN ScR 1E 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

After the publication of Dark Saviors, vampires—already a very fantastic Zombie archetype—have gotten even better.

They received a fantastic Link monster in the form of Vampire Sucker, which they enhanced with the release of the amazing XYZ monsters Dhampir Vampire Sheridan and Crimson Knight Vampire Bram.

The ability of Zombie cards to revive themselves and take monsters from your opponent carries on the special theme of these cards.

Vampires are a lot of fun to play while still being strong, rare, and reasonably priced!

13. Gravekeeper

10 gravekeepers descendant yugioh card 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Most Yugioh players hold grave keepers in high regard, largely because they were the first true archetype to gain traction in the competitive scene.

My friend had a Gravekeeper’s deck back in 2010, and it was practically unbeatable. Of course, the influence of this archetype has diminished through time.

In the guise of Gravekeeper’s Supernaturalist, which Konami recently released, a revival is possible.

This new monster adds even more detail and gives you a powerful search tool.

Gravekeeper’s is a competent and entertaining low-cost deck in casual duels thanks to its blend of anti-meta, swarming, and beat-down.

They certainly suffer from a lack of Link support, but as I’ve already said, all that’s necessary is for Konami to address this obvious problem!

12. Cubic

CrimsonNovaTrinitytheDarkCubicLord JP Anime MOV3 NC 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

You’re looking at arguably the most entertaining Yugioh deck ever created. It all comes down to personal preference, but Cubics seem to be a hit with everyone.

There are very few negatives because the epic boss monster Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord is so simple to summon. It’s not unusual to summon two replicas.

Going second will allow you to clear the back row and OTK. Cubic Wave can give Crimson Nova a boost so that it has 6000 ATK and deals 3000 damage after the turn.

An immediate victory is yours if your opponent has left a little monster in attack position with no back-row to defend it.

Cards like Eater of Millions fit well because Cubics hardly ever use the extra deck. removing any hazards that might exist and giving out some additional cheese.

All of this at an astonishingly low cost. A Cubic deck can be purchased for less than the price of a booster box.

Very worthwhile. It’s also a long-term investment. The 20th Anniversary Pack will include more Cubic support!

11. Nekroz

Mat YOT Nekroz 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Nekroz was a Ritual deck that cost a lot of money and dominated the professional scene for a while.

However, the Forbidden List, which saw most of their key cards restricted or banned, eliminated their viability.

But over the past few months, there have been a lot of changes.

Rituals in general have gained fresh life as a result of the release of the Impcantation archetype.

From being limited to one copy per deck, Nekroz of Brionac (shown) became unlimited. Finally, Shurit’s prohibition was lifted.

This entry is also reasonably priced thanks to reprints of formerly uncommon Ritual Nekroz monsters!

Nekroz boasts some great artwork that is enhanced by high rarity in terms of appearance.

Given that Nekroz Ritual monsters sometimes serve as the opposite of strong Synchro monsters, you might remember some of their names.

They offer some fantastic effects when you discard them from your hand, in addition to being formidable opponents while on the field, especially against monsters from your Extra Deck!

Nekroz is a top-notch, inexpensive casual archetype core deck. Including the Pot of Extravagance significantly increases your competitiveness!

10. Rank 10 Trains

q6g4mqnny0p81 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

This deck, which is built on the dreadnoughts known as Rank 10 Trains, aims to flood the field with level 10 monsters to create a cover for strong XYZ bosses.

They typically have fantastic ATK/DEF stats and enjoyable beat-down effects, as you can see.

Please understand that rank 10 trains are more of a manner of life than a deck preference.

Your testosterone levels will rise dramatically if you play them, and you can develop an addiction to oil as a result.

9. Blackwing

Blackwings 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Almost any monster can be removed from the field by Blackwing Full Armor Master, a spectacular boss monster that is immune to the effects of other cards.

Using the several swarming techniques the Blackwings have available, it is simple to summon this boss monster.

Blackwings, who have been adored by the Yugioh community for many years, are now allowed to play in competitions.

Another excellent brand-new card is Auster the South Wind, which works great with Full Armor Master to give you a free Lightning Vortex at the end of your turn.

8. Generic zombie

15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Generic zombies have reemerged since the release of the Zombie Horde structure deck.

Due to his simplicity in summoning and ability to sabotage your opponent’s strategy, Doomking Balerdroch is insane.

You can have up to 3 copies, so you’ll see it frequently.

You can summon any Zombie-type monster from your deck that is level 5 or above when you activate Glow-Up Bloom. Three structure decks will be a casually viable purchase on their own.

A few extra cards, like Vampire Sucker, are all it takes to become a formidable opponent!

7. Metaphys

Metaphys 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Except for their Normal monster and Executor (shown), all Metaphys creatures are content to be exiled.

During the following standby phase, they return to the deck only to have another effect, such as recycling or looking for additional Metaphys monsters.

Thematically, certain traditional Dragon-type monsters have Wyrm-type counterparts known as Metaphys.

Such as the fact that the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys was remade into Metaphys Nephthys!

6. Heavyweight Samurai

SuperheavySamurai 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Superheavy Samurais are one of the most unique archetypes in the game, and they want to summon their better Synchro monsters.

These Synchro monsters can attack while in defense position by using their high DEF stat to calculate damage.

This archetype has a lot to offer, including its Pendulum monsters and 4 different Tuner monsters.

This deck may often be constructed without the use of any spells or traps, so pricey staples are not necessary!

5. Magical Musket

15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Magical Musketeers provide a tonne of enjoyable ways to play Yugioh and may have one of the strongest armories of any archetype in the game.

A fantastic spell card is Cross-Domination, and Magical Musket traps let you stop activations, destroy cards, and even banish cards from graveyards.

However, there is only one Magical Musket boss monster, and his name is Mastermind Zakiel.

However, they can perform well in regional competitions and are undoubtedly entertaining to play. Furthermore, they will probably receive assistance in the future!

4. Pendulum magicians

best pendulum magicians yugioh 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Pendulum Magicians is a deck that every player ought to try at least once. It has been a mainstay in Yugioh since the advent of the XYZ era.

No other deck of cards can help you swarm with Pendulum monsters as much as this one can!

Pendulum Magicians are still popular as a fun casual deck or as a rogue competitive deck even after Astrograph Sorceror was outlawed.

Displaying a fantastic fusion of mechanics, thematics, and skill.

Pendulum Magicians should be avoided, especially by new players.

3. Mayakashi

MayakashiMetamorphosis OW 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

With so many Synchro monsters, it’s difficult for me to understand this deck; hopefully, you can better appreciate the consequences.

With this deck, it appears like the goal of the game is to spam Synchro monsters. Even high-level Synchro monsters can special summon themselves when they’re in the graveyard if another is wiped off.

This seems fantastic in theory, but as far as I can tell, cards like Called by the Grave and Necrovalley utterly destroy this deck.

But it does seem like a lot of fun, and the price is lower than you might expect!

2. Prank-Kids

PrankKidsPranks OW 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Prank-Kids, a much larger archetype in the OCG, have finally made their way to the TCG, despite lacking a few members.

Even so, they are undoubtedly one of the more entertaining decks in the game right now!

Every monster in the Prank-Kids main deck has “floating” effects, which means that when they are used to summon a Prank-Kids Fusion/Link monster after being placed in the graveyard, they get recycling abilities.

These secondary deck monsters can resurrect primary deck monsters on their own.

Although first intimidating, they’re a very entertaining low-cost deck.

1. Orcust

Orcustrion SOFU EN UR 1E 15 Best Yugioh Budget Decks

Orcusts work nicely with World Legacy cards in terms of gameplay.

They are a fantastic archetype for customization because there are numerous ways you can construct them, and the choice is all yours.

Orcustrion, their main boss monster, is extremely insane and can currently counter a tonne of popular meta strategies. This inexpensive deck is a wonderful option for regional events!

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