Genshin Impact: Kokomi Ascension Materials

Prepare for Genshin Impact character Kokomi to maximize her potential with these tips and tricks.

When it comes to supplies for Kokomi’s ascent, look no further. In the second wave of the Genshin Impact 2.5 update, alongside Raiden Shogun, this popular Genshin Impact character will get a repeat banner.

If you haven’t yet managed to snag her, this may be your best chance yet. The ascension materials you’ll need to unlock all of Kokomi’s powers, including the talent materials, can be collected now as you wait for the Kokomi rerun banner to drop.

As with our Yae Miko materials guide for that new Genshin Impact character, we’ve put up a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to rise to Kokomi.

In order to advance your character, you must first complete the adventure rank and character level requirements.

This means that even if you collect everything listed below, you may need to do some leveling first.

Kokomi ascension materials

Ascending Kokomi necessitates the following supplies:

Character ascension materials

Ascension phaseCharacter levelMaterialsMora
1201x Varunada Lazurite Sliver, 3x Sango Pearl, 3x Spectral Husk20,000
2403x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 2x Dew of Repudiation, 10x Sango Pearl, 15x Spectral Husk40,000
3506x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 4x Dew of Repudiation, 20x Sango Pearl, 12x Spectral Heart60,000
4603x Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 8x Dew of Repudiation, 30x Sango Pearl, 18x Spectral Heart80,000
5706x Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 12x Dew of Repudiation, 45x Sango Pearl, 12x Spectral Nucleus100,000
6806x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone, 20x Dew of Repudiation, 60x Sango Pearl, 24x Spectral Nucleus120,000

Talent ascension materials

23x Teachings Of Transience, 6x Spectral Husk12,500
32x Guide to Transience, 3x Spectral Heart17,500
44x Guide to Transience, 4x Spectral Heart25,000
56x Guide to Transience, 6x Spectral Heart30,000
69x Guide to Transience, 9x Spectral Heart37,500
74x Philosophies of Transience, 4x Spectral Nucleus, 1x Hellfire Butterfly120,000
86x Philosophies of Transience, 6x Spectral Nucleus, 1x Hellfire Butterfly250,000
912x Philosophies of Transience, 9x Spectral Nucleus, 2x Hellfire Butterfly450,000
1016x Philosophies of Transience, 12x Spectral Nucleus, 2x Hellfire Butterfly, 1x Crown of Insight700,000

Kokomi materials farming guide

Dew of Repudiation

The Hydro Hypostasis, found on Watatsumi Island’s Suigetsu Pool, contains the Dew of Repudiation.

The Dew of Repudiation and Varunada Lazurite drop from this fight, making it an ideal farming target for Kokomi.

Use the Vaporize and Electro-Charged elemental reactions to do massive damage to this monster if you want to finish him off quickly.

You’ll need 46 Dew of Repudiation to reach the summit of Kokomi.

Sango Pearl

Sango Pearls are abundant on Watatsumi Island, where they are often found in purple clamshells close to brilliant blue coral.

It’s easy to locate this ascension material if you head to Sangonomiya Shrine’s purple islets and look about their perimeters for pearls. 168 Sango Pearls are required to get level 90 on Kokomi.


Groups of Specters, a common adversary in Inazuma, can lead to the Spectral set of goods. Using the Genshin Impact interactive map is a great way to find out exactly where these opponents appear.

Using melee characters to farm specters is difficult because they can float away and heal, therefore bringing characters who can deal damage from a distance. Kokomi’s entire ascension requires a total of 18 Spectral Husks, 30 Spectral Hearts, and 36 Spectral Nucleus.

Hydro ascension materials

The Rhodeia of Loch, found in Liyue just above the Wuwang Hill waypoint, is the quickest way to get Varunada Lazurite.

For completing the quest, you’ll receive Varunada Lazurite slivers, bits, chunks, and jewels. If you play on World Level 8, you have a better chance of getting rare goods like chunks and jewels.

Remember to use alchemy tables to create a gemstone from three slivers, three fragments, and three chunks. One sliver, nine shards, nine chunks, and six gemstones are required to rise Kokomi to its full potential.

Talent ascension books

Kokomi’s skill books can be found in the Violet Court realm on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, same as Yae Miko’s ascension materials. For each talent, you need three lessons, 21 guides, and 38 ideologies.

Other materials

Kokomi requires you to invest a Crown of Insight per ability in order to reach skill level 10. As a result of their restricted availability due to special events and promotions, Crowns of Insight are notoriously tough to come by.

Lastly, you need six Hellfire Butterflies for each of your talents to level up to 10. Narukami Island: Tenshukaku trounces domain is where Hellfire Butterflies can be spotted on Inazuma. The alchemy table can be used to transform Ashen Hearts and Molten Moments into Hellfire Butterflies if you only have one Dream Solvent.

It costs 1,652,500 mora for each ability to be upgraded, which is a lot of money. At only 420,000 mora, reaching level 90 is a lot less expensive than it used to be.

That’s all you need to get to the top of Kokomi. If the newest rumors are true, healers may be in high demand due to a bleed effect that ignores shields Then Kokomi’s place on our Genshin Impact tier list may have to be modified.

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