18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

One of the best things about Fairy Tail is how many great female characters there are. Many of the best Shonen series is mostly about guys, but Fairy Tail’s amazing women help to break this stereotype.

Fairy Tail has a lot of badass women and girls in its story, which might make female Shonen fans who want to see themselves portrayed less likely to like it.

So, who is the most interesting woman in Fairy Tail?

This depends on how you like things.

Do you like strong, tough people who take themselves seriously?

Then Erza Scarlet could be one of your favorite characters.

Do you think that all the best women in stories are cats?

You probably care a lot about Carla and possibly also Millianna.

No matter what you like, there are a lot of great women in Fairy Tail who could be your favorite.

18. Flare Corona

flare corona photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Flare Corona is a cruel and proud lady who does not hesitate to resort to underhanded tactics in order to achieve her goals, such as kidnapping a child to aid her in her battle against Lucy or branding her with the seal of her guild after stripping her naked.

She is a complicated person who, despite her propensity for harshness, feels profoundly for the people in her town and the members of her guild.

This demonstrates that she is a fascinating character because of her complexity.

17. Minerva Orland

minerva orland photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Minerva Orland, like many of the other antagonists in Fairy Tail, is a cruel and vicious person who takes pleasure in tormenting others and has been known to describe the screams of those she torments as “music to her ears.”

Her background makes her actions more understandable in Fairy tail, despite the fact that they are morally reprehensible.

Her father would physically abuse her whenever she displayed even the slightest sign of vulnerability, and he would kill her best friend in front of her if she refused to do it herself.

16. Sherry Blendy

sherry blendy photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Sherry Blendy, who is currently married to Ren Akatsuki, was a member of the Lamia Scale guild in the past and worked as a mage there in Fairy Tail.

Her demeanor is just as exuberant and bubbly as the rest of her appearance.

Doll Attack is the name of her magical power, and it grants her the capacity to exert her will on any inanimate or living thing, with the exception of humans.

15. Lisanna Strauss

lisanna strauss photo u4 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

In the magical organization known as Fairy Tail, Lisanna Strauss serves as a mage.

Lisanna and Natsu, who had known each other since childhood, took turns caring for an unnamed egg.

She possesses a wide range of mystical powers, one of the most intriguing of which is called Animal Soul, and it grants her the ability to transform into a variety of different animals.

14. Kagura Mikazuchi

kagura mikazuchi photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

The stoic and uncommunicative Kagura Mikazuchi does not derive much pleasure from victorious endeavors.

She eliminates her foes with cold calculation unless they are Jellal Fernandes, whom she holds accountable for her brother Simon’s death and whom she believes is guilty of the murder.

13. Yukino Aguria

yukino aguria photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Yukino Aguria is a skilled mage who specializes in Celestial magic.

She is also quite proud of her abilities. Yukino, who may be a touch arrogant about her skills at times, has trouble letting go of victories and accepting defeat.

She had a difficult upbringing, one that included the deaths of both of her parents and the kidnapping of her sister by Zeref Dragneel’s goons, but she is working hard to overcome it.

12. Aquarius

fairy tail n 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Aquarius is a Celestial Spirit that may be called upon by utilizing a key that is currently held by Lucy Heartfilia.

He is the representative for the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys.

Aquarius is the only Celestial Spirit who doesn’t blindly obey Lucy; the rest of the Celestial Spirits joyfully follow her orders.

Aquarius has a deep and abiding love for Lucy, but when she gets furious, she has no problem yelling at Lucy or even threatening her if she believes it to be necessary.

Despite this, Aquarius loves Lucy very much.

11. Meredy

meredy photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Depending on the situation and the person she is speaking with, Meredy’s demeanor can range from being cold and robotic to happy and welcoming.

Her entire tribe was wiped out when she was a little child by a woman who would later raise her as her own daughter; this event, which may have contributed to her fractured personality, took place before she was adopted.

Her ability to link the feelings and senses of two people, which she refers to as a “Sensory Link,” is one of the more notable aspects of her superpower set.

10. Mavis Vermilion

fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

The Fairy Tail guild was initially established by Mavis Vermilion.

Even though her physical body has been in a coma for decades, Mavis is still able to communicate with the other members of the guild through her psychic powers.

Her body stopped aging after she used Grand Magic to help save the life of Yuri Dreyar, the co-founder of the guild when she was only 13 years old.

Mavis is 118 years old according to her birth certificate, but she often behaves like a bubbly young girl.

9. Bisca Connell

bisca connell photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Bisca Connell, an underprivileged immigrant, needs the protection of a powerful name in order to ward off anyone who would attempt to meddle with her since she pretends to be a member of the Fairy Tail guild.

Originally, Bisca Connell merely pretended to be a member of the guild.

When the guild finds out that she has been committing crimes in their name, they are not happy; but, in the end, they end up accepting Bisca as one of their own and making her a member of the guild in Fairy Tail.

8. Wendy Marvell

wendy marvell photo u10 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Due to the fact that Wendy Marvell is a dragon slayer, she possesses a wide range of offensive as well as healing powers at her disposal.

Wendy initially comes out as lacking confidence in herself, despite the fact that she possesses a wide variety of skills.

She finally develops more confidence in herself as a result of the encouragement she receives from her friends.

7. Cana Alberona

cana alberona photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Cana Alberona is a powerful wizard of the S-Class and is her father Gildarts Clive’s daughter.

Except for when she’s been drinking, she takes the mission of the Fairy Tail guild very seriously and works very hard to achieve its objectives.

Cana enjoys drinking alcohol, but because she has such a high tolerance for it, she has to virtually soak her liver in the substance before she can be considered intoxicated.

6. Levy McGarden

levy mcgarden photo u5 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Since she was 11 years old, Levy McGarden has been a member of the Fairy Tail guild. This youngster has a positive attitude and is always smiling.

Even those members of her guild who have wronged her in the past are held in great esteem by Levy because of her unwavering devotion to the organization.

She is also a magician, and inside the guild, she is the leader of Shadow Gear, which is a group of other mages.

5. Juvia Lockser

juvia lockser photo u12 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Juvia, a former member of the guild of the Phantom Lord, has a difficult time getting comfortable with the Fairy Tail guild at first.

As she becomes more integrated into the organization, she begins to form relationships with its members. One of these interactions is with Gray Fullbuster, who she eventually comes to love.

For the purpose of defending her guild, she employs potent water magic, which not only enables her to conjure up water cyclones but also permits her to transfer her own blood into the body of another person.

4. Lucy Heartfilia

lucy heartfilia smug Lucy Heartfilia 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Lucy Heartfilia, who is an essential part of Team Natsu, is an intriguing character because to the fact that she combines a number of admirable qualities.

Lucy is a skilled practitioner of celestial magic, and she exercises her ability in a way that shows compassion and respect for the Celestial Spirits that assist her.

She is concerned about her appearance, but she is also passionate about literature, to the extent that she publishes a book on her experiences with the Fairy Tail guild. Her book is about her time spent in the guild.

3. Ultear Milkovich

ultear milkovich photo u1 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

In the end, Ultear Milkovich is a tragic figure despite the fact that he was once a villain.

She develops resentment not only toward the Bureau of Magical Development, which she believes abandoned her but also toward her mother, who she believes took her in and subjected her to torturous tests against her will after she was taken in by the bureau.

She is willing to take lives in order to achieve her objective of reliving her life without experiencing the agony she has already been through, and she is willing to do so on the condition that she would be able to reverse the deaths she causes along the way.

2. Mirajane Strauss

mirajane strauss photo u18 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Because of her power, Satan Soul, which grants her influence over the bodies of demons, Mirajane Strauss has difficulty considering herself to be truly human.

This ability gives her the capacity to control the bodies of demons. These conflicting emotions regarding her capabilities first cause her to be extremely belligerent.

A gentler and more laid-back demeanor is something that she develops as she becomes more at ease with who she is and observes the ways in which her abilities are useful.

1. Erza Scarlet

erza scarlet photo u43 Fairy tail 18 Beautiful Fairy Tail Female Characters

Erza Scarlet is an essential component of the team known as Natsu. She exudes an intimidating and solemn presence, but at the same time, she is exceptionally devoted to her allies.

Erza has numerous skills, but the one that sets her apart the most is called “Requip,” and it gives her the ability to fast switch out her armor and weaponry while she is engaged in combat.

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