18 Best Anime With Dungeons to Watch

Exploring anime dungeons is enjoyable.

Most fantasy programs have dungeons.

Sometimes it’s a place to find hidden wealth or combat a terrible evil.

Dungeons provide a simple setting for characters to explore.

As you’ll see on this list, dungeons can also be towers.

Several dungeons on this list include climbing towers.

18. Outbreak Company

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What if these universes were in another dimension?

Do you want to go?

Kanou Shinichi, a hardcore otaku, is tasked with bridging imagination and reality.

Shinichi must face the current reality.

He doesn’t have to fight.

Just communicate and handle matters diplomatically.

Do you think he can unite the worlds? Another fantasy-themed show.

Outbreak Company is smart and funny.

17. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

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KonoSuba 2 continues our heroes’ antics.

Kazuma and the gang are immediately criticized for damaging the city. The characters then continue to make things worse.

Kazuma and Darkness return to Keele’s dungeon to investigate the town’s exploding dolls.

Kazuma and the group take on Vanir, one of the Devil King’s commanders.

16. Hack Sign

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This dungeon anime followed Tsukasa, who wakes up in “The World” with amnesia.

Tsukasa can’t log out of the virtual world, further complicating matters.

Tsukasa develops allies with a host of unusual personalities to solve this mystery.

In constructing such a universe, individuals might more easily relate to the story.

15. Overlord

Throne 1 18 Best Anime With Dungeons to Watch

Overlord starts after Yggdrasil.

Our primary character is a top-level player who stayed online until the game’s servers crashed.

The world is still there, the NPCs are more human, and he can’t log out.

In Overlord, the dungeon is the main character’s home.

Momoonga is a lich king who controls the world’s dark realm.

Due to his prominence, he dwells in a large dungeon and plans from there.

The dungeon concept is inverted.

It’s still being explored, although not as much as protected.

14. Log Horizon

log horizon featured 18 Best Anime With Dungeons to Watch

Log Horizon tops Sword Art Online by locking 30,000 players in a fantasy universe.

Veteran player Shiroe is excited to explore her new life.

More people should watch Log Horizon.

It’s a good anime for tactical fans.

Shiroe is a genius, and it’s enjoyable to see him and his crew negotiate unexpected situations.

13. Zero no Tsukaima

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This legendary anime film should be included.

It’s humorous and romantic.

A dimension gate ate a passerby.

Louise (called Zero since she’s magical) can summon Zero as her personal familiar.

Adventures begin! Saito cannot return after being summoned by Louise.

Fate collides to create an exciting, humorous reaction.

If you want a romantic comedy, this show is awesome.

A must-see show!

12. The Tower of Druaga

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The Summer of Anu is here, and Uruk’s citizens may end Druaga’s dominion. Will it be easy?

His home’s upper floor is strong.

This tower lord will require more than one person or gang.

To fight his evil fortress, everyone must work together.

Some desire money, while others seek peace.

Both anime center on battling monsters in towers.

11. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

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Aladdin and Alibaba travel to a magical land with Dungeons in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

Dark dungeons give wealth once conquered, but djinns guard their realm with deadly traps.

Behind this lies the scariest part.

Common themes include intrigue, plotting, and labyrinths.

10. Accel World

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Haruyuki Arita was bullied for his appearance; video games were his only solace.

The attractive vice president Kuroyukihime Arisa beats Haru’s high scores and invites him to meet with her.

She teaches Haru “Brain Burst,” which speeds up brain waves so time freezes.

Keep winning to use Brain Burst faster.

If they fail, they’ll vanish.

The anime introduces us to virtual realms that resemble games, where Bell’s real-life personality is different.

We feel the same sadness we did when Bell was bullied.

9. Never a Girl Online?

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The characters’ ongoing game follows the same idea as It’s Illegal to Meet Girls in the Dungeon and has a beautiful love tale.

Hideki Nishimura, username “Rusian,” won’t trust another gorgeous woman online after a suspicious meeting.

Ako loves Rusian a few years after the tragedy.

Since online gorgeous girls are usually males, he decides to be open to her advances.

8. Record of Grancrest War

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The Great Hall put Atlatan in conflict.

A wedding meant to bring two sides together ended in tragedy.

Chaos ruined the joyful marriage, and the Demon Lord of Diabolos prevented peace between the competing coalitions.

Siluca Meletes is saved by Theo Cornaro, a mysterious young man carrying a unique Crest, a symbol of peace that can fend against chaos.

7. Goblin Slayer

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Goblins are often seen as weak and small.

However, they may be dangerous.

Most adventurers overlook goblins.

What’s more surprising is that a 15-year-old Priestess had to face them in front of her young adventurers when she joined their group for another trip.

Then renegade goblins kidnapped her.

Before she faced her fate alone, the charismatic hero calmed her with his martial skills.

He’s now helping her kill goblins.

6. Luck/Logic

18 Best Anime With Dungeons to Watch

The notion controls all worlds’ feelings, powers, and memories.

Foreigners can utilize its ability to pass through Logic-infused gateways and harm other planets.

ALCA employs Logicalists attached to foreigners seeking peace by sharing their Logic to prevent this from happening to Septpia (the human world).

They handle threats.

Yoshichika Tsurugi was unable to use Logic in combat due to overuse, but Athena provided him with a new Logic Card.

Yoshichika and other Logicalists forged alliances with the gods of Tetra-Heaven to battle common adversaries.

5. Fairy Tail

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A must-see anime adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s manga.

It’s about Fairy Tail mages exploring Fiore.

30 toughest anime warrior girls Lucy Heartfilia, a young mage, wants to become a full-time wizard after joining this guild.

She encounters Natsu Dragneel and his companion, who is happy while hunting for Natsu’s birth father, Igneel, the dragon who taught him magic as a child.

4. Game Over

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Shiro and Sora explore Disboard in No Game No Life.

Everything in our world, from a little fight to a country’s fate, is decided by a high-stakes game.

Shiro and Sora are legendary gamers in the real world, therefore the show is about how far they can go in a universe made for them.

No Game No Life is an unusual dungeon anime.

The characters frequently find themselves in dungeons, and the visuals are spectacular.

Whether the duo is exploring the Eastern Federation or the king’s underground library, there is always that awe and peril that makes dungeons so alluring.

3. Gensou no Gringar

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The story is set in a fantasy world where people don’t know how they got there.

The show focuses less on how they got there than on how they’ll survive.

Five rookies strive to beat the easiest beasts.

Warning: any monster can kill you.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar’s first main arc takes place above ground and has no dungeon connection.

Our company enters the mines during the second main arc, a multi-level dungeon featuring a gigantic boss.

This area’s episodes are intense.

As the party gets into dangerous situations, you’ll wonder if a beloved character will perish.

2. Sword Art Online

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Sword Art Online is a well-known series.

Only 10,000 people can play Kirito’s virtual dream realm.

Everyone is stuck in a fantasy world until they beat the game.

The show stealthily (not really) includes a harem.

The first season is spent in a dungeon.

Players must ascend the tower’s levels to defeat its bosses.

The performance has scenes outside the tower, but much takes place inside, including three dramatic boss encounters.

By the second season, Kirito is dungeon exploring this new virtual realm.

1. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka

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This dungeon anime has gods and goddesses that form factions.

The faction usually resembles the god.

We start with a goddess without a follower and a human without a group.

Hestia (goddess) and Bell (human) become inseparable.

It’s in the title.

Is it wrong to date in a Dungeon?

Putting ethics aside, much of this anime involves exploring a labyrinth called the “Dungeon.”

This dungeon is where a lot of the show’s action takes place.

Not only does it showcase Bell’s burgeoning talent, but it also shows a large, dangerous world.

One misstep consistently leads to death.

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