CN Langrisser Tier List (Updated)

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Langrisser Tier List of LEGEND:

SS Rank: Either they present a unique, unmatchable mechanic, and/or their skills and stats are just perfectly matched.

S Rank: Perfect match between skills and stats.

A Rank: Perfect match between skills, or they provide unique, recommended features.

B Rank: Certain flaws in their skillset, but workable.

C Rank: Replaceable, don’t come recommended.

D Rank: Garbage dumpster.

EARLY: While you’re still levelling, looks at time-space phantom level 52 events and low-level dragons, training grounds.

MIDDLE: Level 65 Anikis, Dragons. Level 60 joint battles, level 60 and below Eternal Temple.

LATE: Timeless Trials, level 70 dragons, 65 eternal temple, and comparable content.

Note: Not a literal translation, some parts are possibly incorrect, others I interpreted, localised, and/or misinterpreted. Heroes marked with ** aren’t in the game yet.

There’s a Trails section but unless there’s a heavy demand for that, I didn’t include it.

It looks like not all heroes are on the list, or maybe I overlooked some? Just let me know if someone’s missing, I guess, and I’ll take a second glance.\

Langrisser Tier List of GLORY

CN Langrisser Tier List
LedinSSSWorld’s Strongest Counter. Burning Sun fixes any deficiencies in damage output.
ElwinAA+S+Post-buff lifesteal guarantees strong damage and sustainability at the same time. However, his lack of mobility needs to be worked around. Eternal Temple MVP.
CherieSSS+A+Very strong early, thanks to healing after action, re-action after kill, and flying soldiers. Gradually becomes weaker due to troops and hero boost.
LianaSSSSEarly on, Act Again is a unique and strong power. 4-stars & 6-stars improve her Talent’s range, which greatly improves game experience through passive healing.
ChrisSAB+~ATalent combines damage with cleansing and buffing. Powerful single-target damage, competently able to heal, but insufficient damage to meet the demands of lategame content.
NarmAA+B (no flying soldiers) — S (flying soldiers)Against flying enemies, hits like a nuclear bomb. Mostly limited to content with flying enemies.
HeinA-A+A~SOne of the highest Int wizards. (semi-)Unique Teleport skill, large number of AoE skills.
LesterCCSChain Hook utility is that valuable.
JessicaBCDNot a proper substitute for Hein Teleports. Passable early, but there’s just better units the further you go.
ScottCCCBeginner cavalry. Sturdy enough for early but not worth investing heavily in.
KeithDDDVery sturdy but not worth investing in.
AaronBCCTalent is extremely powerful, but held back by R stats. Not worth investing in.

Langrisser Tier List of PROTAGONIST + EMPIRE (sorry, I made the table all large but they only grade Matthew and Almeda for Protags, and making tables is a paaaaain. I wonder what happened to Grenier?)

MatthewB~AB+~AB~A-Talent is strong and potential is high, but initial class route affects rating heavily. Bow has high single-target damage but many substitutes. Cavalry combines Strike and Air Slash for unique niche. Flier has the best class, and Sprint is great. Hero is good at leading the charge, and has a good command aura. Ninja belongs in the dumpster.
AlmedaAA-ATornado + Quips provide excellent debuffing. Full-range heal is great, and early synergy with Cherie is outstanding.
BernhardtA+AA-Excellent offensive and defensive Talent, functional stun, great soldier durability, but lacks damage.
LeonS+SSS+Unique Talent, powerful soldiers, buffs, attacks, brings the whole package and changes your entire game experience
LanceB+B-CImperial faction buffer. Free SR flier with a strong Talent, but too many excellent fliers can replace him.
EgbertA+B+S (only if fixed damage needed, B otherwise)Little Red Riding Hood’s early game is fine, good Talent and damage, but stat growth and skills aren’t anything to write home about.
ImeldaAB+B~ATalent does more harm than good for her allies (until her hat). Good single-target damage, healing is sufficient.
VargasS+S+S+Read “SR”, but pronounced “SSR”. Talent brings damage reduction and revival, which is extremely powerful. Does amazing damage. Only thing holding him back from SS-tier is his vulnerability to magic damage.
EmerickBBAThe -2 mobility aura from Talent has niche uses. Many good alternatives to using him.
VarnaCBCPowerful Talent when combined with Bozel, Lana, Shelfaniel. Dragon Rider + Aim + Thousand Arrows greatly expands threat range, but is better in PVP.
RyogaCCAJust not enough opportunities to shine, very limited use.
AnnaB-AC~ATalent provides good buffs, Lava Golems passively inflict a lot of damage, but simply doesn’t heal enough.
LairdC+CB#1 Leon Fanboy. One of three Thousand Hooves users. Unfortunately cucked by R stats.
LeticiaCSAFemale “driver”. Sprint combined with Talent gives massive mobility on top of +20% ATK. Very popular for arena rushes.


BozelAS+S+Thanks to his Talent converting Mdef to Int, he’s easy to make strong. Strong AoE and Debuff ability. Ruins Ice Dragon.
LanaSSSSSUnique +1 skill range, 6-star Talent gives +30% damage. Soldiers and skills are simply perfect. Outstanding damage output. Not the strongest AoE, but who cares when you’re this powerful? Unique equipment is very powerful.
SonyaA+A-BTalent increases Attack by a lot, and gives outstanding sturdiness. However, being tied to a kill makes it too difficult to use in high-difficulty content. Good soldiers means she can function as a substitute for Leon when you don’t have him.
FeraqueaCCSSTalent uniquely provides a second action, and Manoeuvre’s swap provides excellent utility. Something about fixed damage developments making her better.
AltemullerB+S+S+Core engine of Strategy by making everyone levitate. Pre-Talent is already strong, fully stacked he’s ridiculous. Excellent in slugfests.
Gerold & Layla???Current design is problematic, and it’s only reasonable to expect a rework of this hero.
DiosCCCSkills and soldiers are good, but generally only seen as enemy.
LanfordA-ASOne of the two Chivalry users. Powerful skillset and Talent, but lacks effective means of self-recovery outside Chivalry. Soldiers are not ideal, but for Strategy? The Strongest Infantry.

Langrisser Tier List of ORIGIN + PRINCESS

DieharteB+B-A+ (with unique equip, otherwise B)One of Origin’s faction buffers. Better at PVP than PVE. Unique headgear provides strategic options, but more suited to PVP. Cavalry can do a lot of damage, but this high damage is not sustainable.
TiarisSSS+SSHigh mobility, strong Talent. 6-star Tiaris is a QoL improvement. Unique buffs are game changers in high difficulty content.
JuglerCB-SHuge investment cost to build up. Aquatic Dog pairs with lobsters to be extremely durable (in water). Beast Shock does excellent damage. DragonDoggo negates fixed damage and works wonders versus AoE. Far less effective in PVE than in PVP.
LiffanyBA-ASolid fixed damage Talent. Highest fixed damage source, in fact. Recent addition of Summoner gave her a lot of options.
SophiaA+SSTalent provides unique +30% DEF buff. Pairs well with baldie and Ledin. Good healing, unique Rewinding.
Foggy WindKirikazeA+A+A+Excellent Talent and skills. Air Slash coupled with CD reduction on crit is excellent, has good survivability in damage. Elwin overshadows him.
Silver WolfB-BBMore likely to see these as enemies than allies. Talent is powerful, with the ability to steal buffs after critting, but still more suitable to PVP.
LewinCA-A-Excellent younger brother: there’s always someone bigger and better out there. Very powerful Talent and great dispelling. Held back by R stats, but an excellent stand-in for Elwin or Bernhardt.
PierreDCBUseable in Guild Wars, but doesn’t come recommended. Very uncomfortable outside of water, hook still good but lacks Lester’s mobility.
LunaAA+A+Since she’s one of two Princess Buffers, she already provides a tonne of utility. Later on, makes excellent use of Ullr’s Bow or Extreme Magic Bow. Flexible as an archer or flier.
ShelfanielA+A+A-Other Princess buffer, but doesn’t carry as hard. AoE turret; at 6-stars, can spam AoE without cooldown. Sufficient AoE damage but poor single-target damage.
AngelinaBBSTalent is very simple but effective. Bonus damage on normal terrain and bonus defences on defensive terrain. Lots of different auras. Lacks skills to get out of trouble, which makes her less popular. Good for Eternal Temple.
FreyaABS (only with fixed damage, B without)Lance Phalanx, Iron Rose and Barb as main means of damage. Sturdy, but low counter damage. Before the rework of fixed damage, most bosses ignore fixed damage, so you just get 40 different flavours of “Immune.” Better to just use Baldie or Ledin and let them hang with the girls.

Langrisser Tier List of LEGENDARY + METEOR

ListelCBCSpecial PVP hero, everything is geared to PVP. Limited usability for PVE.
LandiusAS+S+First-rate sturdiness. Red horses are best horses, Indomitable passive makes him hard to kill, coupled with unique ranged counters and ranged damage mitigation for the entire group. Requires high stars, gear and soldiers to shine; otherwise, too flimsy.
RachelSS+S+Chris if she was an AoE Mage. All-around useful for healing and cleansing. Magical Shock does huge damage to mages. Best coupled with Landius, recommended to slot in Meditation.
Sigma**A-ASSuper-high attack bonus coupled with Talent and skills mean killing someone from across the map needn’t be a daydream. Shortage of good soldiers. Actual performance needs closer evaluation.
Lambda**A-A+AA dedicated AoE mage who lacks Luna’s fixed damage, so not as effective at weakening enemies. Unique Tree! skills allow her to grant +20% defence easily, and further improves Landius and Sigma. Rating tentative.
ZeridaCASAlhazard Bloodthirster gives an insane boost in damage, and her faction buff really makes Cherie shine. Preferred as assassin.

Langrisser Tier List of TRAILS

Note: As of writing, none of these units have been released yet nut included in Langrisser Tier List

EstelleAABTalents combined with stat growths are good. Fantastic skills, 0.4x AoE damage is impressive. Lacks damage reduction. Requires more investment and still doesn’t outperform Baldie and Ledin.
JoshuaAA+AVery good AoE skills. Both single-target damage and AoE damage is very good, but not the ideal choice for either. First man in the Princess faction, and combined with Shelfaniel and/or Lana can output enough AoE damage to finish a fight before enemies draw close.
RenneBA+SExcellent soldiers and skills. Brings a whole slew of debuffs. Capable of dealing with high magic resistance opponents, but held back by requiring Bozel’s faction buff to really shine.
LeonhardtBABTalent is extremely powerful, but needs high stars. High investment cost. AoE skills are distinctive, but their damage is not enough. Can use various strategies with the Talent, but limited usefulness in high difficulty content. Better for PVP.
OlivierA+SA~S-Olivier is a useful support/damage hybrid. Becomes very sturdy when buffed up. Helps the two Batmen (???) become even more durable. (I think Baldie and Ledin.)
KloeA+AABright Ring has a unique cleanse and 50% regen combination. Combined with AoE healing and her Talent, Kloe brings a lot of healing to the table. Still doesn’t heal as much as Liana and can’t beat Agct Again.


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