Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Getting Another Free Trial Soon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s next free trial starts on April 4, according to Activision. During this time, new users can play on several maps and in several game modes.

The news came along with the announcement of the Season 3 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which comes out on April 3, right before the trial.

Along with the usual 6v6 format, Modern Warfare 3’s next big update will add a whopping six new maps. However, two of these maps will not be available until later in the season.

Some old modes, like Capture the Flag and One in the Chamber, are back, along with brand-new modes, like Minefield, new weapons, events, and more. Lucky for gamers who want to finally try Modern Warfare 3 and some of these new features, an offer will be out soon that lets them avoid paying $70.

Users can play Modern Warfare 3’s Multi Player and Zombies modes for free from April 4 to April 8 on all compatible platforms.

Trial users should be able to play Zombies without any problems, but Multiplayer will be limited, just like it was during previous trial periods. Modern Warfare 3’s trial version comes with six 6v6 maps for multiplayer play.

These include Das Haus, Stash House, Rust, and Season 3’s Emergency. It will be possible to play these maps in five different modes, including the return of Capture the Flag.

When Is Modern Warfare 3’s Free Trial?

In addition, trial users will be able to play Modern Warfare 3’s Hordepoint mode, which is a mix of standard multiplayer and zombie gameplay.

As in the standard Hardpoint mode, two teams of six fight for rotating hills in Hordepoint. However, as soon as a player enters one of these hills, zombies start to spawn there.

Both teams are being attacked by zombies, which must be killed or avoided. Rust’s Tetanus variant, Skidrow’s Skidgrow, and Quarry’s Satan’s Quarry are just a few of the standard Multiplayer levels that Hordepoint features as its own maps.

After a while, Season 3 is one of the biggest updates to Call of Duty’s content. Considering this, the week of April 4–8 may be a particularly alluring time for new users to try out Modern Warfare 3’s fast-paced action, especially if Activision puts the game on sale.

With Season 3 as well, Warzone is getting a lot of new content. When the update comes out on April 3, players will be able to experience a new version of Rebirth Island with aquatic elements, redesigned POIs, and cool new features like Smart Displays.

  • Runs from April 4 to April 8
  • Allows users to play Zombies and certain Multiplayer maps and modes

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