15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is, in my opinion, a very respectable moniker.

The DanMachi franchise, one of the most successful fantasy franchises of the contemporary age, has an official English title.

Now, DanMachi is stuffed with interesting people, and the epic nature of the characters is heightened by the fantasy environment.

This article will introduce you to 15 of our favorite DanMachi personalities.

There will be 15 formidable figures total, listed from 15th to 1st place.

Here, we’ll give you some background on each of the personalities so you can see why we gave them the rankings we did.

15. Welf Crozzo

Welf Crozzo Anime Danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Welf is a similarly iconic figure in Danmachi. Welf can produce magic swords without training because he is a Crozzo.

He can “dry up the oceans” with his powerful magic swords. Welf’s magic swords don’t break like his family’s.

Tsubaki noticed that Welf’s magic swords outperformed his own and his predecessors’, despite his lack of blacksmithing skills.

He defeated the Monster Rex with a blazing sword in the Black Goliath encounter.

14. Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria Ljos Alf Danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Riveria is the world’s most powerful mage due to her extensive magic knowledge and status, which maximizes her magical power.

Her powers can instantly kill dozens of Deep Floor monsters and even destroy the Titan Alm Demi Spirit’s defenses.

Her mental attunement approach, the Heart of the Great Tree, helps her stay calm in battle. Riveria can perfectly forecast the flow of a conflict and prepare the right spell to use at the right time.

13. Liliruca Arde

Lili Temporada 2 Danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Lili has excellent night vision as a Pallum. Cinder Ella allows Lili to turn into whatever her size, including monsters.

She can use the Beastmen’s sense of smell and hearing and mimic their physical talents, but she is limited by her own state.

She stole from adventurers and disguised herself as Cinder Ella before joining Bell’s company at the end of chapter 2.

12. Yamato Mikoto

Yamato Mikoto Anime S2 Danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Mikoto, trained by Takemikazuchi, is a skilled hand-to-hand combat fighter who knows several techniques and numerous fighting styles.

One of her dominant styles is judo, which is useless against monsters due to their wide diversity of shapes and sizes, but incredibly useful against people, allowing her to manipulate their bodies.

She’s also good with spears, axes, bows, short swords, shurikens, and kunai, though she loves katana.
She also fights well with her teammates.

Takemikazuchi identified her as a top Familia member. She was trained in infiltration, which she used to sneak around the Belit Babili despite the building’s defenses and several foes.

11. Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel Anime damachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Bell Cranel is the protagonist of Danmachi. He is kind and generous. Bell respects Hestia and Aiz Wallenstein and adores his companions.

Captaining the first Familia of Hestia, he was. Bell was 14 years old when Danmachi began.
He starts the anime as a cowardly and bashful character, especially around girls.

It will be difficult for him to become a famous adventurer. After meeting Aiz, who will become a mentor and develop feelings for her, he will try to match her level to be with her.

After that, Bell will rise swiftly (level 2 in 1 month and a half, while Aiz took 1 year) and become more confident and fearless.

But this will bring him in trouble with several Familias, including Freya, the Goddess of Beauty.
His grandfather raised Bell in a hilly agricultural community.

He moved to Orario to emulate the heroes and adventurers his grandfather told him about. His Chance ability boosts his luck, making Dungeon Drop Items more likely.

It helped him win multiple casino games. Hestia thinks this opportunity is lucky. He negates oddities like poison. He can also flee faster.

10. Revis

Revis Anime danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Revis used a Demi Spirit-created red-green flesh armor on her right side during her final battle with Ais.

The armor made her nearly as powerful as Ais utilizing Ariel and Avenger, who had easily defeated her.
It also resisted Ais.

She also possessed an eye that let Revis react to blind area attacks. Her arm reflexively blocked swift attacks.

9. Asterius

Asterius Arte de Personaje danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Asterius, like Xenos, is smarter and stronger than most monsters. Lyd called him the strongest Xenos and he can easily defeat Shakti. He survived Tione, Tiona, and Bete’s attack.

Finn said Asterius depended more on his talent than his skill, but if he trained his technique, he could be as powerful as Ottar. Asterius can overpower top adventurers.

He sent Tione and Ais flying in one hit, breaking their weapons and several ribs and stripping Ariel and numbing her hand.

He also destroyed the massive and strong stem of a Grand Treant Demi Spirit with a full charge.

8. Rethusa

Artemis danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Rethusa is the captain of the Artemis Familia. He is quiet and somewhat distant. But her skills on the battlefield deserve praise from her other soldiers.

Rethusa is loyal and reliable, and she always gives her Familia the best service she can.

Rethusas’s attitude can be off-putting or distant at times, but her social skills are just reserved. The Artemis Familia was a strong force, but the goddess Artemis had to go back to heaven because Bell sent her back.

7. Ais Wallenstein

Ais Wallenstein Anime 4 danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Ais, the city’s most powerful swordswoman, trained with the Loki Familia. Her skill stems from continual training by her and Finn and Gareth after she joined the Family.

Her father’s techniques, which she practiced, shocked them even then.

Few weapons can endure her violent and aggressive fighting style, despite her superb swordsmanship. However, her sword reliance has made her weak in hand-to-hand fighting.

After removing Desperate, Revis noticed that her swordplay was far better than her strikes.

6. Kashima Ouka

FCxFDJ XEAEjwN1 danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Ouka is the best member of the Takemikazuchi Familia because he is the leader of the group.

He has been fighting for a long time and has a lot of experience, which has won him the respect of both his friends and God.

Ouka is good at many kinds of fighting, like swordplay, magic, and strong ninjutsu arts. He tries to be like his God and gives his whole life to his family.

Ouka is not afraid of anything and meets every challenge head on. Because he is kind and can say what he thinks, he can fight clearly on the battlefield.

5. Ottar

Ottar Anime danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Ottar is a top-level 7 adventurer with physical skills that are far beyond those of any current first-class adventurer in every way.

This makes him a very scary opponent in battle. Ottar is stronger than Zald right now, even without taking into account effects like abilities, because his stats are better than Zald’s.

Ottar is so strong that he can easily beat big monsters and high-level heroes without much effort. For example, he cut in half the fire magic of a Grand Treant Demi Spirit and easily beat it.

Because of his great strength, he has been able to withstand attacks from many first-class adventurers without being pushed back or moving at all. All of their strikes, including Ais’s Lil Rafaga, have had no effect on him at all.

4. Finn Deimne

Finn Deimne SO Anime danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Finn trained with an apprentice monk in the highlands for four years before receiving his falna. He uses his small size and skill to escape strikes, analyze his opponents, and correctly attack with his spear.

When he fought Revis in Danmachi Sword Oratoria, his true strength became clear.

He is skilled at utilizing two spears at once, but he usually fights with one. However, he uses Desperate well with swords as well as spears.

He used his knife briefly yet effectively against Revis.
Loki called his combat style exquisite, and Ais often admires him. He also works well with his Family, retaining Level 7 Revis with Riveria and Gareth.

3. Alfia

Alfia DanMemo danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Alfia was very talented, easily defeating Level 5s Riveria and Gareth. Despite their short chants, two of her magics were potent.

She could still gravely wound and throw first-class adventurers because she constantly used Silentium Eden, but her magic was much weaker.

Riveria believes Alfia could have reached Level 7 without her terminal condition.

Despite being a magician, she was part of the vanguard and could fight with magic and hand-to-hand combat better than a magical swordsman. Even inside the Hera Familia, she was unorthodox.

2. Albert Waldstein

Albert Waldstein Anime 880x1024 danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Albert lived with Aria and Ais for a long time before his encounter with the One-Eyed Black Dragon, which cost him his eye and killed him.

Albert is the franchise’s strongest character, topping Alfia and Zald, despite his unknown powers.

Champion of the Sword was Albert’s swordsmanship. Ais called his swordsmanship lovely and like a takt since he kept his lower half still while effortlessly swinging his sword.

Although he has not been depicted in combat, he had a powerful skill that astounded even seasoned adventurers like Finn and Gareth when Ais copied his motions.

1. Zald

Zald DanMemo danmachi 15 Best Danmachi Characters of All Time

Zard is one of the most powerful people in Danmachi. Zald, a formidable vanguard member, could easily handle a Level 6 Ottar.

With power over Level 7, he was able to cross levels. He could have defeated the Level 8 Zeus Familia leader and a Floor 70 Juggernaut if the monster didn’t beat it in the first 20 seconds.

After Albert, they and Alfia were the franchise’s strongest characters. Zald was strong enough to break adamantite barriers.

He defeated the Behemoth, a legendary giant monster, with one hit. Zald would have responded faster than a 70th Floor Juggernaut.

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