18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Most of this list is about Maximillion Pegasus, the first enemy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

We all know about his famous Toon Cards in deck, right?

Since the first season, the game has changed.

And there is a lot more toon to go around.

I’ll go over some of the best cards for toon decks and tell you why you should use them.

18. Toon Cyber Dragon

Toon Cards

Cyber can’t attack the turn he’s called, just like his other Toons, but he can directly attack if you control Toon World and your opponent doesn’t control any Toons.

Normal summoning Cyber costs a tribute, but you can special summon him if you don’t control any monsters and your opponent does.

17. Toon Barrel Dragon

18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Barrel Dragon costs two tributes to call normally, so use other Toon effects to try to special summon him. Like many Toons, he can’t fight on the turn he’s summoned, which is a shame.

But he has a strong 2600 ATK and the standard Toon ability, which lets him attack your opponent directly if they don’t control any Toons and you have “Toon World” on the field.

Plus, he has an improved version of the effect of the original Barrel Dragon. Once per turn, Toon Barrel can toss three coins, and if at least two come up heads, you can destroy any card on the field (the original could only be monsters).

Barrel is also great for people on a budget, since most Toons today cost much more than he does.

16. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

21791 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

“Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon” was part of “Toon” Monsters when it first came out. Like most “Toon” Monsters, “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon” can only be Special Summoned by sacrificing two Monsters.

This lets it be Summoned without having to do a Tribute Summon. “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon” is great because it can attack straight with 3000 Attack Points, which is almost half of the opponent’s Life Points.

With its high Attack, “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon” is hard to get off the field, especially if “Toon Kingdom” is also there to protect it.

15. Toon Masked Sorcerer

15 toon masked sorcerer 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Toon Masked Sorcerer comes in dead last (so it’s still good, I swear).

Let’s start with the bad: like most Toon monsters, it can’t attack the turn it’s called.

Also, if Toon World is destroyed, so is this card (which, in Masked Sorcerer’s defense, is what happens to all Toon monsters).

But if you ignore all of these, the Toon Masked Sorcerer can directly attack the opponent. And once more, this is true for all Toon monsters.

This card is 15th because it has only one effect: if it does damage to your opponent in battle, you draw a card.

Okay, so that’s not great, but the list only gets better from here, which is why it’s ranked… Just take my word for it.

14. Toon Goblin Attack Force

14 toon goblin attack force card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Like the last card, Toon Goblin Attack Force has the basic powers of a Toon card.

But unlike Toon Masked Sorcerer, Toon Goblin Attack Force has a nice 2300 ATK.

For a monster of Level 4, that’s a lot of power. This card is useful early on in the game because it does good damage.

This is so low on the list because it has a problem. At the end of the battle phase, if this card strikes, it moves to the Defense position.

So, yes, the Toon version works the same as the original Goblin Attack Force.

And since it has 0 DEF, this effect makes it less useful. You can really only use it for one hit before it becomes weak.

13. Toon Harpie Lady

13 toon harpie lady card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The next character is Toon Harpie Lady.

We also get something special: if there is another Toon monster on the field, you can target and remove a Spell or Trap that your opponent controls.

This can help you avoid annoying traps or even your opponent’s cards on the field.

For a Harpie Lady, that’s not bad!

12. Toon Briefcase

12 toon briefcase ygo card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Last but not least, a card with a brief explanation.

When your opponent calls a monster while you control a Toon monster, you can put your opponent’s monster back into their deck.

On paper, it looks like… Okay?

But think about it this way: if your opponent tribute summons or Xyz summons, you destroy their monsters and get to send one back to their deck.

You don’t sound so average now, do you?

11. Toon Buster Blader

11 toon buster blader card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Toon Buster Blader is almost in the top 10, but not quite.

This card doesn’t stand out too much because it has the same powers as other Toon monsters. But the fact that it has 2600ATK and its own effect is what puts it here.

This card gets 500ATK for each dragon monster your opponent controls or has in their graveyard.

This effect doesn’t happen all the time, but Dragon cards are pretty popular. And can let this Toon hit an ATK of the stars.

Because of this, it is a bigger danger in the late game than most of the other cards on this list.

10. Toon World

10 toon world spell card 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

It might not be enough to say that this is the most well-known Toon card:

Toon Land.

If you only read the card’s explanation, you’d think, “This is a waste of time.” And to be fair, no one would run it if it only did what it said (Activate this card by paying 1000LP).

Almost every Toon card needs a Toon World on the field in order to be summoned or used. There are a few exceptions, like the Toon Table of Contents.

But you couldn’t get Toon Decks without Toon World. So, it has a place on the list.

9. Toon Terror

09 toon terror trap card 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The next trap card is Toon Terror.

If you control Toon World and a Toon monster and a spell, trap, or monster effect is played, you can stop the card from being played and destroy it.

This might look like a Spell Jammer or Trap Jammer on steroids. But it gives you more options because you can use any effect on any type of card.

So, this ability and the fact that it destroys the card afterward mean that if you target an enemy monster, it’s just gone.

Don’t worry about it or how it will affect you.

Toon Terror has every right to be here on the list.

8. Toon Ancient Gear Golem

08 toon ancient gear golem card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Toon Ancient Gear Golem is about in the middle of our list.

This card has 3000ATK, which is the most of any Toon monster on the list.

So, why isn’t it more important?

Aside from its high ATK, it has the same effects as other Toon monsters, but it also has two unique effects.

Both of these things are important, but neither is particularly new.

If this card hits a monster that is in defense position, it does piercing battle damage to that monster.

Now, this isn’t too important because Toons can usually attack the opponent straight on. But if your opponent is using a Toon deck, this is important to remember.

And the second thing it does is that if it strikes, your opponent can’t use any spells or traps until the damage step is over.

This keeps cards like Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, and Dimensional Prison from hurting you.

7. Shadow Toon

07 shadow toon ygo card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Here is the creepy, scary power card: Shadow Toon!

Shadow Toon lets you choose 1 face-up monster your opponent controls and deal damage equal to that monster’s ATK, as long as you control Toon World.

At first glance, this card looks pretty good.

It’s nice that you can just hit your opponent for the ATK of their best monster, but you’re going to use a Toon deck. So you can just do damage straight to your opponent.

But this card could be the deciding factor between winning and losing. You can thank your opponent for it.

6. Toon Page-Flip

06 toon page flip ygo card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you look at page 6, you’ll see… Toon Page-Flip!

This card does depend on luck, but you can change how lucky it is.

As long as you control Toon World, you can use Toon Page-Flip to show 3 different monsters from your deck that are all toons. Your opponent chooses a card at random, and you get to special summon that card.

The other two cards are put back into your deck and mixed up.

No longer can you use this card more than once per turn. But even so, if your deck is full of powerful Toon monsters like those on this list, you probably won’t call a “bad” monster very often.

And if you do, why do you have it in your deck to begin with?

5. Toon Dark Magician

05 toon dark magician card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Toon Dark Magician just made it to number five on the list.

This is a Toon monster, so it has the same powers as other Toon monsters. But it also has a cool effect built into it.

You can drop one Toon card from your hand once per turn to do one of two things.

Either special summon one Toon monster from your deck (other than this card) or add one Toon spell or trap card from your deck to your hand.

With these powers and a good 2500ATK, the Toon Dark Magician is an essential card for any toon deck.

4. Toon Table of Contents

04 toon table of contents card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This could be the simplest card on this list… Table of Contents for Toon.

But it’s on this list for a good reason.

You can add one Toon card from your deck to your hand with this card. Yes, it really is that easy!

This is high on my list because it can be used in so many ways.

You want Toon World, right? You can get it. Want to hold Toon Dark Magician? No problem!

All through the game, Toon Table of Contents is useful. No matter what, having one in your hand is always a good thing. It’s an essential part of any Toon deck.

Also, Toon Table of Contents is used in some niche Exodia decks because it helps you get rid of your cards fast and find more Exodia pieces. This card might be the only one that can be used outside of a Toon deck.

3. Red-Eyes Toon Dragon

03 red eyes toon dragon card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

And the bronze prize for Best Cartoon Card goes to… Dragon with the red eyes!

I think this is the most useful monster card because of what it does.

It lets you call a Toon monster from your hand (other than this one) without having to follow its summoning rules.

With this effect and the fact that most Toon monsters can attack the opponent directly, your Red-Eyes Toon Dragon can put a lot of pressure on your opponent in the middle of the game and help you win more games in the long run.

2. Toon Rollback

02 toon rollback card 1 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is one of the easiest cards to understand:

You pick a Toon monster you control and give it a target. This turn, it can attack twice.

Usually, this wouldn’t be too powerful because your opponent might have monsters that are stronger than yours… except only a few Toon monsters can directly attack the opponent.

So, if you have a Toon Ancient Gear Golem and use Toon Rollback on it, you can do 6000 damage to your opponent with just one monster this turn.

This is obviously insanely strong, so you should run it if you can.

1. Toon Kingdom

01 toon kingdom spell card ygo 18 Best Toon Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

And I’ve chosen that Toon Kingdom is the best Toon card.

So, Toon Kingdom is simply a stronger version of Toon World, but it costs 3 cards when it is used.

And while it’s on your field, it’s treated like Toon World. So why does it have the top spot on this list?

Toon Kingdom stops card effects from going after your Toon monsters.

Also, if a Toon monster would normally be destroyed (in a fight or because of a card effect), you can choose to get rid of the top card from your deck instead, saving the life of your Toon monster.

This is… well slightly broken.

As long as Toon Kingdom is on the field, your monsters can’t be killed.

So, if your opponent doesn’t have anything that can destroy this card, you can just keep attacking them straight (unless they’re also using a Toon deck).

The only bad thing about this card is that you have to get rid of 3 cards to use it, and you have to get rid of 1 card each time to keep your monsters from being killed.

So, if the game goes on too long, you could mill yourself, which is pretty unlikely but worth noting. The risk is probably worth it, but watch out for that!

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