Best Trickstar Cards in Yu Gi Oh 1

15 Best Trickstar Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Since the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!, burn decks have changed a lot.

The old approach was to use cards like Swords of Revealing Light to slow down your opponent for as long as possible, then use burn spells to slowly take away their life points.

Definitely, it’s a good plan.

But what if you want to be more forceful?

Trickstars are a burn deck that are a ton of fun to play.

They use the newest way to create monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh, called “Link summoning,” to make crazy overpowered boards with monsters that will burn your opponent and have great attack stats.

If you want to try out this deck, here are some Trickstar cards you might want to look at.

15. Trickstar Lilybell


Rickstar Lilybell is one of the few Trickstar cards that doesn’t do damage to your opponent, but it does a great job of making your position known on the board.

If you add this card from your deck to your hand in any way other than drawing it, you can use a special summon to put it on the field right away.

Trickstars have a lot of ways to get cards from your deck to your hand, like most current decks. This makes Trickstar Lilybell a great card to run.

Trickstar Lilybell can also attack your opponent directly while it is on the field.

Even though 800 damage isn’t a huge attack, it could be close to enough to win if you mix it with the burn power of this deck.

When it does damage to your opponent, you can also put a Trickstar monster from your graveyard onto your hand. This gives you a great chance to play again.

14. Trickstar Crimson Heart

14 trickstar crimson heart card yugioh 1

Trickstar’s Crimson Heart doesn’t hurt your opponent; instead, it gives you more life points.

It’s fine to burn your opponent over and over again. But if you don’t have enough life points, the game will be over before you know it.

How it works is as follows:

You get 200 life points each time a Trickstar monster is called to a zone this card points to.

Trickstars is a deck that can link summon over and over again, so this ability can help you gain a lot of life.

On top of that, you can throw away a Trickstar card to let both players draw a card. If your life points are 2000 or more than your opponent’s, you can instead draw 2 cards.

This is a great way to get rid of dead cards, draw new ones, and get back some life points, all in one neat little action.

13. Trickstar Magical Laurel

13 trickstar magical laurel card 2

Here is an equip spell that is a great way to bring a lot of monsters onto the field.

By choosing a Trickstar monster in your graveyard, you can special summon it to your side of the field with this card equipped.

If that Trickstar monster does damage to your opponent through battle or a card effect, you can then special summon any Trickstar monster from your hand!

This equip spell puts more Trickstar monsters on your field than you could ever imagine.

You can keep these cards on the field to use their burn effects, or you can use all of them to Link summon some of the very strong Link monsters this deck has.

12. Trickstar Rhodode

12 trickstar rhodode yugioh card 2

In Yu-Gi-Oh, sometimes even the best plans get messed up, and you end up losing your best monster to a card effect you didn’t even know about.

Trickstar Rhodode is perfect for this case because it lets you special summon any Trickstar Link monster from your graveyard by discarding a Trickstar card.

On top of that, you can do 200 damage to your opponent’s life points each time a card or cards are taken out of their deck.

There are a number of cards that send cards from the graveyard back to the deck. But if you want to speed things up, you can always use cards like D.D. Crow or Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer to get rid of those cards yourself.

11. Trickstar Narkissus

11 trickstar narkissus ygo card 2

Trickstar Narkissus is one of the best burn cards for this approach. Whenever your opponent uses a monster effect from their hand or graveyard, they take 200 damage.

In Yu-Gi-Oh these days, it’s all about putting monsters in your graveyard and then using effects that work on the graveyard to bring them back.

So having Trickstar Narkissus on the field is a great way to punish your opponent for something they almost always do.

Also, Trickstar Narkissus is so easy to get out on the field that it’s silly.

You can special summon this card from your hand for free whenever your opponent gets damage from an effect. Since almost every Trickstar card does damage in some way, this will be on the field in no time.

10. Trickstar Foxglove Witch

10 trickstar foxglove witch yugioh card 2

The second place in Yu-Gi-Oh! can be really annoying.

Your opponent has had an entire turn to set up a board, and they probably already have some monsters on the field and a whole backrow of spells and traps to mess up your plans.

Well, Trickstar Foxglove Witch makes it seem like a good idea to go second in a fight.

When this card is special-summoned, you can deal your opponent 200 damage for each card they control.

So letting your opponent set up a huge board is a huge advantage, since the more cards they have, the more damage they’ll take.

On top of that, this card doesn’t leave you with nothing when it leaves the field…

When Trickstar Foxglove Witch is killed in battle or by a card effect, you can special summon any Link 2 or lower Trickstar monster from your extra deck, and your opponent takes 200 damage for every card they control.


9. Trickstar Bella Madonna

09 trickstar bella madonna card yugioh 2

The boss monster for Trickstars is Trickstar Bella Madonna:

A monster for Link 4 with a huge 2800 attack!

Even though this card doesn’t lead to any monsters, it has some very strong effects.

First, the benefits of other cards that are played have no effect on it at all. In Yu-Gi-Oh, this is one of the most powerful ways to protect yourself.

A lot of “unkillable” cards have rules like “can’t be targeted by card effects,” which makes them open to cards like Raigeki that clear the board.

Trickstar Bella Madonna, on the other hand, is fully unaffected by any other effects. This means that this card will stay on the field for a long time.

You can also do 200 damage to your opponent once per turn for each Trickstar monster you have in your graveyard.

Since this is a Link 4 monster, you probably need at least 4 Trickstars in your graveyard to call it. This means that at the very least, your opponent will take 800 damage every time.

8. Trickstar Divaridis

08 trickstar divaridis yugioh card 2

This Link 2 is so strong that it punishes your opponent for doing the easiest thing possible, which is to summon.

Yes, every time your opponent uses a standard or special summon to bring out a monster, they will take 200 damage from this card.

Combo decks like Rokkets and Salamangreats are what Yu-Gi-Oh! is all about these days.

So if your opponent wants to bring out their best monsters, they will have to take a lot of damage.

The fact that this card is only a Link 2 monster makes it easy to call and a great choice for any extra deck.

7. Trickstar Festival

07 trickstar festival ygo card 2

The Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS era is over, but that doesn’t mean the Trickstars age is over!

In fact, this is the most recent Trickstar card to come out. It was first seen in Dawn of Majesty.

This spell card makes it easy to call Link to your side of the field by special calling two Trickstar tokens there.

Tokens can be used as part of a Link summon, so this spell card can make it a million times easier to Link summon high-link-rating monsters like Trickstar Bella Madonna.

In fact, Trickstar Festival is a Link 2 monster that costs only one card and lets you play Trickstar Dvivaridis for free.

This also stops damage from being done to your monsters while it’s in the graveyard:

If a fight or card effect would kill a Trickstar monster from your extra deck, you can just send Trickstar Festival to the graveyard to keep your extra deck monsters safe.

6. Trickstar Holly Angel

06 trickstar holly angel card yugioh 2

Holly Angel, from Trickstar, is by far the best extra-deck card this strategy has.

This does a huge amount of damage to your opponent and also makes a great beat stick for the deck.

What it does is:

When a Trickstar monster is normal or special summoned to a zone this card points to, you can deal 200 LP damage to your opponent.

Trickstars is a deck that lets you call monsters over and over again. This effect can do a lot of damage.

On top of that, every time a Trickstar monster does damage to your opponent, you can have this card gain that damage until the end of this turn.

With all of the burn cards in this deck, Trickstar Holly Angel’s attack numbers can go through the roof. So, even though it’s just a Link 2 monster, it’s a very dangerous threat.

5. Trickstar Reincarnation

05 trickstar reincarnation ygo card 2

In Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s getting more and more important to search.

It’s usual for decks to start their turn by looking through their deck for the exact cards they need before moving on to combos.

Trickstar Reincarnation is the worst way to punish your opponent for looking.

It gets rid of all the cards in your opponent’s hand and lets them draw the same number of cards from their deck.

If you know that your opponent is holding some strong cards, Trickstar Reincarnation is a great way to get rid of those risks.

This trap card also lets you bring back Trickstars that have been used up:

By sending this card to the graveyard, you can bring back from the graveyard any Trickstar monster you want.

4. Trickstar Candina

04 trickstar candina yugioh card 2

You’ll notice that this deck doesn’t normally call monsters very often.

But you want Trickstar Candina to come when you do call.

When you normal call Candina, you can add any Trickstar card from your deck to your hand.

This lets you not only look for Trickstar monsters to link summon with, but also the most powerful spells and traps in this deck, like Trickstar Reincarnation and Trickstar Lightstage.

And that’s not the end of it:

While Trickstar Candina is on the field, every time your opponent uses a spell or trap, they will take 200 damage.

Spells and traps in Yu-Gi-Oh are stronger than ever, so your opponent will almost certainly have some in their deck.

And with Candina on your side of the field, you’ll do a lot of damage.

3. Trickstar Corobane

03 trickstar corobane ygo card 3

Trickstars are already a strong deck, but they also come with their own hand trap that is part of their archetype.

When your Trickstar monster fights an opponent’s monster, you can send Trickstar Corobane from your hand to the graveyard to give that opponent’s monster attack equal to this card’s attack until the end of the turn.

This gives you a sneaky way to make your opponent take damage.

Just leave a Trickstar monster on the field that looks weak, wait for your opponent to attack it, and then throw away Corobane to quickly boost your monster’s attack and beat your opponent’s monster in battle. Easy!

Corobane also gives you a great way to Link summon by special calling itself from your hand while all the monsters you control are Trickstar monsters or you control no monsters.

2. Trickstar Lycoris

02 trickstar lycoris card yugioh 3

Trickstar Lycoris hurts your opponent for doing something that every Yu-Gi-Oh player does:

Putting more cards into your hand.

This can be done by drawing or looking. No matter what, they’ll take 200 damage.

The best thing about this card is that you can put it on the field during your opponent’s turn.

You can special summon Trickstar Lycoris from your hand for free if you return one of the Trickstar monsters you control from the field to your hand.

The fact that this card burns your opponent for something they have to do makes it the best burn card in this deck and easily the best Trickstar monster ever made.

1. Trickstar Light Stage

01 trickstar light stage ygo card 2

Trickstar Light Stage could be the best field spell that has ever been written.

As of this writing, the TCG only allows one copy per deck, and with good reason!

When it’s triggered, you can search your deck for any Trickstar monster and add it to your hand.

I’d search for Trickstar Lilybell, who has a special ability that lets her come from the hand when found.

This field spell also has two powerful effects:

You can choose to stop a set card that your opponent holds from being used until the end of the phase.

Then, during the end phase, your opponent must use it or it goes to the graveyard right away.

You’re basically causing your opponent to use their spells and traps, and you’re also stopping battle traps like Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder from working at all.

And about the second result:

Trickstar Light Stage does 200 damage to your opponent’s life points every time a Trickstar monster does damage to them through battle or a card effect.

This essentially doubles the burn power of this deck and causes your opponent to burn every time they take damage in battle.


But this card is really the most important one in the deck and a must-have.