When Does Luffy learn Haki in One Piece?

Haki is one of the basic skills that are required in the New World if you want to take down any strong opponent, much less the Emperors of the Sea or their commanders.

As we know that there are three types of Haki, Observation, Armament, and Conqueror’s Haki.

Observation and Armament can be learned while Conqueror’s Haki is something you have to be born with.

Four of the Straw Hats can use Haki in some form or another. Luffy and Zoro use all three, Sanji using Observation and Armament and Usopp who can use Observation.

Since the time time-skip, we have seen Luffy consistently use his Armament Haki. But when did he learn it?

The Time Skip

The Time Skip

Until the time-skip, Luffy had no idea about his Conqueror’s Haki abilities. He was able to awaken them on instinct to save Margaret on Amazon Island and Ace. During the time-skip and as he met and understood Rayleigh, he agreed to train his Haki with him.

Luffy mastered the basics of his Haki in the time-skip of 2 years with Silvers Rayleigh being his teacher. Although he learned the basics, Rayleigh told him that Haki only truly blooms in battle.

Luffy then made sure to use every battle that comes his way, looking at it not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to learn more about his Haki and elevated it to another level.

Rayleigh put him through quite the tough training on the Ruskaina Island for 1 and a half years under his supervision. He made sure that Luffy had at least the basics of each type of Haki down making him valuable of using them easily at will.

During the time-skip, Luffy had already mastered using his Haki and retaining his Devil fruit’s rubber abilities which he utilizes mainly in Gear 4th Boundman.

Rayleigh also gave him a lot of advice regarding Haki, on how to progress with it and also posed some thought-provoking questions in front of him hoping to utilize all his potential.

Advanced Observation Haki

Advanced Observation Haki

The advanced level of Observation Haki is known as ‘Future Sight’. It allows the user to look a few seconds into the future.

Luffy had mastered a basic level of Observation Haki in Ruskaina Island. He was able to sense things without having to look at them, understand and sense emotions, and was able to rely on his Observation Haki to easily dodge attacks from opponents.

His Haki, however, truly progressed to Advanced Observation Haki on Whole Cake Island during his legendary fight with Charlotte Katakuri.

Luffy learned and mimicked Katakuri’s calm demeanor after being able to land an attack when he lost his composure. He was able to quickly pick up on Katakuri’s skills and use them against him to level the playing field.

Luffy’s persistence declared itself victorious in this fight as Katakuri finally fell on his back and Luffy left the mirror world after covering his face.

Thus fight gave him his composition during the fight. Luffy was able to stand back, calm down and wait until the opponent attacked as opposed to his usual reckless and get-go strategies which he had relied on until now.

Advanced Armament Haki

Advanced Armament Haki

Advanced Armament Haki basically enables the user to penetrate the opponent with Haki and destroy them from the inside making them almost explode from the inside.

One of the first instances of this was when Rayleigh used his advanced Armament Haki to remove the collar from Caimie’s neck.

Luffy had been practicing his Advanced Armament Haki in the prison of Udon. Not only was he able to free the prisoners and make them allies but also found himself a teacher in Hyogoro of the Flower.

Hyogoro helped him learn more about his Haki and practice it. Luffy also used his opportunity when Queen held the Sumo wrestling match.

During this time Luffy had a rough idea as to how to use his advanced Armament Haki but could just do it on instinct much like his basic Conqueror’s Haki. It took him Hyogoro and a hell of a lot of practice to be able to access it at will.

Luffy had it down nicely and properly by the time he was out of prison and preparing for the raid alongside his crew. Although he could use it, he wasn’t confident in his abilities. Thus, he used some more of the beast pirate henchmen to practice during the raid.

Advanced Conqueror’s Haki

Advanced Conqueror's Haki

The basic level of Conqueror’s Haki allowed the user to exude their will on the surroundings and if the user’s will is stronger than the surroundings will, the opponents lose their consciousness for a certain while, is the opponent’s will is comparable and yet weaker, then it results in then getting very highly intimidated of the user, and if the Haki is equal then the user and the opponent are both unaffected.

Advanced Conqueror’s Haki is something that is shrouded in mystery. One of the abilities of the Advanced Conqueror’s Haki is that it makes you almost impenetrable by any weapons whatsoever unless they are coated with Advanced Conqueror’s Haki.

Rayleigh specifically said that Haki blooms in the heat of battle. Thus, just like with Advanced Observation Haki that Luffy learned during his battle with Katakuri, it is very likely that Luffy will develop his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki in the heat of his battle with Kaido on the rooftop which is one of the only ways for him to defeat him.

The idea is to completely bypass the tough scales of his hybrid form and instead attack the underlying soft body.

Haki is an incredible asset if not a prerequisite to survive and succeed in the New World post of the Grand Line. Luffy who is aiming to be the Pirate King needs to be able to use all forms of Haki properly since he is going to face enemies stronger than ever.

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