18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy must fight robbers and opposing tribes while defending her home from monstrous animal-like machines and pursuing a higher objective in a strange far future with inconceivable technology and a stone-age tribal society.

This sport has a unique setup and weapons.

Aloy has everything from bows and slings to railguns. To maximize resources in Horizon Zero Dawn, players should evaluate which weapons are worth upgrading and creating ammo for.

18. Tearblaster

15 tearblaster weapon hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Tearblaster, a shotgun that fires compressed air at adversaries, is essential in Horizon Zero Dawn’s late game since it can demolish heavy machine armor.

The “Hunter’s Blind” aspect quest is required to obtain this rare weapon. First-time Horizon Zero Dawn players must actively pursue it.

17. Lodge Ropecaster

06 lodge ropecaster weapon hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

For larger machines, the Ropecaster is another great weapon.

It helps Aloy immobilize powerful machines.

The Ropecaster, like other weapons in the game, has several powerful versions.

The Lodge Ropecaster, available after the searching floor trials, is the best.

The ranged weapon allows Aloy to tether flying aircraft like Stormbirds and Glinthawks to the ground.

16. Striker Bow

Striker Bow 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Hunters Bow fans must upgrade to the Banuk Striker Bow.

It’s only available in The Cut until the Frozen Wilds DLC.

The Striker Bow is useful for machine-prevention enthusiasts who prefer arrows.

Aloy can “overdraw” the bow to shoot more powerful arrows, making it more powerful.

15. Improved Forgefire

tom delboo forgefire weapons ingame 5 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Frozen Wilds DLC gives players the Forgefire, along with the Icerail and Stormslinger.

The Forgefire uses fire instead of ice or electricity.

In New Game+, players can receive the much stronger Adept model.

It helps fight Frozen Wild’s Frostclaws, which are tiring.

14. Lance Sylens

guillaume boisvert sylensspear 1 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Sylens gives Aloy Lance at the top of the sport.

Its strength can cause Tear and Elemental damage.

This appears to be a necessary upgrade for Horizon Zero Dawn’s end-game tasks.

It can also shock humans and machines.

13. Shadow Hunter Bow

03 shadow war bow weapon 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy is good with bows, but Horizon Zero Dawn has several sorts.

Players need the Shadow Hunter Bow. Most merchants sell this rare bow for cheap.

The Shadow Hunter Bow can use hearth arrows and hardpoint arrows, which are great for pulling parts from tough machinery.

As a rapid bow, it works well in mid-range and close combat.

With the precision aiming maneuver, the Shadow Hunter Bow becomes one of the game’s strongest offensive weapons.

12. Shadow Tripcaster

07 shadow tripcaster hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy’s first Tripcaster is helpful yet limited.

After the early game, most machines are shock-resistant, thus it can only lay shock traps to climb them.

The Shadow Tripcaster gives Aloy three unique traps to throw, retaining their value.

It gives Aloy more breathing room when fighting multiple opponents by offering another way to kill machines and people.

11. Shadow Bow

13 shadow hunter bow hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn pits Aloy against distant foes. Snapshot bows like the Shadow Sharpshot Bow work better at that distance than standard bows.

This bow can fire three arrows.

Precision arrows can deliver devastating headshots.

Aloy can defeat Thunderjaws and Ravagers with tearblast arrows that rend machine parts.

The bow takes time to draw arrows, but it’s worth it.

10. Shadow Rattler

12 shadow rattler weapon hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Shadow Rattler is Horizon Zero Dawn’s most unusual weapon.

The Rattler stands out among archaic weaponry.

It fires fatal bullets like a rifle. Its varied ammo targets machine weaknesses, making it ideal for taking them over.

When utilized properly, it can breach armor, deal a lot of damage, and win any battle.

Keep in mind that many players can go the whole game without using a rattler.

9. Blast Sling

09 blast sling shadow hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Slingshots seem silly compared to bows.

Horizon Zero Dawn ensures that these weapons stand out among the game’s great arsenal, the best of which is its dramatic blast injury.

Slingshots can attach bombs to machines, causing massive damage and staggers.

The Lodge Blast Sling with three bomb types and great stats is the best. Aloy must conquer all 15 Hunting Grounds to get this sling.

It’s hard, but worth it.

8. Banuk Champion Bow

11 banuk champion bow 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The DLC expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn, the Frozen Wilds, added a new area to explore and stronger Daemonic machines than the Corrupted machines.

The game provides new weapons to compensate for this issue surge.

Banuk Champion Bow. This War Bow variant packs a punch. This bow can instantly destroy Rockbreakers with the right upgrades.

7. Banuk Powershot Bow

08 banuk powershot bow 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

To compensate for The Frozen Wilds expansion, Banuk weapons are the best in the game.

The Banuk Powershot Bow combines the best features of previous snapshot bows into a unique weapon. This bow hits hard at long range.

The Frozen Wilds offers many powerful upgrades, making this the game’s strongest weapon. This gear is needed to defeat the Fireclaws.

6. War Bow

war bow 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Lodge War Bow defeats the game’s many mechanized adversaries.

Each of its three arrow types has a unique component that stuns or gives players the right opening to score a critical hit.

The Lodge War Bow has outstanding stats and does all of these things.

Finishing the 15 Hunting Lodges is the only way.

It can only be bought and sold in the hot sun. The Lodge War Bow is worth the effort, despite its difficulty.

5. Tinker’s Pride

Tinkers Pride ingame notebook 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Forbidden West’s legendary Tinker’s Pride.

Horizon Forbidden West’s Legendary weapons are all fantastic, but the Tinker’s Pride is ideal for stealth players.

It is essential for grassy knoll tacticians since it can start a conflict explosively or quickly destroy a machine.

The biggest drawback is that this Horizon Forbidden West weapon can only be obtained by completing the Hunting Ground trials, which only the most devoted players can do.

4. Improved Icerail

04 improved icerail weapon hzd 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Improved Icerail is exclusive to The Frozen Wilds DLC. After becoming Werak Chief, Aloy receives several weapons.

One more aspect quest upgrades the standard Icerail. The Improved Icerail is a game-best weapon.

Fully charged photos may destroy machines faster than most other weapons. It was effective against stronger machines.

3. Improved Stormslinger

Improved Stormslinger 1 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Stormslingers are only available in The Frozen Wilds.

The Stormslinger, a shaman’s weapon handed to Aloy when she takes Ourea to Thunder’s Drum, fires electrical bolts that may shock machinery.

After completing Varga’s side mission, the player receives the Improved Stormslinger.

The weapon looks frightening and can kill robots in a few shots.

Its ranged focus doesn’t matter because it’s so effective.

2. Forgefall

Forgefall 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Forbidden West emphasizes player load-outs and combos over Aloy’s raw might.

But Forgefall is a must-have bow for long-range fights because it can damage with plasma and break through armor.

It’s a pain to collect 80 area medals to get this weapon, but it’s one of the biggest in all Horizon games.

1. Blast forge

Ropecaster Overview Horizon Forbidden West 18 Best Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Blast Forge, another Legendary weapon, takes eighty area medals to unlock.

A large ballista that fires arrow volleys, a few well-placed shots can defeat even the game’s toughest foes.

The Blast Forge’s only drawback is its slow reload time, thus it’s best to switch weapons mid-battle rather than risk rearming it.

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