15 Games Like Gloomhaven

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Adventure, strategy, and role-playing video game Gloomhaven was made by Flaming Fowl Studios. The player in this game must play an adventurer.

Throughout the game, players must locate dark locations, make choices, reach exciting conclusions, and develop their skills.

The player must fight numerous monsters in addition to discovering dark locations and making decisions.

The player can freely move around the whole game world since it is an open-world game.

The player will get the newest perks and skills as the game goes on. There is a co-op mode in this game, so players can play together.

15. Kingdom Death: Monster


Creation: Kingdom Death: Monster is a board and strategy video game made by Adam Poots Games LLC. The player in this game must play an adventurer’s role.

The player must survive as long as possible while a terrifying lion attacks throughout the game. Protecting the characters from the game world’s dangers is the player’s job.

The characters in this game are all unique and have their own special abilities. In addition, the game gives the player survival points that can be used to get improvements.

It comes with clean, rescanned cards, high-resolution for players, and high-quality 3D models.

14. Mage Knight

Mage Knight 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Mage Knight is a fighting and strategy video game made by Big Blue Bubble.

The player must create an army and lead it to battle the enemies throughout the game.

The player’s goal during the game play is to win the battle and bring peace to the entire world. Besides fighting enemies and winning, the player has to take over more land to grow his empire.

The player must build armies and create fighting forces before engaging in combat.

The player must pick their favorite hero from the five that are in the game to play it.

The player must play this game alone because it supports single-player mode.

13. Jaws of the Lion

Jaws of the Lion 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Jaws of the Lion is an adventure, strategy, and role-playing video game developed by Flaming Fowl Studios.

In this game, the player has to fight against the bosses and enemies.

This game has unique gameplay in which you can recruit four new mercenaries.

The gameplay is full of the latest bosses and enemies, making it more challenging.

Moreover, it is an open-world game where players can explore the whole world.

Jaws of the Lion game supports single-player mode and co-op mode. In single-player mode, the player can play alone, while in co-op mode, the player has to play with online friends.

12. Middara

Middara 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

The board video game Middara combines elements of fantasy, adventure, and strategy.

The player in this game must play the role of a group of adventurers.

You can play one of the four players throughout the game. All four players must fight the monsters while playing the game.

The game gives the player stamina points that they can use to face obstacles, change their gear, move their characters, or attack back.

This game also has two play modes: Crawl mode and Campaign mode.

The player must play this game with his friends because it supports multi-player mode.

11. Imperial assault

Imperial assault 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Fantasy Light Games created the action, role-playing, and tactical video game Imperial Assault.

The two groups are trying to take over each other to take the empire, which is what the game is about.

The player in this game must play the imperial role. The player has to work with the Alliance legend and fight in tactical battles throughout the game.

In the game, the player must bring down the empire by fighting enemies.

This game has a lot of missions, and they are all very hard. It gives the player points for successfully completing the challenges.

The game also has great graphics, cool controls, and great turn-based gameplay.

10. Mice and Mystics

Mice and Mystics 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Jerry Hawthorne created Mice and Mystics, a paid fantasy, adventure, and board video game.

In this game, the player has to take on the role of a mouse that looks like a person.

The player’s job is to get out of the evil wizard’s lair during the game. The player has to guard against cats and bugs in this game.

The game gives the player new skills that they can use to get past obstacles.

The game also has a play system, due to which the player can collect all the cheese crumbs they find while playing.

This game gives the player a lot of maps to help them find their way.

9. Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Flying Frog Productions released the fantasy, role-playing, fighting, and board game called Shadows of Brimstone.

In this Old West-themed game, the player takes on the role of a Western Hero Archetype.

The player can create new characters and play their roles in addition to taking on the roles of given heroes.

The player in this game has to fight and beat the demons.

The player must constantly find new dangers and demons to fight while playing the game.

Also, the player can avoid dangers, fight demons, and find treasure.

Since it’s an open world game, the player is free to go into any mine they want.

8. Mansions of Madness

Mansions of Madness 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

The video game Mansions of Madness is a mix of board, strategy, and adventure.

It was made by Fantasy Flight Games. The player in this game must investigate situations while playing the role of an investigator.

You have to figure out the mysteries and complete the goals throughout the game.

The player must overcome numerous obstacles, including difficult puzzles and terrifying creatures, while investigating and uncovering the mysteries.

The player has to gather multiple items and objects while uncovering the mysteries.

The player has to gather tools and weapons as well as things and items themselves. To complete the multiple difficult levels in this game, the player must.

7. Wildermyth

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With Wildermyth, Worldwalker Game LLC made an RPG, tabletop, turn-based strategy, and single-player video game.

The player must make decisions based on the options presented during the game play. If the chosen answer is correct, the character advances.

The player needs to lead a group of heroes with unique skills. On the battlefield, there will be many monsters to fight.

Multiple characters are available in the game, and each one has their special abilities. In the game, the character has the option to alter their decisions, fall in love, disagree, or make several sacrifices.

Every hero has a unique story and appearance, but the decisions a player makes affect how the game turns out.

6. Overdungeon

maxresdefault 10 1 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

The strategy, card, and single-player video game Overdungeon was made by Pocket Pair, Inc. and is distributed by Leiting Games.

The ideal fusion of Tower Defense, Rogue-like, Dungeon Crawling, and Role-playing game elements to let you experience the superb game play like never before.

It’s a brand-new real-time card game that combines a lot of different types of games. You must create a deck of cards, draw cards to reveal your powerful attacks, and then take down enemies to complete the stages.

You can get better at strategy by using the relic system. More cards will become available as the player moves through each stage, just like in other card games. During the game, random relics will fall from the sky.

You can use these relics to improve your deck or alter the order in which you draw cards.

Overdungeon has some great features, like different relics, development, breathtaking, fun cards, a map that is always changing, and more.

Overdungeon is the best game to play because it has a fun game play, superb graphics, and clear visuals.

5. Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

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Jamie Jolly made the fighting and strategy video game Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood.

A free company called Oathsworn must fight against unnatural heroes and enemies, according to the story line of the game.

Protecting humanity from multiple unnatural heroes is the goal of this game for the player.

In a world called Deepwood that is full of enemies of humanity’s survival, this game takes place.

The player can earn loot and levels while playing the game.

To play this game with nearly four players, it supports multi player mode.


header 1 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Ninogames Inc. made NEOVERSE, a strategy, RPG, anime, dungeon crawler, adventure, and single-player video game.

In the base game, the player attacks using a card-based strategy and engages in combat with the other players at each turn.

Everyone in the game gets one turn to pick a card, and then the other player does.

Distractive Shot, which serves as an attacking card, Urgent Evasion, which serves as a defending card with 14 armors, Cover, which serves as a defending card with eight armors, and Readjust, which serves as an instant card, are just a few of the four card types available in this game.

3. Nemesis

Nemesis 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Adam Kwapinski made Nemesis, a video game that combines action and strategy.

The player and his team must survive on a vessel infected with germs that can kill them, according to the game’s story.

The player must deal with multiple dramatic situations throughout this game to succeed.

The player in this game must try to survive as long as they can.

The player can select their preferred character from a pool of multiple characters in the game.

Real-time game play, easy controls, a relaxing setting, and accurate graphics are all features of this game.

It supports co-op mode, which allows the player to play this game with multiple other players online.

2. Descent: Journey Into The Dark

Descent Journey Into The Dark 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

A board game and a fantasy video game, Descent: Journey Into the Dark was made by Fantasy Flight Games.

One player must play the role of an adventurer in this video game.

In the game, the player has to go on a journey to find the treasure.

The adventurer has to kill a boss monster as well as look for the treasure.

The other player must play the role of Overlord, who deals cards and manages the enemies.

The overlord must also stop the heroes by using traps and spawning monsters.

The player can use multiple items while playing the game, including magic swords, healing potions, and armor that has been magically enhanced.

1. Frosthaven

Frosthaven 15 Games Like Gloomhaven

Isaac Childres made Frosthaven, a board and strategy video game.

In this game, things happen in the north of White Oak, which is the capital city.

A small outpost that must survive in harsh weather is the focus of the game’s story.

The player must deal with the invasion of forces in addition to surviving in the harsh weather.

This game has almost sixteen new characters, and you can pick the ones you want.

The player must also solve multiple mysteries in this game.

Additionally, the game allows the player to build and craft multiple valuable items.

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