15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Tokyo Ghoul is a great anime series to watch if you want to see how terrifying and powerful female characters can be.

It is a dark fantasy and supernatural anime series created by Sui Ishida. It debuted on Tokyo Max on July 4th, 2014, by studio Pierrot.

This series is well-known for its dark visuals and complicated storyline, as well as the unique world-building that separates it from other typical seinen anime.

It also has a lot of gore and cannibalism, which take the series to its peak because we don’t see that very often these days.

The female characters in this series are one of the main reasons for the series’s success because they are very interesting and remarkable characters who have proven to be terrifyingly strong.

Although the series ended a long time ago, its female characters left an indelible impression on fans with their stunning beauty and lethal personalities.

15. Uruka Minami

Uruka Minami 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Uruka Minami is the main antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul: Jack. She was a ghoul and a notorious serial killer who used the alias Lantern.

She is incredibly gorgeous and charming. Her beautiful brown hair and brown eyes gave him a beautiful appearance. As a human, she is a hardworking and cheerful girl who easily makes friends.

However, in her Ghoul form, she is a cruel serial killer known for her fearsome appetite and brutal killing methods.

14. Itori

Itori 1 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Itori is an exotic and sexy female character in Tokyo Ghoul and a member of Clown.

With her distinct style and silky long orange hair, she justifies her high ranking in this series. Her curvy figure and fashion sense add to her charming personality.

She is cheerful and talkative and she treats people like toys in order to obtain the knowledge she requires. She also appears to be a confident and cheerful woman.

However, After being exposed to being a member of the Clowns, she exhibits a more vicious and sadistic side by causing chaos on CCGs.

13. Ching Li Hsiao

Ching Li Hsiao 1 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

She is a Taiwanese Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator and one of the Quinx Squad’s second batch of recruits.

She had a slim athletic physique and a curvaceous body. She is a beautiful foreigner with dark hair. Her outfit, which consists of knee-high boots and a long suit, also makes her extremely hot.

In comparison to her peers, she is a very level-headed member who never loses her cool in any situation. She rarely loses focus and strives to complete her tasks as efficiently as possible.

12. Hairu Ihei

Hairu Ihei

Hairu is a First Class Ghoul Investigator and the deputy leader of S1 Squad, as well as Koori Ui’s companion.

She possessed a tomboyish character. At the same time, she is gentle and humble.

She had light pink hair and a gentle expression on her face. However, this was in complete contrast to his destructive nature in battle.

She’s also a skilled quinque user, capable of fighting alongside seasoned investigators.

11. Matsumae

Matsumae 1 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Matsume is a ghoul who works for the Tsukiyama family and later becomes the Tsukiyama Group’s general manager.

Matsume has an incredibly calm demeanor. She rarely exhibits hyper emotions and looks at everything with her cold-black eyes. Her hair is cut in a bob style with pretty bangs on the sides.

She appeared to be dangerously cool in every scenario, implying that she was more powerful than the majority of Tokyo’s ghouls.

Her Kagune is extremely adaptable; she can use it as a protective wall, swords, and tentacles.

10. Kiyoko Aura

Kiyoko Aura

Kiyoko Aura is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator. She is a stunningly beautiful and mature Tokyo Ghoul female.

Her dark-blue hair and eyes are a fantastic match for her lovely face. Her hair is pulled back into a bun with the help of a white ribbon.

Her most visible feature is a little mole on the right side of her lip.

She is always polite and professional at work. Her determination and mental strength were admirable, and she was the first female investigator to achieve the rank of Special Class.

9. Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito

Roma is an Anteiku ghoul who worked as a waitress. Her childish personality and clumsy nature make her quite lovable.

However, her true nature is more sadistic, as she craved pain and suffering with no regard for the lives of others.

She also has the rare ability to change her personality in response to the demands of the situation.

She is also known as Gypsy and she is the founder of Clowns (It is a group of ghouls, who kept everyone in fear, but no one knew what their goal was).

8. Karren Von Rosewald

Karren Von Rosewald 1 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Karren Von Rosewald was a German ghoul and the last survivor of the Rosewald family.

Most viewers mistook Karren as a boy in Tokyo Ghoul since she maintained her appearance to avoid CCG.

She is a beautiful, tomboyish adolescent girl who looked strikingly similar to her cousin Tsukiyama.

Her hair is violet and short, with long curling bangs on the right side and thick brows.

She was devoted to serving her master Tsukiyama, who looked after her when her family died.

Karren possessed an extraordinary Kagune that allowed her to grow tentacles and regenerate at a rapid rate.

7. Kaya irimi

Kaya irimi

Kaya Irimi is a beautiful lady with a modest personality. She works as a waitress at Anteiku Cafe.She is generally a reserved girl who is not known to be chatty.

She is a ghoul known as Black Dog, and she is the leader of the Black Dobers.
She demonstrates her strengths as a Ghoul fighter while defending Anteiku.

Irimi has an ukaku kagune, which consists of two beetle-like wings with a tail in the middle.

She has incredible Superhuman Agility, which makes it possible for her to easily dodge multiple opponents’ attacks and fight multiple high-ranking ghoul investigators at the same time.

6. Kurona


She was an artificial one-eyed ghoul and one of the Yasuhisa twins with whom he shared a close bond.

Her kakugan is in her left eye, and she has dark black hair. Her clothing consists of a casual hoodie that gives her a mysterious dark look.

She has been empty of all feelings since her mother’s death, and the only emotion she has left is love for her sister. Kurona’s most appealing trait is her cold and dark nature.

Kurona was a promising candidate for becoming a CCG investigator even before she became a ghoul, indicating that she possessed considerable strength and intelligence from a young age.

5. Akira Mado

Akira Mado

Akira Mado is a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator and the daughter of Kureo Mado(former Ghoul Investigator).

However, unlike her father, she is a gentle and caring woman who considers all lives to be equal.

Akira is a lovely young woman with purple eyes and neck-length pale blonde hair that hangs on the right side.

She is also an intelligent woman who takes her profession and daily routine very seriously.

She is Haise Sasaki’s mentor (Kaneki Ken’s new identity). She’s also a competent fighter, able to hold her own against S-rank ghouls like Naki and Miza.

She has also shown remarkable endurance, being able to take multiple shots from Mutsuki’s kagune while still being able to converse properly.

4. Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima

Touka is one of the main characters in the series who underwent a complete transformation after meeting Kaneki Ken.

Her personality was also fascinating to fans because she was always unpredictable.

Her lovely blue hair with bangs covering one side of her face is her most distinguishing feature. Her emotional side is incredibly sweet, and she is fairly gorgeous.

Touka is an Ukaku ghoul with one wing that she can harden and dis-harden at will, however, she has lately obtained a second wing. She has incredible speed and endurance during her fights.

3. Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi 1 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Hinami is the youngest of all the Tokyo Ghoul girls. She is a shy and childish girl with a kind heart.

Her hair and eyes were both brown, and the bob cut gave her a really charming and childlike appearance.

She is one of the most powerful characters in the series, which she proved during the battle with Arima and Kaneki.

Her regeneration abilities were insane, as proven by her ability to restore her body after it was destroyed by Furuta during their fight.

She is also the best character development in the series, having grown from a sweet small child to a mature determined ghoul.

Despite the fact that she maintained her innocence throughout the process and retained her deeply caring nature.

Her character development is great, that’s why she is in our top three.

2. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro 1 15 Best Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

Our second spot belongs to Rize Kamishiro. She had a very powerful Rinkaku Kagune which she used to heal herself and because of this, all the ghouls were afraid of her.

Her long purple hair and purple eyes, combined with a pair of red-rimmed glasses, make her the most beautiful female character in the series.

She literally used her attractiveness as bait to entice the male characters to prey on them. She was also known as Binge Eater because of her extreme appetite.

She has a sadistic personality and enjoys killing people, making him far more vicious than the other Tokyo Ghoul characters and deserving of second place on this list.

1. Eto Yoshimura

 Eto Yoshimura

The top spot in this ranking goes to none other than our One-Eyed Owl, who is both a popular novelist and the Aogiri Tree’s secret leader (Terrible ghoul terrorist organization).

Eto is the main antagonist in the Tokyo Ghoul series, and she is the daughter of the first owl Kuzen Yoshimura.

She usually has a sleepy and lazy expression on her face in her human form, and her eyes behind her round glasses give her a curious look.

While In her ghoul form, she dresses childishly, with bandages wrapped around her body and a dark pink cloak.

Her dual personality, one half of which is a cold-blooded killer and the other half of which is a child-like and pleasant human, that’s why she is a best-written character in the series and deserves to be ranked first on our list.

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