Minecraft Guide: Lantern

A lantern is the most bright lighting source available in Minecraft and is an attractive decoration, too. 

Lanterns are found in the nether, near bastions, and in the villages of snowy tundra or exchanged with apprentice-level librarians in exchange for emeralds. 

Lanterns can be made by placing an open flame in the middle of the table for crafting while surrounding it with iron nuggets. 

Lanterns can be set beneath blocks or above blocks, working like torch lights.

After having built a number of base pathways, bases, and others, you might get tired of seeing torches all over the place. 

One option is to use lanterns. In addition to looking attractive, they also give an output of light levels of 15. 

This is the most light the light block can emit and is more than torches in one degree of illumination.

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How to Get a Lantern in Minecraft:

There are three ways to obtain lanterns in Minecraft. They are available in the nether near bastions or in the snowy villages of the tundra in the overworld. 

Librarians who are apprentices may offer a lantern in exchange for an Emerald. You can also make the lantern yourself.

Near bastions, lamps will sprout on chains that hang from the ceiling.

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In tundra villages with snow, they are hung from lamp posts or on the doors of their homes. 

For them to be found, ensure you utilize a pickaxe because the lantern will not fall until it’s broken with the help of a pickaxe.

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How do you make lanterns in Minecraft?

Making a lantern is easy. It is necessary to find iron and then turn the ingot to iron nuggets. Utilize at minimum an iron pickaxe that is stone-based to extract iron ore.

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Put the iron ore in the furnace to melt to make iron ingots.

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In your iron ingot, place it into a crafting menu for 9 iron nuggets.

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Put an open flame in the middle and then surround it with iron nuggets to create an edifice.

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You can substitute the torch with a soul torch to create a soul lantern. The lantern may not be as bright, but it does add the appearance of blue to the lantern.

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To create a soul torch just add a bit of soul sand or soil in the middle of the regular torch recipe.

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How to Use Lanterns in Minecraft?

Lanterns can be positioned below blocks or on top of them. They work the same way as torchlights in that they begin illumination of the area after it is set up and does not get burned out. 

Select the lantern on your hot bar by right-clicking on the space that is available on either the top or beneath the block.

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You could also hang chains from the ceiling, and set the lanterns on either end of it to create an attractive hanging lighting fixture.

Blocks that have a similar light level to lanterns:

Illuminating your home is crucial to ensure it’s safe and free from mob spawns. Lanterns are among the most brilliant blocks available in Minecraft. 

It means that you will need fewer lanterns than torches when making a room more luminous. 

It is also possible to use the combination of glow stones concealed behind paintings and set on the ceilings and floors to brighten an area with no clutter.

  1. Blocks that have 15 Light Levels: Beacon, Lit Campfire, Lava Cauldron, Conduit, End Gateway, End Portal, Fire, Glowstone, Jack o’Lantern, Lava, Lantern, Fully Charged Respawn Anchor, Sea Lantern, Sea Pickle (Group of four), Shroomlight
  2. Blocks that have 14 light levels: Cave Vines with Berries End Rod, Torch

Only furnaces that are lit are able to emit light levels of 13, which can be difficult to maintain to avoid mob spawning. 

Except for Sea Pickles, a group consisting of four candles, as well as blocks that are not available, the rest of the blocks that emit light have a light at 10 or less.

  1. Crying Obsidian, Lit Soul Campfire, Soul Lantern, Soul Torch, Lit Redstone Ore, Enchanting Table, Ender Chest, Glow Lichen, Lit Redstone Torch,

Another difference to be considered is light-emitting blocks that do not block spawning hostile mobs. Hostile mobs can spawn on blocks with a light level of 7 or less. Any block emitting a lower level of light than 7 will not stop mobs from spawning by themselves.

  1. Blocks that have a light level of 6 or lower: 2 or fewer lit candles, amethyst cluster, amethyst buds, magma block, brewing stand, brown mushroom, dragon egg sculk sensor

The Changelog of Lanterns:

  1. In October of 2010, lanterns were teased as a possibility for release. It was not until 9 years later, during the 1.14 update to the Java edition, that the lanterns became fully available.
  2. Soul Fire Lanterns, which are now referred to by the name of “soul lanterns,” were introduced just one time after the regular lanterns were released during Minecraft’s 1.16 update. The Java version of Minecraft


In the early days of Minecraft in 2010, around the initial Halloween update, it was announced that torches could go out, and lanterns had been employed as a permanent lighting fixture. This idea was later disapproved of.


Q. Are lanterns more effective than torchlights in Minecraft?

Lanterns are one light level higher than torch flames. With lanterns, you can create a second space between your torch grid and mobs, stopping them from appearing. 

They are more expensive than regular torches because they require iron to create, but if you have iron available, then lanterns are the better choice. 

They can be hung on the walls, unlike lanterns, so there are instances when the torch is better than a lamp.

Q. How can you make different colored lanterns with Minecraft?

There are two kinds of lanterns available in Minecraft: the standard lamp and the soul lantern. 

The regular lantern is an orange hue and emits an intensity of fifteen. Soul lanterns have blue tones and 10 light levels. 

To make a soul lamp, simply put a soul torch inside the iron nugget container instead of a standard torch.

Q. What is the most powerful light source in Minecraft?

The highest level of light a block can emit is fifteen. Glow stones, lanterns, light sources like shroom light, sea lamps, fire, lava, and others emit up to 15 light levels, while torches emit 14.

Q. Which one is brighter? Glowstone than a sea lantern?

They emit the same level of light. They’re identical in luminescence, but glow stone is a more vibrant colored block. 

This does not have any effect on the game. However, when using RTX enabled, glow stone could appear more bright than a sea lantern.

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