How To Make Lanterns in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are a variety of different kinds of light sources to select from. 

If you’re looking to make use of the traditional torch or a glowing block it is always necessary to have some light source. 

The presence of a light source is useful for lighting your base but is useful for ensuring that mobs aren’t creating a swarm within your vicinity. 

One way to brighten your base is to make a Lantern.

Lantern is the most bright illumination source found in Minecraft and is an excellent decoration too. 

Lanterns are found in the nether, near bastions, and in the villages of snowy tundra or traded with librarians of the Apprentice level in exchange for the emerald. 

It is possible to make lanterns by placing an open flame on the center of the table for crafting by surrounding the table with iron nuggets. 

Lanterns can be positioned below blocks or above blocks, and function similarly to torchlights.

After you’ve built numerous bases pathways, bases, and others you may get sick of seeing torches all over the place. One option is to use lanterns. 

They not only look beautiful, but they also give an output of light levels of 15. This is the most light that a light block could emit, and it beats torchers with one level of light.

Lanterns were introduced into Minecraft in 1.14 together with the update to the village and pillage. 

They were introduced to the game as a decorative block, and are quite easy to build. You can’t place them on the wall like the torch. 

There are two kinds of lanterns available in Minecraft There are two types of lanterns: a normal lantern, and a soul lantern.

The materials needed to make an Lantern:

The materials you’ll need to build an illuminating device are:

  1. Torch
  2. 8 Iron Nuggets

How do you make lantern in Minecraft?

How To Make Lanterns How To Make Lanterns in Minecraft

In the simplest terms

To create a lantern, you’ll need to put one torch and eight iron nuggets inside the 3×3 grid of crafting. Put a torch in the middle of the grid.

Then, fill the rest of the grid with eight iron nuggets. Once you have a lantern you can click it to move it into your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide

These are the step-by-step picture instructions that you should follow in order to create an in-game lantern:

The process of making a lantern is simple. For starters, all you have to create is an arc torch.

Step 1- To create an electric torch, you’ll require the stick as well as a bit of coal. Follow the instructions below to make an electric torch.

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Step 2- After you’ve got your torch, you will need to collect iron nuggets. To get them, insert one iron ingot into your UI for crafting.

It turns into 9 iron nuggets. There are only eight nuggets and you’ll be left with one.

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Step 3- After you’ve got the iron nuggets along with the torch you have to do is cover your torch with those iron nuggets.

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Step 4- Now after you’ve got your lantern, there’s another thing you should be aware of. 

The item you need to know about is called known as the Soul Lantern. This Soul Lantern is just like the standard Lantern with the exception of its blue color.

Comes with a blue-colored texture.

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To create your own Soul Lantern, all you require is another type of torch using exactly the same way.

 It’s the Soul Torch. To create a soul torch is all that you have you do is include a small amount of soul sand into the standard torch recipe.

How to get Lanterns in Minecraft?

There are three ways to obtain lanterns on Minecraft. They can be found in the nether, near bastions, or in the remote villages of the snowy tundra overworld. 

The librarians at the beginning of their apprenticeship will often sell a lantern for Emerald. Finally, you can make it by yourself.

Near bastions lamps will sprout in chains suspended over the roof.

In the tundra towns of winter, they are hung on lampposts or at the door of their homes.

How do you use lanterns within Minecraft?

Lanterns can be positioned below blocks or above blocks. 

They work the same way as torchlights in that they begin illumination of the area after it is set up and do not get burned out. 

Select the lantern on your hot bar by right-clicking on the space that is available on the top of a block or beneath the block.

It is also possible to hang an extension chain from the ceiling and then place the lanterns on either end of it to create an attractive hanging lighting fixture.


At the beginning of the development of Minecraft in 2010, around the initial Halloween update, it was revealed that torches would go out, and lanterns had been employed as a permanent lighting fixture. The plan has since been disapproved of.


Q. How do you make colored lanterns in Minecraft?

A. While there isn’t a method to make a colored lantern in Minecraft but it is possible to add a modification known as Colored Lanterns that you can incorporate into your game.

Q. Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft?

An. A. Lanterns can be slightly superior to torch. Torches have an average light level of 14 while lanterns have a degree of 15. This means they produce more illumination than a torch.

Q. What is the brightest light source in Minecraft?

The highest level of light a block can emit is fifteen. Glow stones, lanterns, sea lanterns, and lava emit up to 15 light levels, whereas torches emit 14.

Q. Which is brighter Glowstone or sea lantern?

Both emit the same level of light. They’re identical in lighting, however, glowstone is a more vibrant colored block. 

This does not have any effect on the game, however, the game with RTX enabled, can appear lighter than a lantern from the sea.

Final Words

Once you have learned how to build both a lantern as well as the soul lantern, you should keep your eyes on the fact that you may only hang lanterns on the floor or on the ceiling. 

A second thing to remember is the sole method to create a lantern without breaking it is with a pickaxe to remove the lantern. 

It is possible to use them for decoration to add an older-looking look to it.

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