Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

Lecterns are a block for jobs in Minecraft.

They can be used to store books or even as furniture items. 

Lecterns are simple blocks to build, and you can add them to a space or use them as an e-podium. 

If you wish to make sure that a villager is a librarian, you’ll have to build the lectern. 

This is crucial when you’re searching for a specific book that is enchanted.

Required Materials for Lectern in Minecraft

  • Four wooden slabs

You can make use of any wood slab to build the lectern in Minecraft.

The kind of wood used does not matter, and you can blend and combine different blocks to make this recipe.

The most difficult part of creating the lectern is making the actual bookshelf. 

The bookshelf can be made for a reasonable price. However, it can be difficult when there aren’t any cows around.

To build a lectern, you’ll need three 3×3 craft menus on the crafting table.

How to create the Lectern within Minecraft?

To build a lectern using Minecraft, start by opening the crafting area comprising of grid 3×3. 

The entire first row of the grid is made up of 3 wooden slabs.

Next, you need to add a bookshelf in the middle of the second row and then another wooden slab beneath it. 

Simply click the lectern and add it to your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here’s a step-by-step pictorial guide to follow to build a lectern in Minecraft:

Begin by finding some cows.

The leather that cows drop to create books can be used to make the bookshelf. 

To build a bookshelf, you’ll need three books.

So, search for cows until you locate three leathers.

image Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

Cows are often located on grasslands and will not often drop leather. 

Continue to look for cows until you have everything you need for the leather required.

You will then require paper.

For paper, you’ll need to locate sugarcane. 

image 1 Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

Explore riverbeds, and then go to the blocks that supply water for sugarcane.

Sugarcane is only able to grow on sand or dirt.

To make paper, three sugarcanes are required.

Each sugarcane makes three sheets of paper, and you’ll need nine pieces of paper to make the books and create lecterns. 

Find nine sugarcanes or cultivate them yourself to make the sugarcane you require.

Finally, you’ll need to trim an entire tree to obtain the slabs you need.

Make planks from the logs and then turn those planks into slabs.

image 2 Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

Set your slabs aside and transform the sugarcane into paper. 

Place three sugarcanes in a row to make paper.

After you’ve created your paper, you can then use the leather and paper to create the book. 

The book’s recipe is flexible.

You can set the leather and paper on the table to create the book. 

Each book will require one piece of leather and three pieces of paper.

Set them on your crafting table to create books.

image 3 Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

Place the three books in the middle of your table. 

Place them in a row with wooden planks to create a bookcase.

image 4 Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

A bookshelf is itself a beautiful piece of furniture, but it also serves to build our lectern.

Set a bookshelf in the middle of the menu for crafting, and then a row of slabs over it and one below it.

It doesn’t matter what type of slab you choose to construct the lectern from.

It will not alter its appearance, and you can blend and combine the kind of slab you use in your crafting recipe.

image 5 Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Lectern?

All you have to do is build an erect lectern!

What Can a Lectern Do in Minecraft?

A lectern is used primarily as a block of work for the villagers.

Villagers who are not assigned to a job will seek out a nearby job site, and the lectern will assign the job of librarian to the villager.

Librarians can transform ordinary books into magical ones. 

It is possible to replenish the librarian’s inventory, provided they are at level one and have not made a transaction. 

This means that you can update the inventory of librarians until they have sold the magical book you’re seeking. 

The most valuable benefit of a book with enchanted characters can be repaired since these books are only available for purchase and can’t be enchanted regularly.

Lecterns can also be used to hold a book or a quill. 

This is a wonderful piece of furniture to fit into every room in your home. 

It is possible to take a book or a quill from your lectern simply by right-clicking on it. 

But, you are not able to edit the book while it’s displayed on your lectern.

Lecterns can also be used for an interesting usage where they can emit a red stone pulse when the book and quill are set on one. 

The pulse will be generated whenever one right-clicks on the lectern.

It can also occur when you flip through the books and then place a quill on the lectern.

Video Guide

If you want to acquire an “infinite” supply of a magical book, the lectern is the way you do it. 

The process of replenishing the library’s collection of enchanted books, one at a time, is an exhausting and lengthy process.

However, it can help you save time when you need specific enchantments for your tools or armour. 

Lecterns can also be an aesthetic block. 

There aren’t many ways to incorporate an area for a podium, and a lectern can be an easy and quick solution in the game.

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