The Revelation of Übel Blatt’s Anime Adaptation

It is said that when the person who wields the black sword pulls his evil blade, all those who are in its path are torn apart… This is a notion that is spreading across the region.

Koinzell, the strange young lad who carries the black sword, unquestionably possesses extraordinary skill when it comes to using it; yet, is it indeed possible that he is the one responsible for the gory rumors?

As the young swordsman is pursued by the Traitorous Lances, a group of four formidable warriors who were believed to have been vanquished by the Seven Heroes, the young swordsman’s strength will be put to the ultimate test.

After the fight is over, the only thing that will be able to rise above the bodies of Koinzell’s adversaries is the startling truth about his goal. A daydream that is so epic that it is of the utmost magnitude!

This is Etorouji Shiono’s original work.
“Monthly Big Gangan,” published by SQUARE ENIX, is where this story was first published.

[Information Regarding the Original Work]
SQUARE ENIX made the publication.

It is presently possible to purchase comics volumes 0 through 23. “Monthly Big Gangan” is now running a serialization of “Übel Blatt II: The Knights of the Deceased King,” which is currently being read.

( Official World Wide Web Page
@ubelblatt_info is the official X.

This image is courtesy of Etoroji Shiono/SQUARE ENIX, Übel Blatt Production Consortium.
Copyright © Etoroji Shiono/Square Enix

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