Hiroshi Yamamoto Dies

On Thursday, the official website of Tokyo Sogensha made the announcement that the death of the science fiction author Hiroshi Yamamoto, who had been suffering from aspiration pneumonia, occurred on March 29.

He aged to 68.

Additionally, on Thursday, Yamamoto’s daughter issued a notice on his X account, which was once known as Twitter as well.

The family will not accept condolence letters or offerings, as stated by Yamamoto’s daughter. The burial was held with close relatives, as Yamamoto had requested, and the family will not accept any sympathy messages or donations.

In addition, Yamamoto’s daughter expressed her appreciation to everyone who has shown their family and her father support throughout their lives.

The fact that Yamamoto had been suffering from cerebral infarction since 2018 was disclosed by him in an afterword that was included in the revised version of his novel Project Piano, which was published in March of 2020.

Hiroshi Yamamoto’s Life

Afterword: Yamamoto urged readers to consider the work his “last will and testament” as a “hard sci-fi writer.” He said this in the afterword.

Hiroshi Yamamoto Hiroshi Yamamoto Dies

Hiroshi Yamamoto also wrote about his passion for science fiction stories in the afterword, but he also regretted that his mental condition was failing, which meant that he was no longer confident in his capacity to compose such stories, especially books like Project Piano. He wrote about his fascination with science fiction.

During the month of August in the year 2020, Yamamoto tweeted tweets that had hints of suicide. Following the fact that he had been called by emergency personnel in Japan, he subsequently certified that he was safe.

The COVID-19 epidemic had reduced the number of possibilities for Yamamoto to walk outside, which led to his experiencing feelings of melancholy, as revealed in a later post on his account that was prefaced as having been authored by someone other than Yamamoto.

Hiroshi Yamamoto said that he had entertained thoughts of ending his life by suicide; but, after speaking with his wife and daughter, he changed his mind.

Hiroshi Yamamoto also expressed gratitude to his friends and to those who had offered him notes of encouragement.

In the fantasy role-playing game sessions that formed the foundation of the original tale for the Record of Lodoss War series, Yamamoto personally played the famous character Deedlit. Yamamoto was a member of Group SNE, the group of creators that was responsible for developing the franchise.

The science-fiction books The Stories of Ibis and MM9, written by Yamamoto, were released by Viz Media in the years 2010 and the year 2012.

Other works that he has produced include Kyonen wa Ii Toshi ni Naru Darō and Kami wa Chinmoku Sezu.

In 2011 and 2016, he was honored with a Seiun Award.

Source: Tokyo Shogensha

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