Captain Tsubasa Manga’s Story Continues

It was revealed by Shueisha on Wednesday that the Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun manga would have a “new arc” that will be serialized on the new Captain Tsubasa World website in the form of storyboards.

The first chapter of the new story arc, which will be 27 pages long and written under the title Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun Finals (not to be confused with the previous Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun), will be uploaded to the website.

Thursday is the day for the last arc. This past Wednesday, Shueisha gave a sneak peek at the storyboards.

Both the twenty-first and last volume of Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun and the third and final volume of Captain Tsubasa Memories 4: Saikyō! are now available for purchase.

Both Meiwa FC Densetsu and Meiwa FC will be sent at the same time on June 4.

In order to honor the releases, Takahashi will perform an autograph session at the Shinjuku Main Store of the Books Kinokuniya chain in Tokyo on June 8. 

Additionally, this summer, the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in Tokyo will host an exhibition of the original manga art.

It has been a long-running manga franchise, and Youichi Takahashi has decided to retire from manga serialization.

This will be the final edition of Captain Tsubasa Magazine, which will be released in the near future. Within the twenty-first and last edition of the magazine, the concluding chapters of the Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun series will be included.

This is the manga adaptation of The Final and Captain Tsubasa Memories 4: Saikyō! Meiwa FC Densetsu.

captain tsubasa03 Captain Tsubasa Manga's Story Continues

The manga artist Takahashi revealed that he had been contemplating, throughout the course of the last five years, whether he would continue creating the manga or if he would finish it.

According to his calculations, it might take more than forty years to complete the narrative.

Therefore, rather of pushing his body to its limits, he came to the conclusion that it would be more beneficial to forego the practice of serialization.

Despite the fact that he is over sixty years old, Takahashi believes that he is in good health.

However, he is having worsening eyesight and dizziness as a result of presbyopia, which is the progressive loss of the eyes’ capacity to focus on objects that are a short distance away.

His choice was influenced by a number of factors, including his illness, the impact of COVID-19 on staff organization, the transition to digital methods for creating comics, and the passing of Shinji Mizushima, the author of the baseball manga Dokaben, in January of 2022.

The first 37 volumes of Takahashi’s Captain Tsubasa manga were published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine between the years 1981 and 1988. 

This manga was the source of inspiration for four television anime series, four anime films, many original video animations, and a stage play. Approximately twenty nations are able to purchase the manga.

Tsubasa Ōzora, a young kid of 11 years old, is the protagonist of the original soccer manga. 

He is a passionate soccer player who attracts the attention of his coach Roberto owing to his exceptional abilities in the sport.

During the World Cup, Tsubasa travels to Brazil with his coach in order to practice for the competition.

As Tsubasa strives to compete in the Olympics as a representative of Japan, the story of Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun focuses on him and his pursuit of this goal.

The manga was first published by Takahashi in December 2013 in the Grand Jump magazine published by Shueisha.

After then, the manga was published in Captain Tsubasa Magazine, which is a spinoff magazine published by Grand Jump that concentrates on the series, when it was first released in April of 2020.

Captain Tsubasa: This is the Rising Sun The Final, which is considered to be the “final saga” of the Captain Tsubasa series as a whole, was released in the sixteenth edition of the magazine in April of 2023.

A new story arc and a rebranding of the Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun manga are both included in this comic.

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