Uesugi wants to stop being a Girl Manga Launched

It was disclosed on Wednesday that Yū Yabuuchi would be launching a new series called Uesugi-kun wa Onna no Ko wo Yametai (Uesugi Wants to Stop Being a Girl) in the magazine Ciao, which is published by Shogakukan. The series will be made available in the May edition of the magazine.

The statement hinted to a romantic comedy that will have a love triangle starring a very adorable protagonist whose body has the ability to transform into that of a woman.

November 2022 marked the conclusion of Yabuuchi’s Ao no Iris (Blue Iris) manga series.

Uesugi wants to stop being a Girl: Story

uesugi Uesugi wants to stop being a Girl Manga Launched

The protagonist of the manga, which was first published in Ciao in January 2021, is a middle school student named Airi who is not particularly good at learning the material.

Following the discovery of a mystery picture at school, she finds herself embroiled in an event.

The “first season” of the Sorairo Memorial manga (The way we were, depicted right) was concluded by Yabuuchi in October of 2020, and the continuous serial began in December of the same year in the Ciao Deluxe magazine.

It was in February of 2020 that Yabuuchi first published the comic in Ciao.

The third collected book volume of the manga was released by Shogakukan on February 26.

The Mizuiro Jidai and Naisho no Tsubomi manga that Yabuuchi created in the past served as the basis for a television anime series in 1996 and an original video animation series in 2008, respectively.

Source: Issue of Ciao magazine from May

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