SPY x FAMILY Code: White Anime Film Trailer Out!

On Wednesday, Crunchyroll delighted fans by releasing a brand new English dub trailer for the highly anticipated SPY x FAMILY Code: White anime film.

The company is excited to share that tickets for the SPY x FAMILY film’s screening in the U.S. and Canada on April 19 are now available.

SPY x FAMILY Sony Pictures and Crunchyroll will screen Code: White in North America on April 19.

SPY x FAMILY Code: White will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles and also with an English dub.

For one week, we will have IMAX showings available.

Here are the global theatrical release dates for the film:

  • April 17: Belgium, France, and Switzerland (French-speaking)
  • April 18: Australia and New Zealand
  • April 19: Canada, Spain, and the United States
  • April 23: Austria and Germany
  • April 24: Italy, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago
  • On April 25, several countries will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of movies. From Argentina to Uruguay and many places in between, there will be something for everyone. Whether you’re in Central America, Europe, or South America, you can look forward to an exciting cinematic experience. So mark your calendars and get ready to be entertained!
  • April 26: Bulgaria, Ecuador, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Venezuela

SPY x FAMILY was released in Japan on December 22.

The film is a fresh creation with a unique storyline.

In just its first three days, the film managed to sell an impressive 866,000 tickets and earn a staggering 1.224 billion yen (approximately US$8.61 million).

As of February 25, its cumulative total stands at an impressive 6,113,862,330 yen (about US$40.61 million).

Crunchyroll describes Spy x Family as:

He may have a secretive profession. She’s a professional in her field.

Loid and Yor maintain their secret identities while presenting themselves as an ideal family. However, their adopted daughter, Anya, a telepath, is aware of both of their thrilling secrets without their knowledge.

spyxfamilycodewhite mainpostervisual 1 e1698635905376 SPY x FAMILY Code: White Anime Film Trailer Out!

During what was supposed to be a family weekend winter getaway, Loid faces unexpected challenges in advancing his mission, Operation Strix. Anya’s unintentional involvement sets off a chain of events that jeopardizes global harmony!

Tatsuya Endō, the original manga creator, is credited with the original work and character designs for the film. He also provided supervision for the film.

The Spy x Family film was once again animated by WIT Studio and CloverWorks.

The film was directed by Takashi Katagiri, with Ichiro Okouchi serving as the scriptwriter.

Kazuaki Shimada served as the character designer, while Kana Ishida took on the role of sub-character designer.

Kyoji Asano held the position of chief animation director. Kazuhiro Furuhashi supervised the animation.

[K] The music production was handled by NoW_NAME, while Shōji Hata took charge of the sound direction.

The film’s theme song, “Soulsoup,” was performed by Official Hige Dandism.

The band also had the honor of performing the opening theme song for the anime’s first season.

Gen Hoshino delighted audiences with his performance of the film’s ending song, “Hikari no Ato” (Trails of Light).

Hoshino has had the pleasure of performing the ending theme song “Kigeki” (Comedy) for the anime’s first television season, and the new song can be seen as a continuation of that previous work.

The film has welcomed some fresh faces to its cast, with Tomoya Nakamura taking on the role of Dmitri, Kento Kaku as Luka, Banjō Ginga as Snijder, and Shunsuke Takeuchi as Type F.

Source: Press release

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