The Sims 4 is the perfect game to let the time fly through. 

Although it was released several years ago, there’s something new to discover every time you decide to play – regardless of whether it’s via EA as well as the custom Content community.

If you’re already acquainted with The Eco Lifestyle extension and you can’t anticipate the new release.

Then there’s nothing else to do other than dive into the realm of mods as well as the CC.

What better way to begin than by re-imagining the cooking and food options available to TS4?

The basic game’s system can appear a bit basic at times. We are all in need of diversification in our diets to lead happy, healthy lives, even Sims.

Join me as I review the most delicious culinary techniques that’ll improve your Sim’s experience with food to a new level.

25. Learn Cooking Recipes by Watching TV!

This one is really simple folks… this mod tunes all TVs so that while a Sim is watching the Cooking Cable channel and has any level of cooking… they will learn new recipes every ten minutes.

The previous chance of learning a recipe was 3% per ten minutes… VERY SLOW. If you have all the expansion packs and the added cooking items from the Sims Store (Wood Bake Oven, etc)… expect the process of learning all the recipes to take a while as there are a ton of recipes.

This however finally makes watching TV useful and more realistic to someone who actually is trying to learn cooking… think back to folks with a pad of paper in hand watching these shows and taking down every detail in the recipe and cooking process like a real chef would.

In total with ALL expansions and ALL store items… it takes only about one Sim day to learn all the recipes in the game 

24. Cultural Cook Recipes and Experimental Cook Recipes

This mod was developed by LittleMsSam. Living in the area is essential to cook culturally authentic recipes. 

This book is available at a cost of $50. You must read this book, purchase the interaction with the red book after which your sim will know all the delicious culinary recipes. 

For cooking experiments, eating out is recommended. You can also purchase this book for just $50. 

In just 90 minutes, your Sims will be familiar with the recipes for cooking that are experimental.

23. Deserts are Baking Recipes

This mod requires version 1.13. It’s a new cooking skill included in the game. 

The recipes for desserts like cake weren’t updated, so the test mod can help you solve this issue and will also fix the baking skills as well as the Culinary career.

22. Louisiana Style Recipes 2

The creator of this mod is due to the fact that the Princess and the Frog film is one of the most adored Disney films of the creator. The mod was conceived as a result of a request.

It’s available on the menu for the food that you can customize and is suitable for eating out. 

There’s Cornbread that retails at a price of $10 for one serving, and $37 for party size. The pet can play with the guests and consume.

21. Pumpkin Recipes Soup and Roll

With this update, two custom cook recipes have been introduced to The Sims 4 in order to improve your experience with The Sims 4. 

The two custom recipes include Pumpkin Roll as well as Pumpkin Soup. You’ll require an ability to cook at level 3 to cook Pumpkin Soup and the level 5 skill in order to cook Pumpkin Roll.

20. Modifications to the Grocery Store Mod

Before your Sims are able to cook anything completed, they need to pay attention to the pantry and load the fridge with food items that allow for a wide range of culinary options.

In the previous editions of The Sims, you were allowed to go to the supermarket as well as similar locations straight from the start. 

However, The Sims 4 is a little different in the sense that… it’s a bit different in that it requires you to cultivate food on your own or seek it in the world through chance.

This amazing mod from SmagGeorge will allow you to experience how the cooking goes more accurately by actually shopping at the grocery store to buy everything you need to prepare a balanced dinner. 

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Like real life!

19. Shop for groceries

In my current life, as it is today, I rarely even visit the supermarket shop. 

We are in the year 2020, in all likelihood, and so we can get our food at the convenience of our homes. We are in the age of modernization.

This mod created by the famous creator SrslySims lets you and your Sim have the freedom to indulge in their leisure time without having to sacrifice healthy eating habits.

Hungry? Have your sim call food from your phone or tablet computer or even cash registers if you need a snack at work.

With this add-on, this add-on, every fish, product item, or flower in the gameplay is just a single click away.

Additionally, it’s compatible with other mods that can add new ingredients, too. Nifty!

18. More Options for Servings and Better Menus for Mealtime

After you’ve got the ingredients in order, it’s time to call your family members and offer them the warm and hearty dinner that’s sure to give them positive kudos instead of making them run for the restroom.

If you cook for the family it is sometimes frustrating to cook every serving.

In other cases, the standard serving sizes are insufficient.

This mod by LittleMsSam resolves this problem by letting you decide the number of meals you want to cook in depth.

If you’re looking for an intimate evening for two people or a unique party Size dinner for seven Sims or one cheese sandwich.

Your Sim is ready to take measurements of ingredients and cook dishes with precision in the mind.

17. Drinks that are healthy

The default drink option available in The Sims 4 isn’t exactly large.

There’s no better method to enhance it than by drinking healthy drinks which will keep your Sim healthy and energetic through the entire day?

Creator LittleMsSam decided to make improvements to her Sims lifestyle and made these healthy drinks accessible anywhere drinks are made and served.

The options include Carrot Juice, Spinach Juice, Lemon Juice, and even Plasma Fruit Juice for those who are bloodsuckers within the family.

They’re not just for display. They’ll provide your Sims with positive health-related boosts like a positive mood and a slight increase in their fitness level.

16. Edible Junk Food

Let’s admit it. We’ve all not taken a healthy drink for the last few several weeks (or at least, our Sims haven’t!)

The only thing that is always present in the homes we live in are snack foods and many junk foods.

The Sims are living the fun life they live, are encouraged to consume the same unhealthy food choices as humans. But the choices they have are small.

To broaden their selection of snack foods, CC creator Around The Sims offers us this collection of famous snacks including Nutella Oreos, Oreos, and various flavors of Pringles Potato Chips.

Is anyone else feeling hungry just going through this?

15. Assorted Cookbooks

Junk food is tasty however, we should be careful to steer clear of it. Or at least that’s the way my gym instructor always advised me to do.

One of the most effective ways to ensure you are eating healthy is to learn a variety of healthy recipes to make fresh meals.

Creator LittleMsSam can make it simpler for us Sims by offering these diverse cookbooks that will instruct the Sim to cook a variety of different recipes, fish, and more.

It’s all in about 60 minutes.

You can also have NPCs read these books so that they will know how to cook these meals. This way, they will be able to cook these dishes for you, which will save you a lot of time.

Tip: look into a butler.

14. Custom-designed food Interactions

One of the most essential mods for food-related that you can download can be The Food Group’s Custom Food Interactions, a prerequisite for many of their recipes CC packs.

After you’ve installed this mod, you’ll be able to see a “Custom Food” option anywhere there are regular food interactions.

You can prepare your own food on the stove, give your toddler a customized diet or even cook food that is Vampire-friendly.

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This allows you to discover all of your newly created recipes making it easy for your Sim to enjoy the unique delights that you have worked so hard to acquire to make them.

13. Customized Drink Interactions with Alcohol

And why should you limit yourself to custom food when you could further enhance the simulation by using TheFoodGroup’s Custom Drink Interactions?

You’d like to have an Apricot Bellini? Do you want a Pink Lady?

Perhaps some marshmallows and cocoa Perhaps some marshmallows?

Custom Drink Interactions allow your Sim to enjoy an extra sprinkling of flavor from a cup anyplace drinks are offered.

If you’ve used mods for some time maybe you’ve heard of this mod as IceMunMun’s Personal Drink Interactions.

This is the latest version, which is maintained by a different organization after IceMunMun stopped working on the project.

12. Food Delivery Service

Like I am able to take my time go by not having to cook myself, you should also let your Sims be able to enjoy the pleasures of eating out.

With the help of LittleMsSam’s Food Delivery Service mod, now they are able to.

When they were first able to order pizza, your Sims are able to enjoy an amazing variety of food available 24 all day, every day.

You can choose a single, family, or party size based on their requirements. The delivery will be 25 Simoleons and the cost for preparing the food.

11. Granny’s Cookbook

If you’re in the market for simple-to-use modification options, Granny’s Cookbook by creator Littlebowbub will be a hit.

It’s simply an attractive cookbook cover that you can put anywhere you’d like.

Then, you’ll be able to use it to select from a range of recipes that are divided into Cold Drinks, Warm Drinks, Quick Meals, and Granny’s Recipes.

These recipes are simple such as Chicken or Dumpling Soup However, there are also some more adventurous dishes like Beef Patty made with Coco Bread, or Thai Mango Sticky Rice.

If you’re looking for an afternoon snack, drink, or a bigger meal, simply select the recipe, then your Sim will handle everything else.

Also, hopefully, not burn the house down.

10. Drinkable Hot Drinks

Creator Around The Sims is generally focused on aesthetic improvements and decoration Creative CCs to The Sims 4.

The stunningly designed hot drinks were initially created as decorations before their creator came up with the brilliant idea of creating functional beverages as well.

This pack contains all sorts of hot drinks that have unique styles that will keep you cozy and fashionable on a wet day. 

You can also invite your family and friends over to have fun with them over steamy concoctions.

It also includes less-known multicultural choices such as Japanese Tea as well as Yerba Mate in honor of the sake of our Argentinian and Syrian acquaintances.

9. Drinkable Alcoholic Drinks

AroundTheSims continues the series of recycled decorative drinks by adding an additional mod: Drinkable Alcoholic Drinks.

This broadens the ethylic potential in The Sims 4 to reflect better the reality of drinking in the 21st century.

It has many staples of bartenders across the globe, including for instance the Mai-Thai along with the Margarita and also familiar favorites such as Bailey’s On The Rocks.

Each one of these drinks can have a unique impact on your Sim and it’s a great way to drink them and observe what happens.

Also, remember to be responsible when drinking!

8. McDonald’s Custom Food & Beverage

If you love seeing McDonald’s in games it’s a great time using around the sims’ McDonald’s Custom Food & Drinks.

These gorgeously-designed and vibrant treats include desserts, fried chicken nuggets, and burgers, all in bright yellow and red packaging with Golden arches.

There’s plenty to explore in a single sitting. You’ll likely be eating McDonald’s for quite a while.

The pack also contains lots of related furniture and kitchen appliances that allow you to create your personal McDonald’s within The Sims 4. Yes, really!

7. Request to cook, bake, grill or mix drinks.

Everyone knows someone who’s never lifted one finger to prepare your own meals. They’re the norm!

They should be included in The Sims 4 if we’re striving for any degree of real-worldness.

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This easy mod from LittleMsSam lets you solicit other Sims such as NPCs to handle your food needs with the same equipment you would normally.

This is great for the lazy Sim who doesn’t leave his home or any Butler/Maid-related situation you’d like to create.

Keep in mind that your Sim must know the recipe prior to making anything for you.

6. Do not wash dishes where you have Angry Poop

One of the most frequent complaints and occasionally remarked memes about The Sims 4 has to be the reality that Sims seem to enjoy making dishes in… strange locations, including the bathroom.

This is largely to have to do with the reality that kitchen and bathroom sinks are only seen in the same way as “sinks” by AI.

The mod’s funny title is exactly what the Scumbumbo would like to discuss here.

It allows you to manually inform the Sims of the sinks that are appropriate to wash dishes in while others should be left to their own devices.

So you don’t get removed from your experience by their strange behavior and you’ll be less frightened of encounters with the bathroom.

5. Do not prepare food where you Are Angry Poop

Similar to the previous version Don’t Prepare Food, where you are angry Poop, allows you to prepare cooking-safe stoves and cook surfaces within the house by hand.

This will spare your Sims lots of awkward interactions between their roommate’s relatives, and even the occasional house guest.

They may be easy fixes however they should be among the top because of the value and importance they are.

It would really be difficult for EA to address this issue in the game’s base game?

4. AsteriaSims’ Food Texture Overhaul

A few of the more sought-after enhancements that you can find in The Sims 4 are those which make the game appear more authentic…, or, put simply, more attractive.

An excellent way to do this in the realm of food is AsteriaSims Food Texture Overhaul.

This is an extensive set of attractive textures that will make your Sim’s food appear exactly like what you’d find in real reality.

This pack features intricate detail, as is evident in its bowls of individually-depicted grains of rice.

The chicken that was roasted is one of the most realistic dishes I’ve ever come across.

3. UtopiaSims”Food Textures

Another great selection of updated textures that you should not install if you’re weighing your weight with UtopiaSims’ wide variety of food textures.

They’re warm, vibrant, and tasty-looking.

And, best of all, they accomplish this without opting for a photo-realistic style that requires you to alter things so that food does not look oddly positioned in the vanilla-like clay aesthetic.

2. GrayCurse’s Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul

If you’re seeking something that isn’t just an aesthetic enhancement but substantial culinary addition to your game.

If so, then the Cooking and Ingredients overhaul by GrayCurse’s creator GrayCurse is exactly what you’re looking for.

This fun mod can make cooking a more challenging and a more thorough process by adding more ingredients.

There are things like flour, cheese eggs, milk, sugar, and more. This makes recipes more complicated.

In this way, you’ll have to buy the ingredients to make each dish.

Do not fret about the additional difficulty making your Sim feel hungry, however. It is possible to get the majority of it off the shelves of the supermarket.

1. Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul

In the same vein as our previous article Srsly’s Cooking Overhaul changes recipes to increase their complexity with more precise ingredient lists.

Like in real life In real life, your Sims will be lacking ingredients to cook their meals every day.

To help balance the scales, Srsly also allows us to place orders through this Food Delivery Service covered before that, which is a crucial element of this overhaul.

The ingredients will be delivered in a form that is attractive and stylish as a decorative item. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this in the real world perhaps?

However, if you’re in need of just one tweak that can enhance your cooking experience with TS4, this is the one.