Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

When the Realm of Magic expansion was released for the Sims 4, there was a certain element that seemed to be lacking in the gameplay.

The modding community, once again, swoops into the rescue with amazing mods.

I focused on the mods that complement or improve the Realm of Magic game pack.

After completing my research, I have compiled a list of the top ten mods that I consider to be the best.

Every one of these Realm of Magic mods offers a unique addition to Realm of Magic. Small modifications can have a significant impact.

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Realm Of Magic Mods

10. New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic Mod

realm of magic mod 10 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Having 28 spells in your sims spellbook might make you crave something fresh. The new spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod introduces a new tome to your sim’s library and a mischievous spell.

Similar to drinking obsidian milk, you will need the Spellbook injector mod, which is linked on the download page.

Make sure to have Realm of Magic and Cottage Living installed.

What Makes New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod Exciting:

  • Dark magic: This incantation results in the victim being overtaken by the malevolent essence of Charles the sinister fowl. Who can resist the charm of a mischievous chicken?
  • Fire: Once the spell is cast, the target may give a menacing look, igniting the object they are staring at.
  • Introducing a new spell: By reaching level 4 of the Mischief branch, you unlock the Obsidio spell.

9. Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait)

realm of magic mod occult Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Who doesn’t enjoy experimenting with the genetics of their sims? Introducing the On An Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait) mod, which adds the element of randomizing occult genetics to your sim’s family line.

After downloading and placing it in your mod folder, head into Build/Buy mode and include the mod in the trait selection for the lot. This modification allows your couple to potentially have an occult sim of a different type.

An example provided by the creator, r3m, involves two humans having a baby that is a mermaid.

Just a heads up: this realm of magic mod alters how genetics are randomized.

What Makes the Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait) Fun:

  • Plot: Certain stories revolve around an individual who is distinct from the rest of their family. This mod makes that potential storyline a reality.
  • Having a range of genetics can sometimes lead to unexpected outcomes. This can result in a wide range of genetic traits.
  • Randomness can often enhance a game experience. Introducing additional genetics adds value and enhances the complexity of Sims 4.

8. Familiar Interactions

realm of magic mod 8 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Realm of Magic mod introduces the ability for spellcasters to have familiars that accompany them at all times. Typically, these companions provide guidance on how your sims perform spellcasting and potion making.

This realm of magic mod offers additional interactions for your spellcaster to choose from when interacting with their familiar. Familiar Interactions is user-friendly and easy to set up.

Put it in your mod folder and launch Sims 4. Establish a close connection with your spellcaster.

After binding the familiar, choose your sim’s familiar. There will be an option of ‘familiar interactions,’ offering various interactions for your sim to have with the familiar.

What Makes Familiar Interactions Enjoyable:

  • Chatting – It’s important to be social since your sim has a need for it. Having the opportunity to engage with your familiar can provide companionship for even the most isolated sims.
  • Enhanced purpose – Rather than settling for a basic familiar, this mod elevates the familiar’s role and strengthens its connection with the spellcaster.
  • Works on all companions, so no need to select specific ones.

7. Maxis Match Tarot

realm of magic mod tarot Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

When considering magic and spellcasters, tarot is often associated. DeathPoke1qa developed the Maxis Match Tarot mode to introduce a fresh element to your game.

When choosing a design to add to your game, remember that you can only have one at a time. After selecting the deck and adding it to your game, you can simply place it on the table.

Remember to activate the bb.moveobjects cheat when placing the deck.

You can then place chairs and enter live mode to provide a tarot reading.

What Makes Maxis Match Tarot Enjoyable:

  • Embrace the mysterious with this mod and enhance your gameplay with a touch of spellcasting magic.
  • Let’s craft a tale about a spellcaster, young or old, who uses tarot cards to guide and help others. Or any other tale you can come up with.
  • Choose from a range of styles for your sim’s look or your sim’s home’s design.

6. Actual Functional Spell Book

realm of magic mod 6 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

That book about vampires that always seemed to gather dust, remember? Intentional pun. This realm of magic mod transforms the book stand into a functional spell book.

Make sure to have Realm of Magic, Vampires, and City Living installed in order for this mod to work.

The spell book can be located in Knowledge Activities and then utilized just like any other object.

What Makes the Actual Functional Spell Book Fun:

  • Every spellcaster needs a book at the heart of their lair or study to complete the look.
  • Study: This book simplifies the process of exploring various types of magic and acquiring new spells.
  • Alchemy: Instead of always experimenting with the cauldron, you can utilize the spell book to discover new potions.

5. RoM/Vampire: Occult Activities

realm of magic mod 5 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Witchy gatherings, mysterious hideouts, and supernatural hangouts, OH MY!

This realm of magic mod is centered around activities for your witch coven and vampires in the game RoM/Vampire – Occults Activities.

This realm of magic mod offers four activities for spellcasters and two additional activities for your vampires. Make sure to install the XML Injector for it to work properly.

You can easily access the activities on your phone by navigating to the Travel section. It will display either Witch Activity or Vampire Activity based on your sim.

What Makes RoM/Vampire-Occult Activities Enjoyable:

  • Get together: Vampires can assemble the clan for a basic social benefit.
  • Discover magic: Your sim can learn the three types of magic based on the chosen location. You can choose between The Realm, The Coven, and The Forest.
  • Choose Forage at Granite Falls to gather a variety of ingredients without having to search in multiple worlds.

4. Cauldron Potions Cost Money

realm of magic mod 4 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Spellcasters from the Realm of Magic have the ability to concoct potions using a variety of ingredients, but these potions do not hold much monetary value. This realm of magic mod adjusts the potion values, allowing your Sims to earn a good profit.

After adding this realm of magic mod to your mod folder and launching your game, you can start crafting your potions. Using it is straightforward, and even the simplest potion will earn you one thousand simoleons.

What Makes Cauldron Potions Cost Money So Enjoyable:

  • Money Source: With just apples, you can earn a profit by creating basic potions.
  • From humble beginnings to luxurious living, utilize the cauldron for your transformation from basic meals to gourmet dishes.
  • Enjoy the finer things in life. The higher the quality of the potion, the more money it will fetch. With more money, you can buy better items for your Sims.

3. Wondrous Wands

realm of magic mod 3 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

It’s unfortunate that young ones have to wait to use wands. Anyone, including children, can enjoy using the wands from the Wondrous Wands mod for any occasion.

To make the functional wands work, City Living is needed for the sparkler animation. The decoration wands and stand are part of the base game, so if you’re interested in decorating, you’re all set.

While this realm of magic mod does not provide wands for spellcasters, it offers a bonding experience for children and the adults in their lives. It’s important to remember that once you ignite the wand, you cannot extinguish it.

What Makes Wondrous Wands Exciting:

  • Decorative items: Two elegant wands for showcasing without the concern of them being moved by your sims.
  • From children to the elderly, these are suitable for all ages. Young spellcasters can imitate their parents as they practice their spells.
  • The wand will illuminate with various colors each time you use it, always staying unpredictable.

2. Forbidden Spells

realm of magic mod 2 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Certain spells are better left undiscovered; they are labeled Forbidden for a good reason. By using the Forbidden Spells mod, you can introduce a variety of new spells to your spellcaster’s repertoire.

Featuring four new spells and intense dueling, your sim can now pursue revenge or embrace their inner villain.

To add new spells, you’ll need the Spellbook Injector, and each spell includes its own tome for learning.

Use these four Forbidden spells to cause illness, summon bees, or replenish your energy. Always keep in mind that every magical act comes with a cost that may not always be to your liking.

What Makes Forbidden Spells Enjoyable:

  • Exciting fun: All four spells can be found in the Untamed Magic category on page eleven.
  • Summon a swarm of bees with the spell Melliferate instead of collecting them in a jar.
  • Gain energy by using Ennervate to take energy from other sims, or replenish your needs by sacrificing your own life force with Grim Bargain.

1. Psychic Sims

realm of magic mod 1 Sims 4: Realm of Magic Mods

Realm of Magic mod allows you to explore the world of magic, but what if your sim prefers to maintain their human side while dabbling in the supernatural? With the Psychic Sims mod, your sims can now have unique control over the supernatural world.

The realm of magic mod has one problem, specifically with the crystal animations. Some of the animations may seem unusual, and creator Lumpinou has mentioned that they are currently unable to resolve the issue.

This problem doesn’t have a significant effect on the rest of the mod. To become a psychic, you must choose the peculiar urn and have your sim mourn.

What Makes Psychic Sims Enjoyable:

  • Connect with spirits: After your sim becomes a psychic, they can communicate with the spirits and uncover hidden secrets.
  • Using the psychic’s crystal, your sim can bind a ghost. This grants them numerous abilities over the ghost confined within the crystal.
  • Love and Curses: Your psychic sim can cast a curse on another sim, with the type of curse being randomly determined. Another option is to cast a love spell to draw in the sim you desire.

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