Sims 4 Spa Day: Guide To All Face Masks

The Sims team has launched the Spa Day update, which is available for free to everyone who has either the original game or the Spa Day expansion pack.

Players who do not purchase Spa Day still receive some perks, such as a selection of nails in CAS, but those who do possess the Spa Day game pack gain access to a far larger library of items designed to improve upon the base Spa Day experience.

The face masks included in the Spa Day expansion pack are a welcome new feature.

Players could not give their Sims explicit instructions to apply face masks, but they would be applied automatically if their Sims took one of the special Spa Day soak baths.

The masks were just decorative and added no practical value to your Sims’ lives.

Now your Sims may benefit from a wide range of bonuses and effects whenever and wherever they wear a face mask.

They are housed in a new mini-fridge item that has been introduced to the Spa Day expansion pack.

These compact refrigerators are adaptable to a wide range of settings, from the living room to the spa locker room.

The new refrigerators not only sell face masks, but also a bowl of cucumbers and a cucumber energy drink.

Click on one of the new compact refrigerators, then select Buy Face Mask to acquire a selection of face masks.

As an alternative, you may go out and get one to put on right now.

All of the available face masks will be listed in a pull-down menu.

There are six distinct face masks available for purchase, and while wearing each one, your Sim will experience a unique pleasant moodlet.

Young children and infants can even use one of the masks.

Animal Facial MaskWho says self-care can’t be fun? These animal design facial masks are a favourite of all Sims alike, even kids!Toddler-Elder
Gold Facial MaskMade with 240K Gold infusions to replenish and recharge the skin. Luxurious and impossibly golden.Teen-Elder
Hydrating Facial MaskSoak your skin in the power of our patented hydrating formula LL4M4SP1T with this highly concentrated treatment. Optimal absorption guaranteed.Teen-Elder
Rejuvenating Facial MaskNot quite the fountain of youth, but close enough. This mask will make your skin feel fresh and renewed, like you can take over the world. It won’t erase fine lines or wrinkles, but it will make you feel like an expensive snack.Teen-Elder
Relaxing Facial MaskIs it one of those days that you just… can’t? Nothing like a relaxing self-care routine to turn a bad day around. This mask tried and true formula is guaranteed to melt that stress away.Teen-Elder
Sun Soothing Facial MaskAfter a long day out in the sun, your skin might feel a little… toasty. This facial mask delivers soothing ingredients to help your skin recover from those harmful rays.Teen-Elder

You may keep your newly acquired face masks in the refrigerator.

To maintain a cool temperature.

When worn, a chilled mask increases the effectiveness of its intended effects.

After being taken from the refrigerator, a mask will lose its cold quickly.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your face masks, you should not keep them in your inventory.

Refrigerate them until you’re ready to use them.

If your Sim has a mask in their bag, you can easily put it on by right-clicking on it and selecting Wear Face Mask.

Play With Animal Mask is the same item, but geared at younger children.

Sheet masks, clay masks, smooth and sparkly masks: they’re all here, and they all look different.

Few of them even have visual effects.

The gold mask, for instance, glimmers.

All masks require prolonged use before your Sims may experience the beneficial effects of their pleasant moodlet.

As SimGuruNotVlad hinted in the developer livestream, some of the masks have unique impacts on occult Sims.

We subjected a vampire to a sun-soothing facial mask, and for the next 12 hours, he was unaffected by sunlight.

It’s possible that further occult effects can be achieved with the use of masks.

We would want to hear from you if you learn of any further esoteric benefits associated with the use of face masks.

Though face masks provide calming effects, too much use is not advisable.

If your Sim wears a face mask for too long or uses many face masks in a sequence, their skin may become irritated and break out in red bumps.

While your Sim’s skin is inflamed, you cannot use any further face masks.

You have to give their skin a chance to recover initially.

It’s not easy to reach the point where a Sim is unwilling to take off the mask of their own will if they need to do so.

Your Sims may enjoy face masks and the many advantages of self-care as long as you don’t overdo it.

How Do You Get Face Masks In The Sims 4?

If you’ve got the Spa Day expansion pack, then you can buy facial masks.

One of the new mini-fridges, Doc Sweet’s Luke-Warm Mini Dispenser, is equipped with cucumbers specifically for this purpose.

If you go to the fridge and click on it, you’ll see a selection of masks you can buy or try on for free.

After the fridge has been stocked, you may open it by clicking on it again and selecting a different face mask.

What Are The Benefits Of Face Masks?

When a Sim puts on a face mask, they will gain a variety of bonuses depending on whatever one they choose.

Among them are:

Energized \sHappy \sHydrated \sRelaxed \sRejuvenated

You may also utilize the refrigerator to quickly prepare meals, stock up on cucumbers, and use the resulting “cucumber power-sip” to increase your cucumber power and give you a concentration boost.

If you have a Sim that has developed the new personality attribute of “High Maintenance,” have some face masks available as a quick and easy way to soothe them down.

Who Can Use Face Masks?

Masks can be worn by Sims starting at toddler age.

Children and toddlers are limited to wearing animal face masks, while older kids and adults can choose from five additional styles, each with its own distinct look.

The occult Sims that choose to hide their faces will get access to special features.

This category includes Vampires who use Sun Soothing masks to protect themselves from the sun.

Are There Any Negative Effects Of Face Masks?

Using many face masks in quick succession can cause skin irritation for your Sim.

The person’s face will break out in a red rash and they’ll get a bad attitude.

Removing a face mask too fast will negate any health advantages of wearing it.

Most Sims will get rid of them on their own once the bonuses kick in, but you still might want to check up on them.

By right-clicking on your Sim and selecting “remove face mask,” you can easily take off a mask.

Using this will immediately take off whatever mask your Sim is sporting.

Now go out and take care of yourself.

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