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33 Best Sims 4 Skin Overlay Mods & CC

Are you in search of the best skins for mods and cc in the Sims 4?

If you’re seeking the skin’s overlays or skin info or body skins, regardless of whether you’re more interested in Maxis Match mods or realistic mods in the alpha style you will find it here!

When you create the Sim, it is essential that everything matches.

The eyes, the clothing, or the traits, we want them all to work effortlessly.

Sometimes we are unable to determine the best shade and we have to spend hours debating on it.

To assist you in this problem, we’ve put together a list of the best skin modifications and CC available in Sims 4.


33. Skin Overlay Ultimate Collection

ps powder skin overlay 1

Pralinesims have put together a selection of their most popular skin overlays for Sims 4.

They are only available to female Sims.

The face overlay can be used on the genders of characters.

Take a look at them by visiting the webpage.

32. Veox Skin Overlay

ps veox skin overlay

We’re wrapping up this list using a skin overlay made by Pralinesims!

It’s available in six variations; however, it can be used with any color of the base EA, so personalizing and matching will not be an issue.

The mod is also suitable for females and males, to ensure that everyone looks their best.

To learn more about the person who created the mod, check out The Sims Resource, and if you’re looking for a download, quickly go to the hyperlink.

31. Powder Skin Overlay

ps powder skin overlay

Get your hair in shape and look stunning!

We cannot stress enough how amazing this overlay appears in it, however, believe us, it’s much better than you think!

All 18 base colors look great regardless of what kind of Sim you choose to use it on you’ll still see it look great!

30. Hydra Sims 4 Skin Overlay

ps hydra skin overlay

With over 700,000 downloads you’ll understand the reason this mod is available!

You can make a decision from the photo whether you should install it or not but remember that we’ve put the skin overlay on nearly every single Sim.

29. Healthy Skin Overlay

ps alpha skin overlay 1

Sometimes our Sims don’t look like real people, right?

A large part of the reason is that their skin is like cartoons!

Here’s the solution!

Pralinesims has come up with a more realistic and healthy version for both genders, so you must get it now and download it the link below.

28. Unisex Alpha Skin Overlay

ps alpha skin overlay

Another great addition to the Sims 4 Pralinesims is for a male or female Sim regardless of stage of life they’re in.

This overlay will enhance their looks .

It’s something that we cannot live without!

If you’d like to try it as well, check out the page.

27. Skeleton Skin Overlays For Males And Females

MTS Obj 1464411 ss2014 09 24at04

If you’re looking to enjoy yourself or organize an event for a costume, take a glance at this CC!

The design is easy and gorgeous and it is suitable for males as well as females.

We found it on Mod The Sims as well.

It was released on the site through Obj.

To download it fast go to the hyperlink.

26. Black Chrome Skin Overlay

MTS melissaq64 1810948 Thumbnail

Do you want to play some fun with fantasy?

No, problem!

The skin overlay can be an excellent accessory, regardless of whether it’s the appearance of an extraterrestrial or a vampire or anything else.

It’s black, shiny and frightful!

The mod’s creator for this mod is Melissaq64 and you can download her mod here.

25. Mirabelle HQ Skin Overlay For Females

mirabelle skin overlay hq

All the way from head to foot this skin can transform your girl’s characters into delicate blooms.

In the absence of makeup, you’ll never be wrong with this one!

The CC is another design of Ms . Blue that can be downloaded from this website.

24. Popular Mia Skin Overlay

mia skin overlay

If you’ve had the pleasure of holding a Barbie Doll in your hands, it’s the same to own this mod within the Sims 4 collection!

The 560,000 downloads available at the Sims Resource aren’t in vain – they’re a proof of how this skin overlay works with each Sim that is out there!

Thanks to Milarasims and download the mod here.

23. Markus HQ Skin Overlay For Males

markus skin overlay hq

If you’re looking for your Sims to appear as real as they are try this mod!

It’s only available on the body parts, however, it’s the facial area that displays its true worth.

Thank you infinity to the artist Ms. Blue who came up with the idea and also made it available for download on the following website.

22. Gorgeous Lumi Skin Overlay

lumi skin overlay

For female and male Sims we offer this stunning overlay.

Beautiful design and a variety of colour tones that you can choose from.

What more do we want?

The design was also created by famous Pralinesims and you can download it right here.

21. One-For-All Fit Skin Overlay

fit skin overlay

For a one-for-all type, skin-based overlays is simple!

It is essential to download this innovative mod from Pralinesims that can be a perfect fit for each Sim in any style and with every type of makeup!

It’s already trendy on the Sims Resource, with more than 100,000 downloads, you can also download it from there.

20. Smooth Ethereal Skin Overlay

ethereal skin overlay

The first step is to begin by introducing one of the well-known skin mods available on the Sims Resource!

The skin overlay is very real-looking and is a close representation of a real-life skin tone of models in fashion!

Don’t delay in downloading this overlay and download it now from this website.

19. Default Skin Pack (Maxis Match)

Default Skin Pack Maxis Match

This is another creation by Fantayzia in the Maxis Match style, which blends different creations from the popular ones.

18. Sims 4 Maxis Match Skin Overlay Mod (MM)

Sims 4 Maxis Match Skin Overlay Mod MM

Click this link to locate this maxis skin overlay mod designed by Fantayzia!

17. Salome Skin

Salome Skin

If you’re seeking an organic look this Salome skin is perfect for you.

It certainly strays away from the cartoonish style of skins in the game.

It has 20 different swatches included in this set that work on women from teens to older.

You can check it out on this page.

16. Female Skin Overlay

Female Skin Overlay

Karastan Gaming has been exerting an enormous amount of energy developing skin overlays for Sims 4.

This is among their best-known works.

Follow this URL to download a copy of the CC.

15. Satin Finish

Satin Finish

An easy maxis-matchy masterpiece is an overlay of faces.

It is available in light, medium and dark tones, all with three different levels of transparency.

To install this, you must visit the website.

14. Francesca Skin

image 2021 12 08 064232

If you’ve followed Sims3melancholic for a while you’ll know how stunning the custom-made content they create.

The skin is available in 35 different colors and is slider-compatible.

13. Skin N7 Overlay

Skin N7 Overlay

This skin overlay is suitable for female sims only.

It is available in four different levels of intensity.

There is no need to fret about using freckles, makeup, or moles since it is compatible with all.

12. Adora Face Overlay

skin overlay sims4 4 1

The face overlay introduces an organic, natural appearance to our game.

It’s available in two different swatches one with an eyelid that doubles and the other with one eyelid.

Sims of any age and from all genders are able to test it out.

Below is the link to download.

11. Overlay Version Of Female Skin N03

Overlay Version Of Female Skin N03

As blue as the ocean and as smooth as Sand!

We’re in love with the skin overlay.

It’s available inside Skin Details.

Moles and freckles do not fret because this feature functions in harmony with other skin characteristics.

To install it, go below.

10. Carli Skin

Carli Skin

This skin is a hit!

It’s available for female Sims in 10 colors.

There are two choices: one with or without eyebrows and an overlay variant.

It is available in Skin Details.

Visit this blog post for an easy installation.

9. Lily Skinblend

image 2021 12 05 220938

For this Lily skin blend, it is available as a default replacement and not a default face overlay.

People of any age and gender can play around with it.

Visit their website to download the game.

8. MALESKIN Edoardo For TS4

skin overlay sims4 8

A skin overlay from 2021 was created by the incredible custom creator of content, TERFEARRENCE.

The skin is available in 20 colors and all are white-toned.

Visit their website to download it.

7. Loaf Skinblend By Luunic

Loaf Skinblend By Luunic

A stunning skin overlay that is not default created by Lunnic.

It works with sims ranging from teens to older and is more suited to darker skin tones.

You can get it into the game by reading this article.

6. SKIN SK11


It’s never a bad idea to start by using a base game suitable for skin overlay.

Available in 2 samples, this one is located under skin information.

For more details, go below.

5. SUNFLOWER Skin & Overlay

SUNFLOWER Skin Overlay

Let’s begin by saying that the skin of sunflower is refreshing!

This is exactly what we would expect from PralineSims isn’t it?

It’s not just a game both for male and female sims but it also comes with an assortment of colors that include 50 samples.

In addition, a sparkling overlay for the body is provided as a free present from the person who created it.

You must definitely check it out on their webpage.

4. Elias Skin

Elias Skin

It isn’t easy to find a suitable male skin overlay.

This one will certainly be able to help you as it is available in a range of 20 samples. 

The male sims of teens can benefit from it.

To install, go to the page.

3. Serena Skin Overlay


One thing is for certain your sims will glow, thanks to these skin-colored overlays!

It is compatible with every skin color.

The best part is that it’s available as a full-body overlay, as well as body and only face swatches.

There are six swatches available to choose from.

Go to the page for an easy download.

2. Sicily Skin

Sicily Skin

What a gorgeous caramel-colored skin tone?

This face overlay is suitable for everyone and works for all genders.

We have 24 different samples in this collection and some include eyebags and dimples.

You can check it out by clicking here.

1. Alfhild Skin Overlay

skin overlay sims4 9

Rarely do we see a perfect maxis skin overlay.

This overlay offers three eyelid options for us such as the double lid, monolid, and EA’s eyelids.

Only female sims are able to make use of it.

It is available in the Skin Details category.

It is possible to download it by clicking this link.