35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Are you among those who are asking “How do you get tattoos on the Sims 4?”

Lucky for you We’re here to offer you some solutions. One option, of course, is through tattoos that are CC (custom content) or mods that are specifically designed to offer Sims this unique body art. 

You don’t have to surf the internet for them, however! We’ve compiled thirty of the most popular Sims 4 tattoo sets you can download to customize your Sims. 

Keep in mind that we’re constantly making this list more current. 

Therefore, be sure to regularly keep an eye on this page for updates! Check out this Sims 4 tattoo CC list below.

MUST-HAVE List Of Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

1. Trillyke-Underboob Sims 4 Tattoo CC Set.

31 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods CC 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

With 250,000 downloads from The Sims Resource, this one is an extremely hot underboob tattoo set, which must be on this list! 

Thank you to Trillyke, who developed the set of underboobs for the Sims Four Tattoos Set in CC. There aren’t many tattoos on the underboob that are available for female Sims.

However, this set comes with ten designs that are not just entertaining but also incredibly innovative! 

2. Arm Tattoo

MTS argos93 1483242 BLACKARMTATTOOcopia 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Are small tattoos boring to your taste? Have a look at Argos93’s Arm Tattoos for Him & Her, Black & Color CC from ModTheSims. You won’t be dissatisfied. 

The tattoo CC that is featured in The Sims 4 is something that will draw attention from anyone! 

First of all, it has two distinct full-arm tattoos that are stylish enough to be a statement. 

In addition, if the plain and boring black designs are not enough, the colored versions are sure to match your preferred aesthetics. 

In addition, both males and women Sims can enjoy these awesome Arm tattoos CC. 

3. Chinese Tattoos

Chinese Tattoos 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

One Sims 4 tattoo CC that stood out from annettssims4welt.blogspot.com is this “China” Tattoo for Women. 

As a follow-up to the Chinese tattoo trend that is prevalent in reality, the CC permits your Sims to get this type of artwork tattooed on their bodies. 

In addition, like actual tattoos, the 5 Chinese characters in this set convey meanings of love girl, crying smile, laugh, and happy. 

Visit her Instagram profile on Instagram here to view other amazing designs.

4. The Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Tattoo

The Suicide Squads Harley Quinn Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Rejoice, Suicide Squad fans! You can now create a Sim inspired by Margot Robbie’s famous film role model, Harley Quinn, which is more feasible thanks to mod creator AmiSwift. 

The Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Tattoo CC at The Sims Resource features Harley Quinn-inspired tattoos that are inspired by the movie Suicide Squad. 

The tattoo is part of AmiSwift’s Suicide squad’s Harley Quinn Set, but it is also available separately. 

You can download this Harley Quinn Tattoo!

5. Artsy Sims 4 Tattoo CC Pt. Deux

MTS aduncan 1678900 02 25 17 8 01 15PM 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The Artsy Tattoos Pt. Two by the artist Aducan from ModTheSims are truly captivating! The set comes with four unique tattoo designs that are suitable for various body areas of your Sims, such as tattoos for the crossing tattoo (face), owl tattoo (chest), Thug Life tattoo (abdomen), as well as a skull tattoo (left arm). 

The designs are all gender-neutral to allow you to apply them to both your female and male Sims for that extra personality. 

6. SSB Traditional Color Tattoo

Artsy Sims 4 Tattoo CC Pt. 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

In the spirit of unisex tattoo designs, Here’s another one that is a must-have for both gender-neutral Sims: the SSB Traditional Color Tattoo by SavageSimBaby from The Sims Resource. 

This is among the most downloaded Sims 4 Tattoos CC with more than 151,000 downloads and after just one look at the image, you’ll know the reason. 

See how creative and beautiful this full-body tattoo looks! Additionally, it is suitable for dark and light-skinned Sims. 

It is available in light and dark tones this isn’t typical for this type of custom content for tattoos. 

7. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Roses are a very popular tattoo design, which is why mod maker Leyzithought of making it available to the players in The Sims 4. 

The Roses TattooCC from The Sims Resource features roses and a clock tattoo for the left arm’s entire length in two colour options (grey with coloured). 

Do you want the exact style of the arm opposite? It’s there on the other arm, too. Be aware, however, that this specific Sims 4 tattoo custom content is exclusively for female sims aged from teen to older. 

8. Tattoo ‘N08

Tattoo N08 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The thing is that tattoos aren’t the only ones that can be minimalist. In reality, minimalist tattoos are trending, and lots of enthusiasts are adhering to this trend. 

What’s a better option to allow our Sims to be a part of this trend than by giving them a corresponding CC for them? -MerciThe Sims Resource from The Sims Resource offers the Tattoo N08 CC.

It’s a simple but elegant tattoo that is suitable for both male and female Sims from teen to senior. 

The tattoo is available in six (6) shades, is located below the right collar bone and can be used with any shade of skin. 

The set contains the following designs: thankful family, happiness as well as patience and breathing. 

9. Joker’s Face Tattoo

Jokers Face Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

We’ve previously included a Harry Quinn-inspired tattoo. We’ll continue our list with a Sims 4 tattoo CC inspired by Puddin, the Joker. 

The Joker Face Tattoo is a design by the user the name venus-allure of The Sims Resource that includes body and face tattoos that were inspired by the famous villain

Tattoos are available in red and black. For more information as well as the download link go below.

10. Tattoo 1804

Tattoo 1804 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Another amazing creation from Merci. The artist, Mercifrom The Sims Resource, the Tattoo 1804 custom content. 

What attracted our attention with the specific The Sims 4 tattoos CC is the striking design, which screams the essence of art. 

The entire set of tattoos covers the upper left portion of the torso, all the way to the left side that you have in your Sims. 

Bonus points: it’s accessible to both female and male Sims from teenage to senior. This is a fantastic creation indeed! Download the Mod by simply visiting this site.

11. Artsy Tattoo Set

Artsy Tattoo Set 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The Artsy Tattoo Set by the team from ModTheSims functions as a one-stop-shop for authentic tattoo designs designed for Sims. 

It’s a collection of real-life tattoos created by tattoo artists from the real world and then transformed into Sim-friendly designs for every Simmer to take pleasure in. 

The set includes a Scarab chest Tattoo, Woman Tattoo (Lower Left), New School Snake and Skull, and Hindu Hands. 

It is possible to make them all on your own, use them all in one go or mix them by using EA’s tattoos. Take a look at this page to download the Sims 4 tattoo CC.

12. Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

MTS SaurusSims 1690006 MI1 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

GefaSims through gefasims.tumblr.com is a solution for those seeking a greater variety of content that is inspired by the classic Japanese tattoo design. 

The Japanese Sleeve Tattoo CC is a Japanese-inspired design which is available in male and female versions. 

Also, it comes with the option of a back piece to add some personality. Take a look at this site to get the modification. 

13. Underchest Tattoo N02

Underchest Tattoo N02 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

It is the under-chest tattoo that N02CC set by TSR that is next on our top 10 list of The Sims 4 tattoos. Another of the most well-known creations by Pralinesims, it has been downloaded more than 170,000 times by the Sims community. 

The tattoo set includes five different colors. It is a TS4 exclusive and comes in five (5) colors: brown, black, white, red, and blue.

14. Tattoos: Full Sleeves

MTS kasandro 1540427 tattooingame1 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The next item on our list is tattooed on full sleeves. If you’re looking for the top full-sleeve tattoos available for The Sims 4, one custom content that you can examine can be found in The Tattoo Full Sleevesby Kasandra, a real-life tattoo artist. 

This collection from ModTheSims provides four distinct artistic styles, which are shown below. They include Oriental, Polynesian, Traditional, and Contemporary. 

Are you impressed by the details of these designs? It’s also the first tattoo by the artist to be a CC upload; that didn’t even cross our minds! To download this amazing tattoo CC set, go to the mod’s site here.

15. Collection Tattoos Dragon Girl

jennysims 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Blogger JenniSims created the most vibrant and attractive tattoos to match your female Sims. 

Download the entire collection by clicking the link to download a variety of sultry styles which range from floral to fires, owls and skulls, dragons, lions, tigers, arrows, and many other symbols. 

Also, be sure to check out the creator’s Facebook page here to view some of her stunning creations.

16. Trilly-Underboob Tattoos

Trilly Underboob Tattoos 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Underboob tattoos are very highly sought-after. It could be one of the reasons that the next thing to be included is yet another underboob tattoo. 

The Trillyke The Trillyke Underboob Tattoos CC Set by The Sims Resource offers a selection of 10 (10) different breast tattoo designs that are all compatible with the base game

With over 250,000 downloads, it illustrates how well-liked this set of tattoos is with those in the Sims 4 community. 

For downloads and additional information, follow this link.

17. SAMCRO Tattoos & Scars Pack

With 73,000 downloads available at ModTheSims, the pack is a must-have for any tattoo collection, not only for male Sims.

However, it is also great for ladies! 

It is the SAMCRO Tattoos and Scars Pack by Mr. Mayhem, and more information is available at this link.

18. Animal Tattoos For Males

TattooMenTiere1 horz 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The next one is a cool find from annettssims4welt.blogspot.com, and you should not miss this one if you love all kinds of animal-inspired CC! 

The tattoo “Animals” for Men modification is created by Annett who has demonstrated her amazing design abilities with this design. 

Also, make sure to check out the designer’s Instagram page to see other stunning designs. For more information as well as the download link, click this link.

19. Leg Mandala Inspired Tattoos

Leg Mandala Inspired Tattoos 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Use this hyperlink to get this leg Mandala inspired tattoo “for her” by Luvjake from The Sims Resource. 

The set comes with three (3) distinct swatches that are exclusively specifically designed to be used by female Sims. 

Each design is compatible with all skin tones.

20. Trillyke-Back Tattoos

Trillyke Back Tattoos 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The next item on this list of items is a fantastic back tattoo set for ladies, created by the modification creator, Trillyke

With more than 118,000 downloads, the Trillyke back Tattoos Set is among the most downloaded of its kind on The Sims Resource and within the Sims 4 community. 

It features 12 different designs for back tattoos which are all compatible with base games. More details and tattoos can be found on this page.

21. Game Of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos

Trillyke Back Tattoos 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Do you want an inspired Game of Thrones tattoo set? This is an example of the Game of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos CC designed by Sims CC maker jupe at ModTheSims. 

The collection contains back tattoos of all nine houses of Game of Thrones, including the names of the particular house. 

22. Fallen Roses Tattoo Set

Fallen Roses Tattoo Set 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

More than 18,000 downloads are available at The Sims Resource. This one is worthy of a place at the top of this list! 

If you’re into dark fashion and love roses and flowers this set SimplyPixelated – The Fallen Roses tattoo by Benevolence-cis one to take a look at. 

To download the link as well as additional sources, follow this link.

23. Tech Tattoo

Tech Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

We’ll move on to something more unique. The tech-inspired tattoo created by Tehhi is an additional must-have item in your collection. 

This Technology Tattoo ( female version)is a full-body tattoo suitable for young adults, teens as well as adults, and older female Sims. It is possible to download the file and learn more on this page.

24-Metallic Sims 4 Tattoo CC Set

Below is The Metallic Tattoos CC set created by Toksik. The set of stunning metallic tattoos is only available to female Sims that play The Sims 4. 

Click the link to download the Sims 4 tattoo CC set.

25. Colorful Fantasy Full Back Tattoo

toksik Metallic Tattoos 1 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

If you’re into weird tattoos and fantasy, This is a complete back tattoo that you could think about using. 

The distinctive and vibrant tattoo mod was developed by Pymonte at ModTheSims. The extension as well as more details are available on this website.

26. Underchest Sims 4 Tattoo CC

Underchest Sims 4 Tattoo CC 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

With its huge success at The Sims Resource, this one is another set of tattoos that must be featured in this set! 

The renowned creator Pralinesims designed this gorgeous expansion for women Sims. The set includes a beautiful tattoo of the underboss with five (5) different colors. 

27. Full Leg Tattoo

This leg tattoo that is full of stars and butterflies from Five Aces 2007 is a great addition to your game. 

A large amount of downloads on ModTheSims confirms its popularity in the Sims 4 community. 

The set is available in 4 (4) colors: blue-green, pink, and purple. More information is available here.

28. Not Dead (Full Sims 4 Body Tattoos CC)

Full Leg Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

One of the parts of The Sims Resource line of tattoos for females is these Never Dead (Full body tattoos) CC by Crybabies

This set comes in two variations of the tattoos: faded and fresh, which you can choose for either your female or male Sims. 

29. Roses Female Tattoo

Roses Female Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

The next item on our list is a stunning tattoo set created by the extension maker Oliver.Oksfrom The Sims Resource. 

The set features a stylish female sleeve tattoo that is black to give that authentic style that you can use on your Sims. Take a look at the page for the download.

30. Wolve Tattoo

Wolve Tattoo 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

If you’re looking for a wolf tattoo for your sim, this tattoo by Yessiyearn from ModTheSims is worth looking into. 

The full-back tattoo design that is available for Sims 4 is available for download here.

31. Thigh Rose Tattoo

MTS christmasfear 1683700 rosethighmtspic 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Topping our list of to-have Sims 4 tattoo CC sets is this Thigh Rose Tattoo created by Christmas Fear from ModTheSims. 

Ideal for those who love the beauty of roses. the large tattoo covers the entire upper limb with the rose motif with two swatches (light as well as dark) for female and male Sims. 

32. Forever Lost Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza

sims 4 tattoo set forever lost 1 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

This set of tattoos for Sims 4 has 5 different colors. It can be done as one big tattoo on the sleeve or as four separate tattoos on the right arm.

I really like the tattoo of a skeleton on the upper arm. And you can’t see it in this picture, but the back of the arm has a beautiful sad moon that’s just as good.

33. Wicked Simlish Tattoos by PeachiieSims

sims 4 simlish tattoo pack male 1 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

This is a rare tattoo set that works for both male and female sims.

It comes in 31 patches with 28 tattoos each and 4 that cover the whole body or sleeve.

I just thought these tattoos were really cool.

Your sim’s name is pretty much everywhere. It comes in two different fonts as well.

34. Witchy Tattoos by IdleTownie

sims 4 witch tattoos 1 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

Tattoo Packs that include the word “witchy”?

Sign me up!

These tattoos were made for your magical Sims before Realm of Magic came out.

It was a set of tattoos made for female sims, but male sims can also use it. It only comes in one color.

I can’t get enough of the sun and moon on the sim’s collarbones. So beautiful!

35. Fatal Angel Tattoo Set by lotuswhim

sims 4 fatal angel tattoo set 35 Best Sims 4 Tattoos Mods & CC

This set of tattoos for Sims 4 makes me think of the year 2000, which makes them great for teen Sims.

The heart and moon finger tattoos and the butterfly on the chest are so early 2000s.

This tattoo pack has one swatch, and you can download versions for the left arm, the left leg, the right arm, or both.

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