Do 1-Dimensional Sims Get More Personality Please?

Have you ever noticed how similar all sims seem, despite their unique traits?

Are you tired of the shallow conversations they have and yearn for more meaningful and diverse simulations?

You absolutely have to add the Personality Please! mod to your game!

While the characters in The Sims 4 have various ways to differentiate themselves, like traits, likes, and dislikes, they can still come across as a bit one-dimensional.

Many sims share similar traits at their core, but they each have their own unique characteristics that shine through in different ways.

Hopefully, the upcoming Growing Together EP will bring some much-needed depth to these characters.

In the meantime, we have the More Personality Please! mod by PolarBearSims, a creator we’ve featured numerous times.

This mod enhances your sims’ traits, giving them more significance and impact.

It also grants them greater autonomy and adds richness to their interactions.

Base Mod: Have Some Personality Please

The mod was initially released in May of 2017 and has received numerous updates and add-ons to adapt to the various changes in the vanilla gameplay.

At the moment, there are 6 additional options available on top of the base package. Character We strive to create the ideal mod experience tailored just for you.

The core foundation of the Personality Please mod removes unnecessary content that often occurs between sims.

One noticeable change is the elimination of idle chatter—those meaningless conversations that sims engage in when they start talking on their own.

Instead, sims will engage in interactions that carry significance, such as telling jokes, having deep conversations, and asking about each other’s day.

The choice of these actions will depend on the sim’s personality and current mood. In this way, sims will genuinely get to know each other and not simply add another unfamiliar face to their Relationships panel.

Sims with different personalities will exhibit distinct behaviors. For instance, unfriendly sims tend to engage in mean interactions, while romance sims are more likely to be flirty.

Goofball sims, on the other hand, are known for being the life of the party. However, it’s important to note that an angry sim, regardless of their personality, is more prone to shouting at anyone who confronts them.

Based on the mod page, it seems that there is a possibility of your Sim being confronted and physically harmed by another sim, even if they are considered an enemy.

It goes without saying that this mod will add a lot of excitement to your Sims’ daily lives!

Add-On: Restricted Romance

personality please 3 Do 1-Dimensional Sims Get More Personality Please?

This module was created with the intention of promoting healthy and committed relationships by adjusting the relationship threshold for more intimate and romantic interactions, thus discouraging any potential cheating behavior.

There are still some interactions that allow your sims to begin their journey towards romance, like Complement Appearance or Give Romantic Gift.

However, it’s important for those Sims to have a strong familiarity with each other before things start heating up.

Add-On: Sims Learn Info

personality please 1 1 Do 1-Dimensional Sims Get More Personality Please?

This add-on modifies the Deep Conversation action, allowing sims to occasionally discover details about another sim’s career or traits during their regular conversation, without needing to ask directly.

PolarBearSims chose to create this as an add-on because it has an impact on all sims, not just the ones you control, and you’ll receive a notification each time it occurs.

Players may find the constant notifications a bit bothersome, as they can even occur for random townies in the neighborhood.

Alternatively, if you appreciate the concept but don’t require the other components of the Personality Please mod, you can utilize this module as a standalone feature.

Add-On: Cats & Dogs

personality please cats Do 1-Dimensional Sims Get More Personality Please?

Vanilla pets lack controllability, meaning that actions not set as autonomous will only occur if your Sims can influence the pet to perform them.

Strangely, a portion of animal actions are not enabled for autonomy by default!

This add-on enhances the autonomy of animal actions, allowing them to engage in a wider range of behaviors that align with their unique traits and personality.

The concept behind this add-on is to encourage animals to engage with the world and each other, rather than aimlessly wandering and waiting for something to happen.

Add-On: WooHoo TryForBaby Restricted

In line with the Restricted Romance add-on, the relationship requirements for sims to engage in Woohoo and Try for Baby will be increased.

It aims to reduce the excessive baby production that occurs when sims are left to their own devices (referring to Neighborhood Stories).

If you’re interested in a more lenient approach for babies, but not a fan of the limitations in this add-on, PolarBearSims has created a set of individual mods that reintroduce some of those restriction options.

These mods include Risky Woohoo & Try for Baby Chances and Teen/Adult Romance & Mess Around.

Add-On: Toddlers

There is a generous amount of vanilla. Toddler behavior is not influenced by specific traits, moods, or relationships.

This is why toddlers often exhibit similar behavior, regardless of their individual differences.

PolarBearSims has included codes that enhance the behaviors of your little ones, encouraging them to act in a more realistic manner based on their unique personalities.

This feature is offered as an add-on to cater to those who are seeking an additional challenge, considering the already demanding nature of dealing with toddlers.

Add-On: Mean Interactions

personality please 2 Do 1-Dimensional Sims Get More Personality Please?

After receiving numerous reports about this aspect of the mod causing conflicts with other mood and relationship mods, a decision was made to create a separate enhancement for Mean interactions.

This change was implemented to address the issue of sims being excessively unkind to each other. If you had a less-than-pleasant experience with the “mean bug” from late 2022, then you might want to pass on this add-on!

Mod Conflicts

Due to the wide range of changes this mod brings to your sims’ behavior, there are a few other mods available that may cause conflicts:

  • PTME Emotional Overcharge by FlorainPTME hasn’t received any updates since 2016.
  • Autonomous Interactions by weebl_101 hasn’t been updated since 2016 and has been deleted.
  • MC Tuner enhances the frequency of mischievous actions that sims autonomously select. It’s not entirely clear why this happens, but there is a solution outlined on the Personality page for keeping both mods. Please download the page and make the necessary changes to the affected interactions.
  • The “No Strings” Option in MC Woohoo conflicts with the add-ons related to Woohoo and Try for Baby. However, as mentioned earlier, PolarBearSims has created other mods that can replicate some of MC Woohoo’s options without causing conflicts.

The Personality Please Mod’s download page provides players and modders with comprehensive information about the behaviors it edits, change logs, and other useful details for those who are curious. Make sure to take a look at it for more information!

Final Words

The Sims 4 introduced exciting possibilities for customizing our sims, but unfortunately fell short in its execution.

Thanks to this amazing mod, sims will live their traits and feel more realistic and multi-faceted than ever before.

It could even add a touch of excitement to your game!

We aim to enhance your gaming experience with this mod, allowing you to further appreciate the game and bring out the true essence of your characters.

Enjoy your time in the game!

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