20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This opinion may not be popular, but I believe The Sims 4 could benefit from more Occult Sims.

There are four of them: vampires, spellcasters, and mermaids are the four. 

Some of these life states I can live without, but not all. The other supernatural creatures I miss a lot are the others.

Particularly the Fairies.

To cope, I looked into Sims 4 wings and CC. Even if I don’t get faeries I can still have their visuals.

Angel/Celestial Wings CC

wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

You may be familiar with the Diablo series (from videogame giant Blizzard), but you also know Auriel Archangel of Hope and an esteemed member of the Angiris Council.

These angel wings are part of an outfit and accessories set that allows Sim to cosplay as the fantasy character.

This mod is much more flexible and enjoyable to use because you can change the colors of the wings (and the base holder). 

There are 17 colors available, two of which are cosmic galaxy-like patterns.

ElaSims Angel Wings

wings mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

These are your standard angel wings. These wings are massive.

This is a great way to capture the “larger-than-life” angel aesthetic.

You can choose from two solid colors: black or white. The black does not look demonic or demonish. Maybe more “fallen angels.”

If you want demonic/devilish/infernal wings, skip to the next category.

These are my favorite wing designs, and I think they look great.

LunaNelfeah Celestial Fairy Wings

lunaeldfeah wings mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

Perhaps the Ela wings were just too large for you.

They are approximately the same length as your Sim’s arm when spread out and about the same size as a Female Sim’s torso (vertically speaking).

The feathers look like layers of feathers, which is a great texture. It’s a nice addition to having a border accessory. It can also change color depending on which color the wings are.

It’s very stylish, I would say. And perfect for the contemporary celestial being.

S-Club L TS4 Angel Wings 01 (Victoria’s Secret).

victoria secret wings mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This beautiful mod from S-Club has “angel-like” wings. It is my favorite.

The individual feather texture is something I love. It is not like LunaNelfeah’s Celestial Fairy wings which have neatly arranged layers of feathers.

It is also not as intimidating as ElaSims Angel Wings, which are large, majestic feathers.

This Victoria’s Secret set looks like a pair of high-quality costume wings.

Fairy Wings

fairy sims wings mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

The perfect combination of shine and detail! Perfect wings for the perfect evening. 

You can find it under the hat category. 

These links will take you to the website. 

Also, you should check out the dress.

Glass Wings

glass wings mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

These glassy wings are a real show-stopper! You can choose from 18 different color patterns and swatches. 

This has one downside: sims cannot wear glasses and swatches at the same time. 

For Sims 4, we recommend that you check out the default skins

Chain Wings

chain wings sims mod 1 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This accessory works for all Sims, young, old, and elderly. 

It can also be found in the hats category, just like other wings on this list.

The Sims 4 Winx Onyrix CC

winzx wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

Purple has never looked so good on wings! The flowery details on both sides are a delight. 

It’s important to match the dress with the correct hairstyle. 

Lacy Wings

viktoria sims wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

These wings can be worn by both male and female Sims. 

You’ll be able to find one that suits your needs in the 25 available colors. 

TERA Wings

tera wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

A beautiful creation by Zouyou. 

You can get it in black or white. 


Darkstone Wings

darkstone wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

Hello, base-game compatible! 

This one is beyond words. 

For installation instructions, visit Download Page.

Set of Fairy Wings

fairy wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

The coolest thing about this set is the four different designs. Each has its swatch. 

They are compatible with both male and female Sims. 

It is required for City Living to function properly in the game

Infernal/Batlike Wings: CC

chernobog wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This is the infernal equivalent of ElaSim’s Angel Wings. I mean it almost literally.

These Chernobog Wings, at least the Open version, are terrifying. Angel Wings were perfect for larger-than-life warrior archangels.

They seem like they were designed for intimidatingly swooping into.

You also have 23 swatches (compared to 16 for the Open variant).

When they are closed, I think the wings look more like “gargoyle” than “demon”.

The texture of both wings is almost identical. It’s simple and effective with a nice grungey feel.

LunaFeah’s Enular Wings

enular wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This is the sharper and more pointed version of Natalia Auditore’s Chernobog.

Seriously, These wingtips could be fatal to a Sim.

To an extent, it’s about the same size as S-Club’s Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings. Closed versions, however, are…

There is a challenger. It’s an intimidating one.

Closed Enular wings look like spiders. They wrap around Sims, almost caging them with computer-generated leather and any infernal vertebrae that make up the remainder of the wing.

My Sim seems to be trapped in the cursed roots and branches of a forest. However, she seems happy.

Luna Nel-Peah Stone Angel Wings

stone angel wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This item was not placed by accident. Despite the title clearly stating “Angel Wings”,

These wings were created by the creator to look like stone. She did an excellent job. These look solid, very rough, and well carved. 

Even the curvilinear edges look as if they have been chiseled and smoothened.

It’s very “teenager going through their anger phase,” I realize. That’s all that came to my mind.

The wings look amazing, despite all the jokes.

Faerie/Ethereal Wings CC

glass wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

This is the best wing set, in terms of color choices, on the entire list.

The shape is also pretty amazing!

These Glass Wings from Esmeralda look either like tiny butterfly wings, or delicate faerie flappers depending on which design you choose.

They’re small, too.

They are almost as natural-looking as the winged Sims, or as natural as they look in-game due to their size. 

Just how you would imagine faerie wings to be.

There are six variations of the Monarch Butterfly pattern, and two variations of the Solid w/border. 

S-Club LL TS4 Fairy Wings 01

These stunning glass/crystal wings are back from S-Club.

They look just like the Esmeralda wings. Perhaps even more.

They are less “mildly transparent” and more “practically transparent.” Without the borders, veins, and wing patterns, you likely wouldn’t be able to see them.

Particularly the default white version.

These wings look almost like paper and spun glass, even though it’s a pathetically poetic description. They are so delicate!

This mod is great for creating winter faeries.

S-Club LL TS4 Flights 202001 (Fairy Forest).

fairy forest wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

You may hear me squealing if you are hearing it. I couldn’t contain my excitement at these wings.

These wings are my absolute favorite of all the ones I have seen.

They are so transparent, soft, and delicate! They are more beautiful in-game, I swear.

The white is light and delicate, more like a suggestion of a wing than an actual one.

In the way that it seamlessly changes from translucent to opaque, the black is captivating. The subtle sparkles at the center are also a delight.

It is a translucent, pale blue with a darker edge. This creates the illusion of a vignette. It is just as beautiful, fragile, and delicate as the others.

This is enough gushing. This mod is easy to use.

Nature Wings/Other

windy set wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

These wings are delicate!

I appreciate a well-executed creative idea. These Windy wings by Ersch are a winner.

Although they don’t appear aerodynamically efficient, they are still beautiful. Everything is about the aesthetic.

There are three colors available, and I can see why the creator chose them.

The leaves can be white, green, or orange. The leaves can be either white, green, or orange.

If you are looking for fun accessories for your Sim’s head, the set also includes a leafy hairband.

Natalia-Auditore Kai’Sa Accs

acss wings sims mod 20 Sims 4: Custom Wings CC & Mods

You’re likely to be familiar with this Kai’Sa version of Popstars, a K-pop legend from the League of Legends Kpop group, KDA.

These wing-like objects are easy to appreciate, even if you’re not a fan of wings. These wing-like objects look a lot like floating crystals, which is something that the fantasy nerd within me can appreciate.

The creator also offered twelve color options. Your Sims don’t have to look cosplaying.

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