35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

We are pleased to present the best free Sims 4 Eyes mods and ccs for 2022! 

You can’t make a unique Sim without having a set of unique eye designs! They’re one of the aspects that are difficult to achieve in The Sims 4, so we thought we’d help. 

We’ve put our most-loved eye mods into a single menu so that you can look them up and choose the ones you like.

35. Sims 4 Glowing Arcane Eyes CC Mod

glowing arcane eyes 1 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

We are opening the doors to our collection of eye CC with the addition of Pralinesims. 

His arcane eyes appear to sparkle when you apply them within The Sims 4 and they’re also available in 32 shades. 

If you’re interested in giving these a go, head over to The Sims Resource or follow our direct link.

34. Sims 4 Shining Aurora Eyes CC

aurora eyes sims4 1 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

If you’re still not yet decided, take a glance at Pralinesims‘s stunning aurora eyes. 

Get the interest of everyone Sim in the vicinity with this mod that is extremely well-liked by Simmers around the globe. 

These weapons are available in 10 colors that you can customize therefore hurry and grab them by clicking this page.

33. Gorgeous and Authentic Blue Eyes

authentic blue eyes sims4 1 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

For those who are in love with blue eyes, we’ve got this awesome mod that will make them appear more real and real. 

If you’re bored of creating blue-eyed Sims and want to change them, the CC includes brown and green variations to break up the monotony. 

To get a simple and quick download to download, go to this link.

32. Genuine and Vibrant Green Eyes

authentic green eyes 1 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

We have here this green-colored version of real-life eyes created by Ms. Blue. The vibrant color is breathtaking and is eerie and fascinating! 

Eye CCs in general are extremely popular, having over 100,000 downloads. So why not join the ranks of the crowd and get this mod using this direct URL?

31. Genuine and Firm Grey Eyes

authentic grey eyes 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

For a complete set, here you’ll see the grey version of these stunning eye mods. 

In grey, the eyes are strong If you own such eyes on your Sim then you’ll want to install have them! The download link for quick downloads will be right here.

30. Sims Four Secretive Eyes of Avery

secretive avery eyes 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

If you’re looking to enjoy beautiful games with other people We suggest these sly eyes!

The mod is a favorite of loners or adventurous Sims however we’re confident that you’ll be able to make them work on anyone. 

The official source for this CC can be found at yuumia.blogspot.com and you can download it from here.

29. Mesmerizing BabyDoll Eyes – N153

babydoll eyes 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Okay, stop! You can forget everything about every Sims 4 mod and take the time to admire these stunning eyes created by Pralinesims! 

They shimmer with real life and are our preferred eye mod in the game. We recommend downloading these via the following page and then enjoying the game at home, too.

28. Beautiful and Bright Eyes

bright eyes 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Sightlysims has plenty to offer. His approach is more colorful and introverted, but even so, these eyes are truly amazing. 

They are available in 15 distinct custom-designed colors and are captivating. Already downloaded more than 330,000 times. Get them by clicking this page.

27. Hypnotizing Cosmic Eyes – N158

cosmic eyes sims4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Why not be in the middle of beauty with these cosmic eyes? Each of the 30 shades is based on a distant reality and one could be captivated just by looking at them. 

Go to The Sims Resource to find out more details or download the CC in a flash by clicking right here.

26. Sims 4 Alluring and Darling Angel Eyes

darling angle eyes sims4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

The process of becoming attractive has never been simpler than right now! Have a look at the stunning mod and make your own decision! 

We love this CC close to our hearts and offer an easy download link. The official source for this CC is The Sims Resource.

25. Aqua Trigger Eyes by Miss Ruby Bird

aqua trigger eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

There are 99 swatches available in this set that include 32 natural swatches as well as 22 swatches that have “central” homochromia.

The Aqua Trigger Eyes include default and non-default substitutes to Humans, Aliens, Vampires, and Mermaids. They’re all different levels of smooth, cute, and clear.

At first glance, the eyes appear to be nothing distinct from EA base eyes used in games. But their subtlety is their main selling factor.

However, you’ll need to install the pack and test the results for yourself!

24. The Intuition Eye Set from Simandy

intuition eyes set 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Returning in Maxis Match Town, this mod is yet another rather large collection of standard replacement eyes by Sandy.

The program includes all aspects with substitutes that are the default for all genders and kinds of pets and every type of Occult Sim.

There’s a lot of the package there to unpack(minimum 51 swatches and that’s not even counting The Human Eye Add-Ons). 

23. Spin State Eyes by RemusSirion

spin state eyes 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

From the same designer of the earlier item comes another pair of seductive, sharp, and super-realistic eyes.

The Spin State eyes are as precise as those of Holobiont eyes of the past however in a different manner.

The outer rims appear blurred and smudged and give them a more soft and more open-eyed look. The pupil is also somewhat more defined. 

There are a few unexpected colors in the swatches, however. I was quite amazed by how well they performed in-game.

22. “Holobiont Eyes” by RemusSirion

holobiont eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

These are semi-realistic and borderline hyper-realistic eyes with these round, extremely detailed 3D appearances to their eyes. 

As the outer edge blurs away into the sclera and the pupil doesn’t have the clearly defined and outlined circular shape in the middle, and the eye’s iris.

21. Soft Eyes by Squeamishsims

soft eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Although I like the striking eyes of foxy eyes, I truly love the way soft, matter 2D-ish eyelashes look when playing games.

Gentler eyes seem to look more attractive outside of all the lighting in CAS.

(Of course, it may be my settings for graphics).

Anyway! Here’s another soft eye modification I strongly recommend.

Just take a look at the preview images to appreciate how smooth the eyes appear. The eyes are hand-drawn with that feeling that I enjoy. 

20. ND Demon Eyes V/3 (+Heterochromia) N144 by Pralinesims

nd demon eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Demons might not be an official Occult Sim (yet!) in the TS4. However, that doesn’t mean that we Simmers aren’t allowed to play the role of a Simmer.

There are plenty of mods to complete and, in the end, we’re all busy.

Check out the chilled Demon Eyes from Pralinesims, for instance.

They’re incredibly creepy and borderline graphic and are available in heterochromatic colors.

This CC creator was a genius. She put her information to good use.

19. Nebula 10 Alien Eyes by Kellyhb5

nebula eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

A third Alien-centric eye mod, to add some spice.

While those Lacune eyelashes of earlier weren’t designed specifically to be used by Aliens These delicious eyes with galaxy patterns are designed specifically for alien designs.

In reality, they were initially designed for Non-Default Alien eyes. However, after a little feedback, the creator was gracious enough to make eyes for the pathetic Terran Sims.

18. Lacune Eyes by Y-Sim

lacune eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

The Lacune Eyes by Y-Sim are designed for Sims from the universe.

No pupil or iris, just of the sclera, and indifferent bright colors! It’s hard to imagine that it’s weird or scary, but it’s not. 

If you’re looking to create a fantasy or sci-fi environment, I’d say it’s completely perfect.

Beautiful, even. It gives that kind of sparkling Bambi-like appearance on the Sim in the question.

17. Zero Eyes N94 by Pralinesims

zero eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Another collection from Pralinesims. These are available from the Ultimate Eye Collection or download them on their own. This is my suggestion.

The Zero Eyes are similar to Luas_Sims’ Mermaid Eyes.

There isn’t any visible pupil. There is a wide color iris and some strategically placed shadows to give greater depth. 

The rim is a bit blurred, creating an elegant, seamless appearance on the surface of the sclera. 

It’s not quite as “wide-eyed or innocent” as Luas_Sims’ Mermaid Eyes however it’s equally stunning.

16. Shine Bright by Simandy

shine bright ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

This mod resembles an update of Luz’s eyes from before but with slightly softer. Yes, it’s from the same designer.

These eyes are as beautiful just like their original counterparts. Same gentle gradient, same defined catchlight, same quaint, 2D-animation style.

Apart from the size of the pupil that’s one of the things you’ll be noticing the eyes appear softer, particularly around the edges as well as the way that the colors of the iris blend into one another.

15. The Luz Eyes of Simandy

luz eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

This is another personal favorite of mine.

The Luz eyes are soft and attractive, and not too far from the standard EA eyes. I’ll say that they’re more detailed and have a subtle sparkle, particularly in the area around the pupil.

It’s a re-creation of TS4’s cartoon however in a subtle and refined manner. 

This is a fantastic choice for Simmers who like Maxis Match modded content that includes subtle tweaks on its graphics.

14. Butterfly Effect Eyes by Pralinesims

butterfly effect ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

these have stunningly vibrant and shiny eyes that match the description ” wide-eyed wonder” perfectly.

Each swatch features similar highlights and shines with two or three wild cards to account for shade or color differences.

The mod has 30 colors, the majority of them are soft, natural shades. 

Additionally, it comes with this amazing heterochromia option that lets you change the color of one eye. 

13. EYES Ultimate Collection from Pralinesims

ultimate eye collection ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

It’s another hugely big mod by Pralinesims. It’s a different concept and it’s a sure thing. However, it’s as impressive as the eye kit that they made themselves.

This mod is essentially a curated file (or file) of each Eye mod Pralinesims has ever created. Ever.

At the time of writing, it’s the total number of files at 232 including swatches.

There are four components of this collection together, with corrections for your Sims as well as Pets default eyes concerning the Sims 4 The Eco Lifestyle patch.

12. In Our Talons Catchlight Overlays by Pyxis

in our talons ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Pyxis’s catchlight overlays work similarly to cab’s Sparkle Highlights. They let you create more highlights – or sparkles – to your eyes (be they just plain EA eyes or any other).

The main distinction between the mods and Acab’s is the level of intensity.

There are 28 different possible designs and angles for catchlights.

This mod lets you add them seven times.

11. 17 Eyes Non-Default by Vesim

17 eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

Here’s Vesim’s non-default eyes mod which introduces 17 new eyes colors to the game.

This is among the mods that are the least tame and is arguably one of the most loyal to EA default EA eyes.

The pupils are of the same dimensions like the TS4 ones and the overall design is a true representation of the semi-cartoony style. 

This is a great option for players who want new and interesting colors but, do not wish to dramatically alter the basic game design.

10. DI(eye) Eye – DIY Kit made by Pralinesims

diy eye 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

This is among the most innovative mods I’ve come across.

I’ll begin my review by stating that this mod comes with 935 samples.

What Pralinesims did was give players the ability to design any type of eye they wished. 

That’s why there’s “DIY” that is in the name. 

In this modification, you start with a base color. 

Then, you can choose the addition of a secondary or third color, based on the style you’re looking for.

You can also change the color of your sclera, add some cool-o eyes, and finally complete the look with highlights, catchlights, or even eye gloss.

The eyes that are the base can be found in the Face Paint or Eyes as non-defaults.

9. See-Through Pupils by Cowboy

seethrough eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

The concept behind this technique is rather unconventional. 

It’s a Sims 4 eye mod that contains eight unusually shaped pupils. 

It’s x-shaped or heart-shaped, rectangular, swirling, and more – you’ll notice it after installing it. 

It’s like I said, unusual.

The pupils are all only one hue (black) without an associated Iris.

This is why you could place these eyes over the eyes by laying them over their default (or not-default) eyes to get this bizarre, yet satisfying effect.

Like the other mods on this list, it’s almost like wearing cartoon-like or graphic contact lenses.

Making iris overlays instead of full eye swatches offers players endless possibilities for combinations and options depending upon the mods for their eyes that they are using.

8. Animal Eyes (21) from Velouriah

animal eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

This is the ideal illustration of a brilliant idea that was successfully executed.

It adds animal eye possibilities for Sims of any gender, of all age groups (yes even toddlers can get eyes!) as well as all kinds of species (as in the case of Vampires and Mermaids had more eyes to be cool, surely?).

7. Mermaid Eyes (Eyes 001) by Luas Sims

laus sims mermaid eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

“Mermaid” is an appropriate description for these gorgeous peepers.

They’re as raging and stunning as ripples on the water’s surface. 

Like white foam waves that crash upon the shore.

They’re likely made to look similar to them, too.

The absence of highlighters, catchlights, or gloss makes the eyes appear pretty matte. 

Just for fun, I overlayed the green color using Acab’s Sparkly Eye Highlights (from #4) to see how the eyes will appear with highlights. 

6. Rosaline Eyes from Acab

rosaline eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

They give me bizarre visions of sci-fi and fantasy.

Perhaps it’s the bright pupils. 

Perhaps it’s the unorthodox color combinations that somehow work.

Whatever the reason, this eye is extraterrestrially breathtaking.

If that’s the story of your Sim and you want to emulate it, this mod is the one for you.

It comes with nine different shades, each of different shades, and is compatible.

5. Hameln and Renee Eyes of Mei

hamlen and renee eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

This mod is a TS4 conversion of the existing TS2 Eye mods. 

It’s definitely one of my top choices on this page.

Take a look at how brilliant the eyes are! 

This CC comes with its own distinctive pattern, with a scattering of highlights Four dots of light in the middle, and soft edges that aren’t so well-defined. 

They are available in 12 unique shades.

The Hameln versions have a clear and defined rim, huge pupils, and big, brightly colored irises. 

The Hameln comes with a stunning 42 original color selection.

I’d think that Hameln is more sharp, sharp-eyed, and attentive. Renee is delicate, wide-eyed, and quiet. 

If the eyes are the windows of a sim’s innermost soul the eyes are the most attractive windows that you must download.

I suggest getting both. They do not default anyway, so they’re unlikely to clash with other mods for the eye.

4. Sparkling Eye Highlights with Acab

sparkling eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

If you feel that your default EA eyes could use some more shine Don’t be concerned. I completely understand.

Believe me in saying this Sparkle Eye Highlights mod is precisely what you require.

It provides you with 30 ways to control how much the light hits the eyes of your Sim and precisely the spot the light bounces. 

This allows you to ensure that they are as bright, sparkling, and bright-eyed as you’d like to make them.

The highlights are basically eye overlays. This means they work with EA default EA eyes (base game-compatible) and with various eye mods that are not EA-compatible. 

In addition, the 30 different variations provide lots of opportunities to mix, match and create stunningly unusual combinations.

3. Set of Abnormal Eyes by Glaza

abnormal eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

The eyes might be the farthest thing from real (and they’re quite far from being semi-realistic as well) however it’s not hard to see how fascinating they look.

Some look like circles with a very unique design.

Others appear to be movie makeup and CGI. They’re all distinct and I’m able to declare that I’ve never found a similar set of swatches.

There are 16 variants of these eyes. It’s impossible in my life to classify the shades. I’ll say there’s one swatch of gorgeous green glass eyes.

2. Mermaid Eyes with Glow, BlackSclera Glow+BlackSclera by Merkaba

mermaid eyes glow ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

If you’ve ever tried creating an Occult Sim You’ll know that the complete customizing to your character’s “other model” is the best part of the experience.

I’ll admit that the basic choices for games with Occult Eyes are quite interesting, particularly when it comes to Vampires.

This mod from Merkaba makes the game fairer slightly by making a couple of Vampire dark form eye designs available for Mermaid forms to choose from as well. 

The eye options available are

(1) the eerie eyelids that glow

(2) the moderately creepy eyes with black sclera as well as the mixture of the two

(3) glowing eyes with black sclera.

I believe this is a really cool design to use.

It doesn’t bring completely customized features to play. It just unlocks a few cosmetic options for other occult creatures. 

It is possible to download one of the three versions or all three in order to provide your Sim with some new and exciting eyes.

1. Polaroid Eyes by Acab

polaroid eyes ts4 35 Best Sims 4 Eye Mods & CC Packs

The Polaroid Eyes created by Acab are defined as “seven realistic eyes” to add to your Sim.

And I absolutely am with you! They’re just the right mix of shiny, soft, and sparkling.

The baby blues and green versions are particularly captivating. 

The remaining four swatches are in strikingly unique hues (you are the ones you can only see within 2 percent of the population) within the pupil area and around the outer rings.

They’re compatible with base games in that they look stunning even in vanilla settings as well as the original EA skin blend.

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