16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

We live in a world full of terrifying possibilities.

Cockroaches, credit card debt, politicians that are crooked, nuclear war, natural disasters, and the list goes on.

Without abstract worries, life would be rather bleak.

Now, if the supernatural is involved, we can only hope we brought enough holy water to drink.

I find it easy to ignore ghosts and evil poltergeists since they lack a physical body.

It’s the best-case scenario that you get dragged out of bed and made to wet the floor.

Demons, on the other hanD, they’re in a league of their own.

Creepy stories, myths, and films all point to the same conclusion: these monsters are the epitome of evil.

If you’re tired of playing a nice Sim, you may unleash your inner demon with these great demon-themed mods and CC packs.

16. Lifebinder Alexstrasza Horns

lifebinder1 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

These horns from another world are a must-have for any gothic or macho sim.

This set is more than just horns; it’s an entirely new costume option for male and female characters alike.

Alexstrasza’s infamous ears, horns, cloak, and tiara are all included in the full Lifebinder Alexstrasza Horns CC kit, which was inspired by Alexstrasza of Heroes of the Storm.

No other color options are available, however, players can choose to customize solely her horns and crown.

15. Long Tongue

16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC Mods 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Some aspect of a demon’s anatomy allows for an absurdly lengthy tongue.

Perhaps it’s a useful characteristic that has evolved to help them devour kids more rapidly.

Perhaps they feel threatened by snakes or envious of adorable tree frogs.

Either way, it’s creepy and should serve as a warning sign to your Sim’s date, thus it’s the ideal accessory for driving away mere mortals.

14. Demon Claws

Demon Claws 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

If a demon encounters a human or another living creature, they can easily put them to death.

One method is by impaling their victims with their sharp claws (which are mostly humans).

Work in this area is often dirty.

But it serves its purpose and presents a graphic gore fest that elevates demons to the status of supernatural A-listers.

You can choose from 26 colors that would make any manicurist swoon while keeping your Sim’s claws as sharp as knives with this CC.

13. Eyeshadow #16 Apocalypse

Eyeshadow 16 Apocalypse 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

There’s no question that sinners would enjoy using a glittery cosmetic with a name like the “Apocalypse” eyeshadow pallet.

Make your Sims look as sinister as Marilyn Manson did by giving them his signature look.

12. Demon Eyes N04

Demon Eyes N04 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

It’s either a sign of unconsciousness or demonic possession when a person’s eyes start to roll back in their head.

The presence of a pair of completely white eyes in a human population is a rarity.

In any case, if you do that, your pants will inevitably leak.

These creepy eye overlays by Pralinesims will give your Sims the look of death.

11. Demon Feet

TS4DemonFoot2018 09 15 17 26 18 16 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Many words and pictures have been spent describing what a devil looks like.

Fangs, horns, bat wings, and cloven hooves have all made appearances in recent centuries, although these characteristics are subject to change.

Do not assume that because cloven hooves appear harmless that they are in fact safe.

They are akin to a demonic seal.

Demon Feet CC by Natalia-Auditore is the perfect addition if you’re planning on making your Sim look like a demon.

10. Nightcrawler Tail

Nightcrawler Tail 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Only mutants with Azazel as their demonic parent may grow a Nightcrawler Tail.

X-Men member Kurt Wagner may not have wanted to look like his father, but his pointed tale and shockingly beautiful blue skin make up for it.

This Nightcrawler Tail CC by NotEgain will allow your Sim to mutate into a mutant-demon chimaera.

9. Oni Genji Mask

Oni Genji Mask 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Japan is not only the birthplace of anime and Super Mario, but also a vast repository of folklore around yokai, or demons.

The yokai are typically represented with a horny head, saber-toothed fangs, and an expression of annoyance not unlike the grumpy cat meme.

Oni masks, such as this CC, are used to ward off yokai in order to protect the wearer.

Another possible purpose is to discourage kids from eating too much Halloween candy.

8. Pastel Ram Horns

Pastel Ram Horns 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Images of the devil can take many terrifying shapes.

However, a Sim with Pastel Ram Horns has to take the cake for most bizarre.

Death and blood are good for a demon’s growth, but brightly colored7. 

Horns Pack aren’t nearly as terrifying.

If your Sim is just hanging out bad, there’s no need to go all out; a cute, sinister appearance would do just fine.

7. Horns Pack

Horns Pack 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

It’s possible that this Horns Pack CC is a better option for your aspiring demonic dictator than the pastel-colored ram horns that come standard.

This CC by gerbithats provides you with a wider range of horn lengths and sizes to achieve your desired demonic appearance.

Add some bat ears and a bat nose for more fright value.

6. Demon Teeth

Demon Teeth 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

There’s a special place in hell for everything that looks like Nemesis from Resident Evil 3.

This Demon Teeth CC is a monster amalgamation straight out of Resident Evil, with characteristics of both zombies and piranhas.

I don’t know what else to say other that it sounds like the work of the devil.

5. Skull Mask

Skull Mask 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

When swearing loyalty to Satan, the skull of an animal with antlers as long as a tree limb seems about suitable.

This cultish accessory has the kind of menacing air that would make it a good fit for serial killers, mass murders, or any other evil character you can think of.

If your Sim sees one of them in the woods, it could perhaps have a heart attack and die.

4. Spider Wings and Mouth

00 featured spider wings and mouth demon cc preview 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Although an interesting figure, Black Widow fails to instil terror in men because she is too beautiful and human-appearing.

Natalia-creepy-crawly Auditore’s CC is every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare and every Sim demon’s greatest advantage.

Spider wings (like Spider-Instant Man’s Kill mode in Avengers: Endgame) and a “spider’s mouth” (more akin to a Predator’s) are included in the package.

When put together, it’s like a spider demon right out of hell.

3. Chernobog Wings

Chernobog Wings 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Chernobog is a Slavic deity who is the God of Evil (go figure!) and, if there is such a thing as Demons for Dummies, you’ll learn all about him in no time.

Chernobog is a well-known god, having made cameo appearances in both the Marvel canon and Disney’s Fantasia.

Chernobog has several wicked features, while looking like a basic video game boss.

Because of his bat wings, he looks like the Devil’s spitting image.

Chernobog Wings CC, available in 23 colour variations, will take your Sims’ demonic style to new heights.

2. Angel & Demon Traits

MTS Simsbunny19 1732642 11 20 17 9 16 57PM 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

To hell with the Ten Commandments; it’s time to give your Sim some demonic qualities!

This mod will inspire your Sim to live a life of crime, spreading the message of the dark side and praising a life of crime as though it were the pinnacle of success.

Keep in mind, it takes the whisper of a demon to convince you that someone is actually evil.

It’s up to your Sim to become the town’s resident villain.

1. Death Angels Modpack

01 death angels modpack sims 4 cc 16 Best Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods

Do you ever feel that your Sim could do a better job at death than the Grim Reaper?

The Death Angels Modpack by neilsimming gives you the ability to make that happen.

Included in this large collection are the main mod, CAS items, gameplay and non-gameplay objects, and a new mission to achieve Death Angel status.

Once you’ve reached the pinnacle of power, your Sim will gain access to new features by killing other Sims and collecting their souls.


After this, your Sims will be emotionless.

But now you have the opportunity to turn them into a murdering machine and get rewarded for it; a scheme so vile it deserves punishment in hell.

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