25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

For the girl who appeared nice on the outside but was potentially homicidal on the inside, the word “yandere” was created.

Whether you want them to or not, these psycho anime girls will adore you forever.

There are a lot of spoilers in this article because Psycho Anime Girls don’t always show how crazy they are right away.

25. Misaki Nakahara from Welcome to the NHK

Psycho Anime Girls

Misaki embodies everything that makes a sweet girl next door.

Even though she is codependent, sneaky, and a liar, she can convince a shut-in named Tatsuhiro that she can help him change his hikikomori way of life.

When Tatsuhiro doesn’t reciprocate her sentiments, she escalates her pathological need for confirmation and tries to jump off a cliff.

24. Misa Amane from Death Note

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Misa appears to be a feisty idol whose only mistake was falling in love with the egotistical Light Yagami, but she is not as innocent as she would have her admirers believe.

She is both cunning and capable of murder to protect the person she loves.

Misa’s unstable approach to dating is almost comprehensible given her traumatic past.

23. Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui

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An intriguing anime about gambling with a… peculiar view on gambling is Kakegurui.

The stakes are great, but Yumeko won’t care because she is quite wealthy!

She is such a wealthy, psycho anime girl and gambler that she doesn’t distinguish between losing 300 thousand yen and losing 300 billion yen!

She may be wealthier than anyone presently residing on Earth, including Bezos.

Yumeko is also pretty mad, literally becoming sucked into gambling, wagering human life against money, etc.

She becomes more ecstatic when the stakes are higher and can lose herself in a game to the point where she doesn’t even notice her surroundings.

22. Kaede Fuyou from SHUFFLE!

Kaede Kayano 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Kaede made several attempts to assassinate the love of her life as a child because she held him responsible for the accident that claimed the lives of her parents.

She dedicates her life to being Rin’s live-in wife despite her remorse, and he permits it out of concern for her emotional stability.

When Kaede has the audacity to date someone else, he goes into full Psycho Anime Girl mode. She attacks Rin’s partner, cooks invisible meals, and hides in scary places under bridges when it rains.

She proclaims her love for Rin at the end of the series, and everyone acts like it isn’t terrifying.

21. Ophelia from Claymore

11 ophelia claymore anime 2 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

In her heart, Kotonoha is a sweet Psycho Anime girl. She simply can’t take the fact that her partner is a jerk who cheats on her twice (or three times, four times, etc.) and seeks to end their relationship.

When he leaves her for Sekai (with whom he is also cheating), she begins sneaking about his house and descends further and farther into madness.

When Discotek releases the DVD collection, you can watch how everything turns out.

To put it frankly, the last episode of this show was stopped from airing because the storyline was thought to be too similar to an actual ax murder.

20. Nanako Saeki from Flowers of Evil

168045 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Takao’s ostensibly ideal girlfriend Saeki is quite accommodating about him donning her workout clothes.

Saeki becomes increasingly upset as Takao’s friendship with the troubled Sawa deepens.

Before Saeki’s true colors emerge, the anime concludes with Takao’s effort to flee into the mountains.

More arguments between the two occur, including one at Takao’s makeshift clubhouse that firmly establishes Saeki as one of the worst individuals ever.

Saeki receives bonus points for being particularly gross because, in contrast to the other characters on the list, she isn’t from a realm of death gods, didn’t have her parents killed, or belongs to the mob.

She is disturbed because of how peaceful her life is otherwise.

19. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary

Yuno Gasai 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Yuno easily captures the title of Worst Girlfriend of the Year.

Yuno’s boyfriend Yuki exhibits classic symptoms of Stockholm syndrome after she kidnaps and mistreats him, threatens to kill his friends (then really does), and makes a vow to go to any lengths to be with him.

I suppose she fulfills that promise, so at least she isn’t lying. The details matter.

18. Sekai Saionji from School Days 

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She is best characterized as sweet and upbeat. She even goes out of her way to support Makoto, her crush and future sweetheart, in his attempts to approach Kotonoha, the girl he is chasing.

Although they are mostly positive, she is ruled by her emotions, which can make her unstable and extremely loudmouthed at times.

Despite being petite and adorable, she can mercilessly reject any suitors who are not Makoto. She is adorable while taking a stand.

17. Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta: A Boring World

Anna nishik 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Anna is the beloved child of highly esteemed parents. They are highly powerful and enforce stringent public rules.

Anna as a result assumes a similar responsibility. She speaks softly and is innocent, despite being the president of the student council.

She is tough, headstrong, and tenacious, though. She used all methods necessary to remove any items from the school, sometimes even using filthy or disgusting language.

Her strong sense of just getting things done is no match for her soft-spoken personality.

16. Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

17 akane hiyama love tyrant anime 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Not… She’s a yandere, but her profound love for Seiji has turned her into a Psycho Anime Girl.

So, I assume she’s a yandere… But if you try to date Seiji, she would only attack you. She’ll only murder you because you harmed Seiji!

Akane is likewise prepared to stab… herself in the name of Seiji. What about Seiji himself?

She’s a former angel!

Seriously, this is an angel? Guri was even stabbed! The offspring of God and the Devil (kind of)!

What a stabby little woman she is.

She doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t Seiji or someone she stabs.

For instance, Yuzu, is madly in love with this lunatic. And “this lunatic” isn’t interested in her.

Yuzu eventually falls for Seiji, because of course she does.

15. Katsura Kotonoha from School Days

Katsura Kotonoha 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

As quiet and reserved as they come, Katsura is. She is stunning, which turns off many women.

She is now timid and distrustful of boys as a result of it.

Her more restrained and cautious demeanor belies her true fighting abilities when the going gets tough.

She has a strong character, which her beauty does a good job of hiding.

14. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto

Kaguya Otsutsuki Naruto 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Originally a nice and compassionate person, Kaguya Kaguya had turned despotic and had both a god complex and a messiah complex after ingesting the fruit of Kaguya.

Corrupted by power, she lost trust in mankind and began creating white Zetsu from her people.

Kaguya chose to utilize her dreadful power to subjugate everyone as a result of her loss of confidence in mankind.

13. Ayase Aragaki from Oreimo

Ayase Aragaki 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Ayase is a sweet and amiable model that collaborates with Kirino and is friends with her.

She despises lying so much that she frequently loses her cool and acts violently when she feels someone may be lying to her.

She dislikes anime and, based on news reports, thinks that watching anime makes otaku criminals.

This viewpoint causes her to modify her relationships with friends and the people she loves.

12. Belarus from Hetalia: Axis Powers

Belarus 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Belarus’s history is intertwined with those of her brothers, Russia and Ukraine. She is innocent and youthful, and in a manner, she is in love with Russia, her brother, who does not reciprocate.

But even though she publicly despises him, Lithuania adores her. She gives off the impression of being extremely docile and young, but below there lurks a nasty, insane woman. Some think she has bipolar disorder.

When they are out on a date, she lashes out ferociously and even breaks all of Lithuania’s fingers.

She loves the occult and always has a knife with her. Her wild personality in no way corresponds to her innocent and charming exterior.

11. Takami Minatsuki from Deadman Wonderland

Minatsuki Takami anime 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Yoh Takami and a Deadman Hummingbird have three children, with Minatsuki being the youngest. She had a troubled childhood and past.

Many people assume she is a young child who rejects violence and turns away from her past. This is not the case, though.

She’s a depraved person who enjoys watching other people suffer.

She creates whips from the blood of her ears and uses them to hit and restrain captives to demonstrate her ferocity and sadism. Her Branch of Sins is these.

She is one of the more malevolent figures around, but she does a great job of hiding it under her outward demeanor.

10. Shouko Kirishima from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Shouko Kirishima 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Shouko comes out as reserved and soft-spoken. She represents the class and is very intelligent. She has a serious crush on Yuuji.

Her insane side is brought forth by this obsession. She is possessive and demanding.

She would frequently jab his eyes to make his eyesight hazy if she caught him staring at girls.

To keep him close to her, she has turned to chains and locks.

If she thinks he is being disloyal, she may even taser him. She attempts to file a marriage certificate for the two of them at one point, but it is rejected since she is too young.

She serves as a good illustration of how possessiveness combined with love may go wrong.

9. Nadeko Sengoku from Monogatari Series

KoiSengoku 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

The show’s lead character is Nadeko. Snake Nadeko She is modest and reserved. She crouches down to almost cover her eyes and hides behind her bangs.

One day, when she shoves them aside, she flashes a gaze resembling a serpent, revealing an entirely different part of her personality that no one could have ever anticipated.

He has a lot of power because he is the leader of the Generation of Miracles. Akashi is in charge and has a winning attitude, but he also reveres and respects his team and supporters.

He is divided into two personalities during middle school, and neither one is tolerant of others who disagree with him or denigrate him.

He obtains a new rule: No one is allowed to look him in the eyes unless they obey him or gain his respect.

Thanks to his two very different sides, he changes from being polite and thoughtful to bbecruel and violent.

8. Shion and Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Shion Sonozaki Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni 1 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Shion is the Sonozaki family’s second child. To attend family meetings and prepare to lead the family, she and her twin, Mion, frequently switch places.

But on the day when Mion, the firstborn, was scheduled to get the branded demon tattoo, the twins wound up switching places.

As a result, the incorrect sister became known for always being the boss. Mion creates a tomboy identity and uses skill and a little bit of cheating to win games at the club.

This, however, cannot be understood in light of her official and accountable position as the family’s head.

Even though she still loves Shion as a twin, her severity is shown when she makes Shion rip out three of her fingernails.

7. Asakura from Haruhi Suzumiya

RyokoSHnS 01 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

So Ryoko Asakura presents herself as an outgoing and bright high school student. She is also running for class president.

Nobody is aware of her true identity until she reveals it herself. She is a Data Overmind Humanoid Interface.

She is not as cheery and nice as she appears to be, and she has terrible intentions. Darker ambitions have taken the place of her formerly popular and upbeat personality.

She is Yuki’s backup, and she struggles with human empathy just like him.

She does, however, have social abilities that enable her to blend in and make herself invisible. She is a clever calculator and kills without hesitation.

6. Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Hange Zoe Attack on Titan 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Hange, sometimes known as Hanji, is a strange scientist. She is in charge of Titan research and the brains behind some of the anti-titan weaponry, including fatal technologies such as thunder spears.

However, beneath her spectacles and cheerful ddemeanoris her insane mentality; Hange is a lunatic girl!

It was evident when Hange gave Djel Sannes a wild smile, warning him of the terrible suffering Hange would bring him for what he ddidto Hange’s buddy, Minister Nick.

It continued when Hange smirked and sarcastically joked with Sannes throughout his torment at the hands of Hange and Levi Ackerman. There’s something seriously wrong with this chick!

5. Rebecca Lee from Black Lagoon

Revy Black Lagoon 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Revy is a stunning purple-haired mercenary with a big mouth and some anger control issues! She is a harsh lady with no conscience who is ready to kill anyone at the least provocation.

She murders even unarmed individuals in cold blood!

This insane girl takes sadistic joy in murdering everybody she fights or simply for fun. To put it another way, she’s ideal for this list.

4. Medusa from  Fate/stay night

Medusa 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

In reality, Medusa is a helpful and considerate person. However, she is a cunning and ruthless person in real life.

Mother to Crona and a witch, she tricks Crona into thinking it’s okay for them to take any soul they choose and even goes so far as to cast a spell on Crona when she starts to doubt herself.

She works as a nurse and teacher at Shibusen, but she also accesses records and conducts research on the pupils to determine which ones have the potential to become Kishin, demon gods.

She doesn’t feel anything when she uses anyone or any method to get what she wants. When she is not hidden, she is rather frightful and hides millions of snakes inside her body that are ready to carry out her orders.

3. Rena Ryuuguu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Rena Ryuuguu 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

Rena epitomizes cuteness. She even has an obsession with cute things and collects anything she can. She is innocent and nice, and she is happiest while collecting and looking for hidden treasure.

When she sees anything she likes, she is known for saying, “I want to take it home!” But when she is in this frame of mind, she gains speed and strength in a fun way.

Rena’s friend Mion cautions that although she is cute, she can be terrifying when angry and should not be crossed.

2. Yuki Takeya from Gakkou Gurashi!

Yuki Takeya Gakkou Gurashi 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

All you see when you look at Yuki Takeya is an angle.

She does, however, have a secret; she suffers from a mental disorder known as Psychosis.

She was so terrified during the zombie outbreak that she made up her own illusions that her classmates were still alive and that the outbreak never happened.

1. Mika Harima from Durarara!!

22 mika hirama durarara anime 25 Psycho Anime Girls of All Time

During the Raira Academy admission tests, Mika falls in love with Seiji while sitting next to him and Mikado. After the tests are finished, she starts gathering details about Seiji.

When Seiji protects Mika and a friend, Anri, from a group of bullies, the situation worsens, but this just feeds Mika’s obsession with Seiji, leading her to begin stalking him.

Nobody is completely aware of the lengths to which this calm girl will go to obtain what she wants because of her passive demeanor and stillness, which conceal her compulsive nature beneath.

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