21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Since Generation I, Game Freak has gotten better at generating shiny Pokémon.

In terms of product development, Gen VIII is the most impressive thing that the firm has done so far.

There are no abominations to speak of, but there are no great outstanding shining competitors to speak of either (looking at you, Kyogre).

Here are some of the more eye-catching Galarian Pokémon from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas to get you started.

21. Wooloo

452 4520384 wooloo pokemon evolution hd png download 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

The black sheep, do you have any wool?

This gleaming rendition brings the classic children’s song to life.

For a change, the glossy version has black hair and a white face instead of white hair and gray braids.

Despite its little stature, fans have fallen in love with this sheep Pokémon.

It’s spherical, fluffy, and full of life. Other than that, what more is there?

Fortunately, Wooloo’s shine was made amazing by Game Freak as well.

It now resembles a black sheep and has remained loyal to its original coloration (unlike several other Pokémon, which have received neons and other bizarre color schemes).

20. Drednaw

20 shiny drednaw gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Is Drednaw merely a knockoff of Blastoise? Yes.

Despite the fact that it looks great, I’m only putting it here in my rankings because its color palettes are “influenced” by the Gen I beginning.

Aside from that, there isn’t much else to say about Drednaw.

It’s as if Wartortle and Blastoise became extinct in the process of evolution.

That’s not necessarily a terrible thing, but it’s also not very original.

19. Eiscue

19 shiny eiscue pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

This Pokémon is something… unique.

This is by far the most perplexing design I’ve ever seen for a Pokémon.

I’ll be extremely impressed if you can shed any light on what’s going on here.

To be clear, I understand.

An ice cube with a penguin’s head is what you’re looking at.

I’m stumped as to why.

Even more so since its sparkling sprite is a bright shade of pink.

In other words, it makes no sense.

As a result, I’ve included it on the list.

Even though it looks fine, the actual joy of it comes from the sheer complexity of it.

18. Sirfetch’d

18 shiny sirfetchd gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Turning anything gold is the best approach to make it appear unique and priceless.

While Geodude is the first Pokémon I can recall getting the golden shining treatment back in the day, the look has persisted ever since.

Sirfetch’d now has a golden sheen to it, giving it a dashing appearance.

As it is, the bird has some resemblance to a knight.

As a result, the design becomes more than just a recolor when it is adorned with golden armor.

You should be proud that you came up with such a basic concept and made it so effective.

17. Falinks

17 shiny falinks pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Falinks’ standard color palette is far superior to that of its glossy counterpart.

While it may not be the finest color design in Pokémon history, it is one of the most fitting and one of the most (maybe) best color schemes.

It’s still worth a look because of its gleaming finish.

The dark brown adds a certain knightly air to the’mon, despite the lack of Spartan red and gold. An item that is prevalent throughout the eighth generation.

Simply told, it’s pleasing to the eye and inconspicuous.

Also, while it’s not very amazing, it’s a step up over many of the SWSH toys we received.

Even if this palette had been created during the reign of the ancient Persian Empire it would have been a big wasted opportunity.

16. Grimmsnarl

16 shiny grimmsnarl pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

One of the most disliked Pokémon of all time is Grimmsnarl.

This is one of the few imaginary creatures that I despise with all my heart.

Regardless of who determined this was worthy of a complete evolution line, I pray they never develop another Pokémon.

As a result, the color scheme employed by its shining appearance is rather appealing.

In order to preserve the look of Grimmsnarl’s genuine appearance, I’m selecting the colors.

Black and green are replaced with white and purple in an almost albino-like pattern.

I enjoy it when Pokémon designs are inspired by nature in this way.

As for the Pokémon, I’m not sure if this bipedal horror was the proper choice.

15. Rillaboom

15 shiny rillaboom gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Shiny Rillaboom is a major letdown.

A lot of the time, I’m disappointed with the results of the starters.

Even if the Rillaboom is shiny, this does not mean that it does not look good.

There was so much room for improvement.

In addition to that, I’ll grant that he’s a pretty sprite.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on.

A strange recoloring.

That’s all there is to it.

Do keep in mind that Decidueye in Generation VII was an amazing shiny, so I’m being tougher on Rillaboom than I should be because of that!

14. Grapploct

14 shiny grapploct pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Grapploct, as a shiny and a Pokémon in general, is vastly underappreciated.

The Game Freak crew had a stroke of genius with the wrestling octopus.

So how did this person and Grimmsnarl come from the same generation?

I don’t get it.

Instead of being blue, Grapploct’s sparkly sprite glows a vivid red.

Furthermore, it adds to the luchador-like aesthetic that is definitely the goal of this particular team.

Compared to Hawlucha, a Lucha Libre-inspired Shiny, Shiny Grapploct is in the same league.

13. Inteleon

13 shiny inteleon pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Inteleon is one of the best-looking Pokémon ever created.

It’s a sniper in real life. Just that.

Incredibly, that is.

The sparkling sprite, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to fit in at all.

Do you mean in any way?

I’m giving this color scheme a fair grade since I think it looks excellent.

If that’s the best you could come up with, I’m shocked.

For crying out loud, you have a sniper Pokémon.

A camouflage pattern or at least a green hue might have been used instead of these dazzling glowing colours by the Game Freak design team.

Is the Inteleon’s gleaming exterior appealing?


Is it possible to make it appear better?


12. Cinderace

12 shiny cinderace gen 8 pokemon 1 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Cinderace is the most attractive of the Galar starters, regardless of whether it is in its normal color scheme or a glossy one (fight me).

In addition, it’s the one with the most glimmer since it undergoes the least amount of alteration.

Truth be honest, that’s a lot to take in.

The most noticeable alteration is the brighter Cinderace.

The most noticeable color shift is this one.

To put it another way, it takes Cinderace from being a substitute for your local soccer team to a star player in the Premier League.

In contrast to the vast majority of former generations, Gen VIII does not have any particularly notable flashy starters.

Cinderace, though, is my personal fave.

11. Rapidash

11 shiny rapidash pokemon swsh 1 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

I was delighted to learn that Galarian Rapidash will be a unicorn.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it was a Shield-only item.

However, I got it through a trade.

The Dex was a long time in the making for me.

That alone should demonstrate my enthusiasm for this concept.

A little more creativity would have been nice, but I can’t complain.

As a result, the white and bubblegum blue combination looks fantastic and natural, while also making this feel like a genuinely unique color combination.

A unicorn Pokémon has been overdue for more than a decade.

Fortunately, the wait was well worth it.

10. Dubwool

10 shiny dubwool pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Obviously, it’s a rooster. Got it?

Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Fans of this sheepy boi will fall head over heels for his glossy new look.

What’s not to love, really?

9. Galarian Moltres

09 shiny galarian moltres pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

This entry and the two after it (guess which Pokémon they are?) are quite similar.

Moltres, a brightly colored Galarian, is the first of the three.

The original color scheme is somewhat superior, but not by much.

That’s saying something, considering that the original red and black design is based on my favorite color combination.

Colors for Shiny Galarian Moltres are based on its Kantonian counterpart.

I appreciate that it seems more like an evolution than a geographical variation, which is a positive thing in this instance.

Because I adore the original, Moltres has a lower ranking than the other legendary birds (spoiler alert? ).

This is something to keep in mind if you believe it’s prettier than the next two options.

8. Galarian Zapdos

08 shiny galarian zapdos gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Galarian Zapdos are not my cup of tea.

A fowl, to be sure.

Honestly, I’m sorry about that.

The shine, on the other hand, returns this creature to its natural yellow and black hues.

In addition, the gleaming surface lessens its ridiculousness—with a focus on insignificant.

Sprites of Zapdos seem like they’ve had enough of flying and have chosen to take a walk.

As someone who isn’t a huge fan of the idea of the regional legendary form, this is a huge advantage in my opinion.

All three of these iconic Galarian birds are shiny locked, just as a fun factoid.

However, they are not available for formal purchase.

Yet. In any case, at the time of this writing

For the time being, we can only watch in awe when they’re unveiled at some future occasion.

Alternatively, you may check out how other players have hacked or modified the game to obtain these items on YouTube.

7. Galarian Articuno

07 shiny galarian articuno gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Galarian Articuno rounds out the list.

I, too, favor the original color scheme for this chilly bird species over the one used for Moltres.

It’s inappropriate to compare it to the glossy form since it has its own life of its own.

It’s only a nod to the original Articuno’s color scheme, but the blue and white tones give the Galarian design a more refined look and feel.

A color switch is all it takes to transform a Pokémon’s appearance from one of diabolical mastermind to that of an esteemed ballerina.

Astonishing, yet deserved of praise.

6. Dragapult

06 shiny dragapult pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

My Dragapult is, in fact, gleaming.

And I’m going to take advantage of that.

My favorite Pokémon from SWSH is Dragapult.

That “stealth bomber dragon that kills its own progeny,” not only the finest notion for a design, but also an excellent example of how less is more in the case of shiny things, is what I’m getting at here.

Since I spent a week looking for one of them myself, I may be a bit prejudiced.

You can tell it’s glossy without it being overt or noticeable with only a simple yellow color change.

It’s conceivable that I’m just like that because I’m so proud of mine.

But, frankly, can you blame me?

5. Appletun/Flapple

05 shiny appletun flapple pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

I’ve talked a lot about Appletun’s gleaming exterior, so I’ll save you the details.

What was I thinking?

One of the most simple yet clever shine recolors I’ve ever come across.

At this point, I’ve looked into nearly every shiny Pokémon.

Every time you play, you’ll see a red apple turn green.

Just that.

In spite of this, it’s a really effective strategy.

There’s no one who can dispute that it isn’t an excellent concept.

For the most part, glossy Dex is littered with uninspiring recolors.

4. Corviknight

04 shiny corviknight gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Shiny Corviknight is here for the same reasons as the last entry: it looks amazing and it fits well with the theme.

Already, Corviknight is a formidable Pokémon.

In my opinion, it’s the finest bird-type starter path we’ve ever had.

The black feathers and crimson eyes give it a sinister appearance.

However, when the dazzling sprite transforms into a steel-colored sprite, it becomes something really unique.

Shiny Corviknight is the epitome of what a bird inspired by a knight should seem like.

Not only does the color scheme seem great, but the designers deserve praise for hiding the fact that the bird’s body and feathers are covered in armor.

Corviknight is one of Gen VIII’s best-designed Pokémon.

And the gleaming version is a perfect example of this.

3. Zamazenta

03 shiny zamazenta pokemon swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Even though Zamazenta isn’t one of the legendary shiny Pokémon on this list, it is nonetheless shiny-locked.

I’m simply a messenger, so don’t hold me responsible for what’s going on.

It’s still true, though, that there is a shinier version of it, which means we’ll receive it eventually.

Game Freak, on the other hand, has to get moving on that event quickly.

Because it’s awe-inspiringly beautiful.

Zamazenta’s initial steak-like hue just doesn’t go with the rest of the design.

This isn’t to suggest the original isn’t good, but the glossy version is far more appealing.

2. Zachian

02 shiny zachian gen 8 pokemon 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

Zachian, Zamazenta’s cool cousin and another example of a shiny locked Pokémon.

For Pokémon Sword’s legendary, not only is the idea (and design) superior, but its shiny sprite is also better than Pokémon Shield.

As his entire body becomes a chilly shade of blue, Zachian appears to be more of a ghost than an actual dog.

Without Game Freak’s insane shiny lock on so many Pokémon, you can bet that I would already have one of these in my possession right now.

The only thing we can do right now is sit back and wait.

1. Obstagoon

01 shiny obstagoon pokemon camp swsh 21 Best Gen 8’s Pokémon Sword & Shield Galar Shinies

I don’t think Obstagoon should be able to go as hard as it does.

It doesn’t matter that it’s a new evolution for an ancient Pokémon; its shiny sprite just doesn’t work.

That’s not entirely true, unfortunately.

It’s a fantastic tool.

This is not a trio of colors that I would ever put on a Pokémon, much alone one of them being white.

However, this design slaps, so I guess I don’t know much.

Shiny Obstagoon is keen for you to be aware of the rarity of its presence.

Normally, you don’t want it to happen.

While it is true that in this instance, it is.

Don’t bother asking me for answers or explanations on color theory.

Obstagoon is (arguably) the best-looking shiny from Generation VIII’s Pokémon Sword and Shield, and that’s all I have to say.

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