Pokemon is using AI powered by Japanese Chess to make its upcoming tournaments more beginner-friendly

The Pokemon Company said it will use AI to make the battles in its upcoming competition more interesting for viewers.

Automaton pointed out that The Pokemon Company just recently announced a relationship with the Japanese AI company HEROZ Corporation to make AI that is good at Pokemon Battles.

The new technology, Pokemon Battle Scope (PBS), is based on an AI from shogi (Japanese Chess) and is meant to make battles more fun to watch for people who aren’t in them.

As part of the game part of the Pokemon Dragon King Tournament 2024, which starts on February 25, Pokemon Battle Scope will be made available.

The AI is designed to help viewers who are unfamiliar with Pokemon battles follow along in real time. During battles, it will analyze the situation and make predictions based on factors like Pokemon types, traits, moves, items, weather, and fields.

A picture of what the new technology will look like for viewers is also included in the post. There are a lot of stats shown on-screen during the fight, as the “work in progress” picture below shows.

Automaton says that the UI shows things like how likely each contestant is to win, what they could do next, and how successful these moves will be if they are done properly.

The Dragon King Tournament will be livestreamed on YouTube on February 25, 2024, at 9AM JST, 12AM GMT, 7PM ET, and 4PM PT. This is when you can see the new Pokemon AI in action.


We’ve heard of AI being used in this way before. Konami said last week that it is testing AI for Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel.

The project was recently shown off at an event and was designed to make dueling more difficult, but it has “not yet been determined” if it will ever be implemented in the online trading card game.

Someone who used to be the Pokemon world champion says that Sword and Shield legendary Urshifu “completely breaks” the competition scene because of one move.

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