All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

The gods of the Pokemon world are the most powerful and important beings in the Pokemon world.

These beings are responsible for all life in the Pokemon world and keep the different dimensions of existence going.

It’s even stranger that kids could catch and control the beings who keep the universe going.

Even though these are the most powerful beings in Pokemon lore, some gods are better than others, either in terms of how powerful they are or how much they know and can do.

Most Pokemon gods are at least as powerful as each other, but there is one god who is stronger than all the others.

12. Egg

Pokemon God

In the legends about Pokemon, the first being was born from a single egg that was in the middle of nothing.

This egg hatched the first Pokemon god, Arceus, who made all life.

No one says where this egg came from or who made it. Even Arceus probably doesn’t know.

It’s possible that the writers don’t want fans to know this so they can come up with their own ideas.

A famous fan theory says that Satoshi Tajiri, who made Pokemon in the real world, is the one who made the egg.

If this idea is proven true, he will be the most powerful god of Pokemon.

11. Mesprit

mesprit uxie azelf All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Mesprit was made so that all living things on Earth could feel emotions.

The lore says that this Pokemon sleeps at the bottom of Lake Verity, but that its astral form goes to the top to look around.

Mesprit is in the second tier of gods, but they don’t have any big skills.

This Psychic-type Pokemon looks more like a fairy than a god. It looks like a mew with an extra tail, jewels, and a pink mop on its head.

It’s true that it’s in charge of feelings, but that doesn’t make it a scary Pokemon.

Mesprit first showed up at Level 50 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Its stats are well-balanced but, to my surprise, not very good.

There are 105 for Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense. At 80, both HP and Speed are a bit lower.

10. Kyogre

pokemon go kyogre thumbnail All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Kyogre is the lowest level of gods. He is in charge of the seas and can make them bigger by making it rain a lot.

This Pokemon’s unique ability, Drizzle, makes it rain on the battlefield. It looks like a whale with fingers on its fins.

Kyogre first showed up at Level 50 in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Only in Pokemon Sapphire could you get it.

It has good numbers, with Special Attack at 150 and Special Defense at 140, making it a special brawler.

Both its HP and Attack are average at 100, and both its Defense and Speed are fine at 90.

9. Groudon

How to Get Primal Groudon in Pokemon GO All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Kyogre’s opposite is Groudon, who is the master of the land. Legend has it that it can use magma to evaporate water and grow its territory.

After fighting Kyogre, it is said to have been sleeping in deep magma to heal.

It looks like a rocky dragon and is one of the most powerful god Pokemon in the games. Its shiny shape is beautiful, and if you’re a fan, you have to have it.

Groudon first showed up in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. At Level 50, you could catch it in Ruby. Groudon fights with its body, while Kyogre fights with its mind.

It has 150 Attack and 140 Defense. HP and Special Attack are both at 100, while Speed and Special Defense are at 90.

8. Rayquaza

Pokemon GO Rayquaza Raid Guide All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

This fierce Dragon-type Pokemon looks like a flying metal snake and rules the air. It is said to be in charge of guarding the Earth from meteors. This Pokemon is also very strong.

It stopped Groudon and Kyogre from fighting over who was in charge all by itself. Its main power, Airlock, can clear the battlefield of any weather and stop new weather patterns from forming.

Rayquaza is the strongest of the weather gods, and in Pokemon Emerald, you can catch it at Level 50. It is a tough and strong Pokemon that deserves to be the leader of the Weather Trio gods.

In terms of stats, it is a strong defender with a fair amount of resilience. It has an Attack of 150 and a Special Attack of 150, which is a lot. It has 105 HP, 95 Speed, and both 90 Defense and 90 Special Defense.

7. Azelf

Pokemon GO Azelf All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Azelf was made to give people the willpower or determination they need to face life’s challenges and achieve.

This skill could be the reason why every Pokemon and trainer is successful, since it gives them the strength to keep going. It is also said to have made the world more balanced.

It is a mental Pokemon like Mesprit and looks a lot like Mew, but this time it has a blue hat. It’s not clear how this Pokemon keeps things in balance, but the fact that it exists might encourage people and other Pokemon to do the same.

Azelf first showed up at Level 50 in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. It’s a bit of a weak point because of its stats.

Attack and Special Attack are both at 125, and Speed is at 115. At 75, HP is a little low. At 70, Defense and Special Defense aren’t very good.

6. Uxie

Uxie in the Pokemon anime All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Uxie was made to give people information. As a result, he has a huge amount of wisdom and is one of the few Pokemon gods to become almost all-knowing.

Pokemon lore also says that this Pokemon will never open its eyes because if it did, anyone who saw it would lose their memories.

Memory loss is a very useful skill in battle. Because it knows everything, it is very powerful because it can predict and deal with all possible threats.

Uxie is a Psychic-type Pokémon, just like Mesprit and Azelf. It looks like a fairy and has two tails and a yellow cap, like Mew.

At Level 50, Uxie is the last Guardian you can find in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The Pokemon’s stats make it a bit of a weak tank.

Defense and Special Defense are both good at 130. At 75, its Health, Attack, and Special Attack are all below average. At 95, its speed is fine.

5. Palkia

Palkia All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Palkia is probably the weaker of the top three Pokemon Gods, who are known as the Creation Trio. Arceus made it so it could control space, and it used this power to help make the universe.

This Water and Dragon-type Pokémon can make a small dimension where it lives and uses it to get from one world to another.

Folklore says that just its breath can keep space stable and in balance. This Pokemon looks like a mechanical dragon and is very strong. It can make people afraid of it.

Palkia could only be caught in Pokemon Pearl, and it had a strange level of 47 when it was first caught. It has great stats all around, and its Special Attack of 150 is very strong.

Both Attack and Special Defense are at 120, which is a good level. It has Defense and an average Speed of 100. At 90, HP is not very good.

4. Dialga

dial 1551388624289 160w 3 All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

This Steel and Dragon-type Pokémon can control time itself, so it can go back in time and see what will happen.

Its heartbeat is what keeps time moving forward. It’s a little scary to think that life itself would stop if the heart ever stopped beating.

Not only does this four-legged dragon have a scary link to time, but it also looks scary and lives in a part of time that moves up and down depending on what the Pokemon wants.

Dialga first showed up in Pokemon Diamond. At Level 47, you could catch it. It has 150 Special Attack, which makes it a strong Special Attack attacker. Both Attack and Defense are good at 120.

The average for Health and Special Defense is 100. With a Speed of 90, the god of time seems to move a bit slowly.

3. Giratina

GiratinaPokemon 1 All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Giratina is the opposite of Arceus, the god who made all life. This makes Giratina the closest thing the Pokemon mythology has to a devil.

With its six legs, bat-like wings, and insect-like jaws on its face and throat, this fiercely strong Ghost Pokemon looks very scary.

Giratina was made to handle antimatter, but Arceus was so afraid of its dark and destructive nature that he sent Giratina to the Distortion World, a chaotic place where things are out of place.

The fact that the god of the Pokemon universe himself had to send this creature away shows how powerful it is and how much of a threat it is to the world.

People still say that Giratina is scheming in the background as she watches the Pokemon world.

Giratina was first seen in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. It is known as the monster of the Pokemon world. Powerful Level 70 players could catch it.

It has 150 Health, which, along with 120 Defense and 120 Special Defense, makes it a strong tank.

Surprisingly, the god of antimatter’s Attack and Special Attack are both 100, and its Speed is 90, which is below normal.

2. Mew

173c980c 838e 49dc a39b 3ef40f2a2fad pokemon meq All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Many ideas say that Mew is one of the most important Pokemon and that it is the one who made life as we know it.

With Mew’s DNA, a totally different Pokemon was made, and the fact that it can already use “Transform” supports the idea that all living things evolved from Mew.

Mew can also learn every move that exists, or at least every TM and HM that was made by people.

Mew’s unique Z-Move, Genesis Supernova, is also a sign that it could be the first living thing.

Genesis means “beginning,” so the name is a clear nod to the idea that Mew contains the DNA of every Pokemon and is responsible for the Pokemon world we all know and love.

Mew first showed up as an Event Pokemon in the first series of games. The first time you could get a Mew was through a magazine promotion where you had to join a contest to get one.

There were only 20 winners, and they had to send their game cartridges to have Pokemon put in them.

1. Arceus

Arceus Diamond Pearl via Nintendo All 12 Pokemon God From The Series

Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon god in the lore, and there’s no question about it. It’s the one who made the world and all the other gods, so it goes without saying.

This funny Pokemon looks like a four-legged deer stuck in a weird wheel. Its type is Normal, but one of its powers is Multitype, which means it can change its type to another.

Arceus can even speak human words and has talked to its trainers on more than one occasion.

Aside from being able to build things and change its own type, this Pokemon was the only one who could send Giratina to a place from which it couldn’t return.

Just that shows how strong Arceus is, and it’s easy to see why it’s the most powerful Pokemon god.

Arceus is already very strong because it can change its type and become resistant to its opponent, but it can get even stronger.

Arceus was first available through Nintendo events in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which ended in 2010.

Since the only legal way to get one is through deals, many people have no choice but to cheat. At Level 80, it showed up. All of the god of creation’s numbers are 120, which is a perfect score.

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