Pokemon GO’s April 2024 Community Day Pokemon Might Have Accidentally Been Revealed

Bellsprout may have just been revealed as the featured Pokemon for April 2024’s Community Day thanks to an accidental upload from Pokemon GO’s official Brazilian Twitter account.

The massively popular monster-catching mobile game from Niantic offers a ton of ways for players to catch their favorite Pokemon in the game, frequently with running events.

Events like Pokemon GO’s Community Days offer the chance to capture tons of a specific Pokemon, offering increased rates for fans to capture Shiny Pokemon as well. It looks like the April Community Day may have just been leaked.

One of the most popular recurrent events in Pokemon GO is the Community Day celebrations. The game usually has two special events per month, Community Days, which make more Pokemon available, and “Community Day Classic,” which replays previously featured Pokemon.

The featured creature for April’s Community Day Classic is the Loved Hoenn Dragon Pokemon Bagon, which Niantic has already confirmed.

Bellsprout may have unintentionally been revealed as the main attraction at this month’s Community Day celebration.

A seemingly short video that was mistakenly uploaded to Pokemon GO’s Brazilian account has potentially confirmed Bellsprout as April’s featured Pokemon, according to Dexerto.

The 6-second teaser features a bellsprout leaf emerging from the tall grass and a viewpoint looking down a dirt path before fading into the Community Day logo.

The video was swiftly taken down from Pokemon GO’s official account, but not before fans managed to save it.

The short teaser also appears to play Bellsprout’s cry when focusing on the leaf, seemingly confirming the Grass Pokemon as April’s Community Day Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Accidentally Reveals April 2024 Community Day Pokemon

The first time a creature from the franchise’s original region has featured this year would not be Bellsprout’s appearance during Community Day in April 2024.

With Porygon also appearing in January’s Community Day Classic event, February’s Community Day previously featured the Normal type Chansey as its featured light Pokemon.

The current World of Wonders season also features one of the most recognizable Legendary Pokemon in the Kanto region, Shadow Mewtwo, which players can capture.

At this point, April 2024 is anticipated to be the date of Pokemon GO’s Community Day event.

The teaser for the upcoming Community Day comes as Pokemon GO’s April schedule looks to be jam-packed with events.

The “Bug Out” event for Pokemon GO, which will include a Mega Heracross Raid Hour and more Bug Pokemon spawns, is scheduled to start on April 12 in addition to the Community Day events already mentioned.

Near the end of the month, Pokemon GO will celebrate Earth Day by hosting its “Sustainability Week” event.

Pokemon GO looks to have a jam-packed events schedule with lots of opportunities for players to pick up their favorite Pokemon.

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