Helldivers 2’s Anti-Cheat is Unintentionally Hindering Disabled Gamers

Unfortunately, Helldivers 2’s anti-cheat software made it harder for disabled gamers to play. To enhance their gaming experience, some people with disabilities use specialized tools or software.

Some gamers with disabilities may find it challenging to enjoy some games as anti-cheat software develops and puts more restrictions on third-party systems. That is the case with Helldivers 2.

Anti-cheat software is not new to modern online titles. They’ve become very common in recent years, especially in a variety of popular online games, with services like Easy Anti-Cheat, BattleEye, and Valve Anti-Cheat becoming some of the most widely used in the industry.

Regrettably, these systems don’t always work perfectly. As one disabled game revealed, anti-cheat systems mistakenly targeted Helldivers 2 players, who had to use third-party tools to compete on a level playing field with the rest of the party.

Steven Spohn, a supporter of accessible video games, wrote on Twitter that he was disappointed with Helldivers 2’s cumbersome anti-cheat system.

The massively popular PVE shooter utilizes the nProtect GameGuard anti-cheat system to protect the fairness of its online play.

The kernel level security of nProtect GameGuard, according to Spohn’s post, prevented the functionality of several important tools.

Notably, Helldivers 2’s anti-cheat system did not let Spohn use a special infrared hat controller to control his character in the game.

Luckily, a solution to Spohn’s problems could be near. To get in touch with Spohn, Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt left a comment on his original post.

The two have since opened a private conversation to discuss how Helldivers 2 could be made more accessible after Pilestedt promised to look into the problem and specifically requested the names of Spohn’s assistive tools.

Helldivers 2’s War On Cheaters

It’s understandable why so many online games utilize anti-cheat software, as having too many cheaters running around the servers does more than just ruin the intended game play experience.

It hurts the game’s longevity and population of players. A comprehensive list of game play accessibility options can help more people join the community.

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