Genshin Impact Reveals Official Arlecchino Character Teaser

Genshin Impact has released a character teaser to mark the arrival of the third playable Fatui Harbinger to the Event Banners, following the release of an animated short featuring Arlecchino.

In what many players consider to be one of the biggest updates in Genshin Impact history, Wanderer and Tartaglia will be joined by Arlecchino in Version 4.6, who will also launch with a Story Quest and Trounce Domain.

She will be on the Event Banners with Lyney in the first half of the patch. In the second half, Baizhu and Wanderer will be on the banners.

Fans have been anticipating Arlecchino and the role she will play in Genshin Impact’s story ever since her first appearance in A Winter Night’s Lazzo.

Arlecchino proved to be an unexpected ally during Fontaine’s Archon Quest in Version 4.2, even though many people thought she was a villainous character, as befitting her rank of Fatui Harbinger.

An unconditional love for the orphans and adopted children of the House of the Hearth keeps Arlecchino’s darker side in check, even though she is cruel and cold-blooded in her pursuit of justice.

Arlecchino’s character teaser, in which she heals a hurt member of the House of the Hearth and exacts just earth on a dishonest member of Fontaine’s aristocracy, may be the best example of these traits.

Even though Arlecchino in Genshin Impact is part of the primary group of bad guys, it looks like they have a lot in common with the Traveler as long as their goals don’t conflict.

Strangely, Freminet is the character who makes an appearance in both the animated short and Arlecchino’s character teaser, despite Lyney being the heir apparent to the House of the Hearth.

Given that Lyney and Lynette had their time in the spotlight during the Archon Quests in Fontaine, Freminet in Genshin Impact may have his time in the spotlight when Version 4.6 comes out.

Upcoming Characters and Story Content in Genshin Impact

With Natlan coming up soon, Arlecchino’s Story Quest should wrap up the main storyline in Fontaine, and Dainsleif is scheduled to make his annual appearance in Version 3.7.

In addition to adding Clorinde as a playable character to Genshin Impact, Version 3.7 will also add Sethos and possibly even Sigewinne to the roster.

Genshin Impact players will be able to learn more about the upcoming patch when Version 3.6 comes out on April 24, 2024, even though there aren’t many details available yet.

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