Pichu Appears To Be The Next Pokemon Getting A Pearlescent Funko Pop

Pokemon’s Funko Pop! division got off to a great start in 2024, but we don’t yet know what the future of video games will look like.

Pokemon and Funko began the year by teasing six new figures, which strongly suggested that they would be pearlescent makeovers of existing Pop figures.

The official reveal of a shiny new Lucario Pop! confirmed this implication, and now we may know which Pokemon will be the second of the six.

Before Lucario’s official reveal, its silhouette was shared in a “Who’s That Pokemon?”-style teaser. Neither Pokemon nor Funko have even hinted at what its next pearlescent Pokemon will be.

For now, though, an image of the next pearlescent Pokemon seems to have been found online.

Pichu will be the next Pokemon Pop! to join the pearlescent collection, according to an image shared by Funko Pop News.

Uncertainty surrounds the image’s origin, but it appears that someone got a hold of the Pichu early and decided to share the good news with the world.

Due to the poor quality of the image, it is difficult to see the full force of Pichu’s pearlescence, but you can tell from the packaging that the figure is pearlescent.

Pichu’s figure will be identical to its original Funko Pop! but shinier, as is the case with Pokemon’s other pearlescent Pops.

It’s possible that Pichu is one of the five pearlescent Pops still to be revealed, but not necessarily the next one.

If that’s the case, it might be a while before you can buy a Pikachu that hasn’t evolved yet.

We can probably expect an official announcement that a shiny Pichu Funko Pop! will be coming our way very soon, even though it doesn’t seem like an image would find its way online that far in advance.

If you don’t mind that your Pokemon Pops aren’t shiny, 2024 has already seen a lot of other additions to the set.

Now Luxray, Grookey, Wooloo, and Professor Oak’s lab, which has a Bitty Pop, all have Funko Pops.

One or more Kanto starters for you to pick from. There are four more Pokemon to reveal after Pichu on the pearlescent front.

It will now have eight pearlescent Pokemon Pops thanks to the upcoming Johto expansion.

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