15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Have you ever experienced burnout?

Life is full of daily responsibilities, from school and work to family, and there will be times when you don’t feel fully prepared to face it all.

We all need to relax from time to time.

Relaxing anime can be exciting and thrilling for audiences, but it also excels in providing comfort and relaxation.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, take a look at some of my top picks for calming and relaxing anime shows here.

Here are Some of The Best Relaxing Anime To Watch

15. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

relaxing anime 15 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

This relaxing anime marks the second Kyoto Animation series on my list, showcasing the studio’s ability to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere regardless of the characters and setting.

Sure, this relaxing anime show features more fanservice (and dragons) compared to other KyoAni titles.

However, it remains quite charming.

Tooru and Kobayashi share a humorous and heartwarming bond.

Kanna’s fascination with the human world is a key aspect of the show, and the unique friendship between otaku Makoto and the snobbish Fafnir is truly captivating to watch develop.

Anticipating its second season this year, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is set to welcome more viewers into its enchanting world.

14. Sweetness and Lightning

relaxing anime 14 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

There are plenty of heartwarming anime and relaxing anime shows that center on father-daughter relationships, and this one is among the finest.

Amaama to Inazuma revolves around Kouhei Inuzuka, a devoted single father striving to provide the best for his daughter Tsumugi. Regrettably, he can only offer her meals from convenience stores due to his busy work schedule.

An opportunity presents itself when his student Kotori Iida approaches him:

Her family owns a restaurant, but it’s not always open since Kotori’s mom is frequently away for work, similar to Kouhei. She is hoping that the two could join her in preparing and enjoying homemade meals.

Sweetness and Lightning is ultimately about recognizing the significance of these intimate family moments and the pure happiness that comes from being with those you care about.

13. K-ON

relaxing anime 13 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

One of the relaxing anime series by KyoAni that I really enjoy is K-ON, which marks Naoko Yamada’s directorial debut.

This show showcased Yamada’s exceptional ability to analyze and depict the emotional subtleties of seemingly ordinary characters, with the MCs being quite charming.

K-ON revolves around a group of young girls who have a passion for music and are members of their school’s Light Music Club.

Instead of delving into technical aspects of musicianship, K-ON revolves around the happiness of spending time with amazing friends who have the same dream and include you in their daily school and home life.

It’s all about cherishing the valuable moments – the memories that will be dear to you as you transition from adolescence to adulthood.

12. Tamako Market

relaxing anime 12 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

I must confess, I’ve dozed off during an episode of Tamako Market — and that’s what makes it so special relaxing anime.

This relaxing anime show is not poorly written or produced. Not even close.

That’s the level of relaxation it provides.

Truly, this series is filled with well-animated scenes showcasing impressive character acting and charming, everyday moments (coming from Kyoto Animation, of course).

This relaxing anime show creates a warm atmosphere by focusing on the relationships within a close-knit community.

I appreciate the fact that the Usagiyama Shopping District is the main setting, offering a refreshing departure from the typical school or generic urban locations.

Also, you have the option to watch the film Tamako Love Story afterwards, which wraps up the show nicely.

11. Spice and Wolf

relaxing anime 11 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Spice and Wolf is a highly anticipated relaxing anime title that fans are eagerly awaiting a new season for.

It has been over ten years since Season 2, but fans can’t be faulted.

It’s quite uncommon to come across an anime where the main romantic relationship features adult characters instead of teenagers, but that’s precisely what we have here.

Mixing in a focus on economics and sociopolitical unrest in a medieval backdrop creates an anime that is both refreshing and soothing.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that Holo is an enchanting wolf goddess who enjoys indulging in food and drink.

10. My Roommate Is A Cat

relaxing anime 10 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Is it any surprise that My Roommate is a Cat caught my attention with a title like that?

Zero-G’s adaptation did not feature impressive art and animation.

This relaxing anime show’s appeal lies in the introverted Subaru Mikazuki and his life with his adopted cat Haru, allowing you to hear the feline’s thoughts.

Subaru and Haru are filled with remorse.

Together, they can work through their challenging past and confront the present (and future) confidently.

It’s heartwarming to see Haru’s dedication to her human owner, while Subaru also puts in a lot of effort for her.

9. Non Non Biyori

relaxing anime 9 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Ever thought about experiencing childhood in the Japanese countryside?

That’s the essence of Non Non Biyori.

The relaxing anime series features four main characters, with Renge standing out as the top MC.

She is a young girl with violet hair, around six to seven years old, and her innocence is truly perfect.

Non Non Biyori stands out for its excellent MCs, soundtrack, art, and animation by Silver Link, capturing the essence of rural life.

8. Hakumei and Mikochi

relaxing anime 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Also known as Tiny Little Life in the Woods, this stunningly illustrated and animated seinen series caught me off guard in 2018.

The main characters are miniature—very small individuals residing in a small house in a tree.

Similar to people in the real world, Hakumei and Mikochi lead a life balancing work and relaxation.

They dedicate a lot of time perfecting their skills, then venture out to socialize and interact with various individuals.

This show is quite lovely.

Kudos to Studio Lerche for their excellent focus on the color palette and sense of scale, effectively portraying the immense size of insects and plants from the viewpoint of other creatures.

7. ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

relaxing anime 7 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

I didn’t plan on watching ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka when it first aired. I was delighted to come across the discussion thread for its first episode, and it has become one of my top-rated shows from the 2010s.

ACCA features Jean Otus, a character employed by an inspection agency who consistently appears unimpressed with life.

He frequently travels and has the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.

However, his most distinctive trait is his fondness for cigarettes.

Similar to Hyouka, this mystery series takes place in a warm and inviting setting.

With its relaxed conversations and understated color scheme, ACCA never seemed hurried, always making space for relaxation (and a smoke).

6. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

relaxing anime 6 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Is it my goal to emulate Tanaka? Sure thing!

Should I aim to be as lively as his best friend Oota? Absolutely.

This relaxing anime story revolves around a high school student who prefers to sleep and conserve energy, drawing parallels to Oreki.

However, this lacks the mysterious elements found in Hyouka.

This focuses more on the slice-of-life aspect, skillfully managed by Silver Link, the studio behind Non Non Biyori. You’ll enjoy the architectural beauty of a school setting and clean, inviting visuals instead of natural landscapes.

5. Aria The Animation

relaxing anime 5 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Aria the Animation debuted in 2005.

It was accompanied by two seasons, an OVA, two specials — and a movie called Aria the Crepuscolo is currently in production.

This relaxing anime stands out because it is not set on Earth like most others.

The relaxing anime show takes place in the 24th century in Neo Venezia, a city on Mars (now called Aqua) that bears a striking resemblance to Venice, Italy, complete with its architecture, waterways, and gondolas.

Akari Mizunashi is new to the role of being an undine, a tour guide in Neo Venezia. Before long, she encounters vibrant characters, and there are no evil characters driving the plot forward in this story.

Aria the Animation explores the lives of the residents of Neo Venezia, focusing on authentic social interactions and intricate worldbuilding.

If the engaging discussions and stunning artwork don’t help reduce your stress, the captivating soundtrack will surely do the trick.

4. Hyouka

relaxing anime 4 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Even though Kyoto Animation is known for its CGDCG and slice-of-life series, Hyouka is the one that truly helps me unwind. It relates to the main character and the type of story (or stories) it depicts.

Houtarou Oreki prioritizes conserving his energy.

Simply put, he enjoys being inactive.

Next is Eru Chitanda, a girl with an insatiable curiosity who is determined to uncover the truth. She convinces Oreki to assist her and the two other members of the Classics Club in solving minor mysteries.

And that’s why it’s so serene:

Even with these enigmas, none of them pertain to apocalyptic scenarios or anything malevolent. They are unique puzzles, typically related to the school, for Oreki to solve efficiently (to conserve his energy, naturally).

Finally, the beautiful background art and character animation contribute to the serene ambiance of Hyouka.

3. Mushi-shi

relaxing anime 3 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Many individuals have drifted off to sleep while watching Mushi-shi.

This iyashikei is the perfect recommendation for anyone seeking a high-quality series to help them escape from their troubles and deadlines, even if just for a little while.

Mushi-Shi features the contemplative and enigmatic Ginko, who is dedicated to understanding mushi, elemental life forms that manifest in various forms and impact the lives of nearby humans.

He will gain a deeper understanding of identity, the relationship between humanity and nature, and the purpose of life.

This relaxing anime is both thought-provoking and serenely calming.

Similar to Natsume’s Book of Friends, this franchise includes three seasons, two specials, and a movie.

Watching one episode a day of this relaxing anime can be a great way to unwind after work and relax before going to bed.

2. Flying Witch

relaxing anime 2 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Flying Witch appears to be popular among relaxing anime enthusiasts.

However, it’s not often discussed as frequently as other similar shows, so it’s a privilege to shine a spotlight on it here.

Adapted quite well by JC Staff, this supernatural slice-of-life revolves around a flying witch.

Traditionally, 15-year-old Makoto Kowata must reside somewhere apart from her family. She decides to head to Aomori to stay with her cousins and perfect her witchcraft skills. Additionally, he is required to go to school, just like any other teenager.

This is a wonderful and cozy relaxing anime series.

1. Laid-Back Camp

relaxing anime 1 15 Most Relaxing Anime To Watch

Yuru Camp has only released two seasons up to this point.

Despite that, it has already made significant contributions to both the slice of life and iyashikei genres.

This is extremely straightforward:

Rin Shima enjoys solo camping until she encounters Nadeshiko Kagamihara, a girl who lost her way to Mount Fuji. They enjoy each other’s company while appreciating the beautiful outdoors and the warm campfire (and tasty food, which Nadeshiko loves).

Eventually, the pair expands to a group of five.

It’s all about nature, cozy blankets, delicious food, and wonderful friends.

Several items on my list involve exploring and appreciating the simple aspects of life, and Laid-Back Camp excels in these areas.

Some of my pals have mentioned wanting to visit Japan after watching this show because it’s so stunning and calming.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, I would like to conclude that few storytelling mediums are as versatile as anime.

There is a lot of creativity in the various animation styles that anime can showcase, and the medium becomes even more thrilling with the numerous unique genres it can explore.

It seems like there’s an anime series for every interest and hobby, but the fast-paced and action-packed anime tends to grab the most attention.

Intense shonen anime series are undeniably popular, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a diverse range of anime that explore the opposite end of the spectrum.

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