13 Dirty Anime These Will Easily Offend You

Anime can tell beautiful romances and tear-jerking dramas. They do not hesitate delving into the more under the covers side of things at times.

In addition to looking at all the steamy parts, these are usually, but not always, are accompanied by violence, profanity and sometimes even a dark sense of humor.

So, embrace the trashy side and enjoy these Dirty anime!

13. Hen Zemi

Hen Zemi

Hen Zemi depicts perverted sides of human in a surprisingly convincing manner by using college students who are practically free to do whatever they want.

It’s a surprisingly easy way to show how low we can stoop if given the chance and no judgement as humans.

This series seems to have no shortage of Yuri moments and is almost analogous to a smut fanfiction with some plot or story in the background.

12. Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City basically is a parody of stereotypes involving this very genre of music and it’s supposed fixation on rape, Satan, death, and more rape.

Former and current metal fans will find a lot to relate to. This anime goes on to make you go down on your knees, holding your stomach laughing.

Complete with a fitting end, this series is a treat to watch if you can take jokes.

11. Shimoneta


Shimoneta is a piece of art that perfectly gets its point across by constantly contracting it.

The premise in itself, doesn’t do anything special for the anime but the way the creators have handled it to make sure that you crack up almost every scene, be it a small knowing giggle or thunderous belly laugh.

It begs the question, how much did you think that you weren’t supposed to?

10. Prison School

Prison School

A little rough around the edges, but definitely worth your time. This is a comedy even non-ecchi fans can enjoy.

The amount of lewd jokes, bodily fluid, and dominatrix scenes in this anime, Prison School makes sure the characters make you laugh and seem realistic.

A bit raunchy sometimes, but it does a have good story and characters. A short yet fun watch to fill your time laughing.

9. Mad Bull 34

Mad Bull 34

Mad Bull, or our protagonist Sleepy is known to solve all his problems in an extremely violent and un-policeman-ly style. Anyone can thing of why the nickname for the protagonist? Exactly.

One rookie partnered up with Sleepy who wants to play by the rules are there you go! A super- entertaining series filled with hilarious one-liners.

8. Genocyber


All the peace-loving people should stay away from this gorey spectacle.

For anyone who enjoys watching a lot of gore, violence, cruelty or just blood flowing around in general, would find this anime a treat to watch.

This anime would’ve been almost perfect had it not been for the plot.

The convoluted plot does take away from the series, but keeping in mind that the gore is our show-stopper, it’s a definitely entertaining watch.

7. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

The mature plot boldly plays it cards at a mild pace and eventually forms a structure like a rubrics cube.

This intoxicatedly, shocking psychological thriller makes even a gallon imprint shine! Paranoia and delusions with an array of tension and creepy visuals…

Perfect Blue is must-watch as it captures the story of a girl dreaming or true fame but gets lost in her perception of others.

6. Kissxsis


There are ecchi anime that cross the line on occasion, and then there are anime like Kissxsis.

The Suminoe twins spend the entire series getting into cough cough situations with their step-brother.

This series doesn’t take anything else into account, there is pretty much no plot, straightforward characters, dingy humor and a generic animation.

5. Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Another series staple for gore lovers!

Mnemosyne is a psychological thriller about an immortal detective who spends 65 years combating a crazed “Angel.” The torture and death scenes are very graphic.

One of the ways to definitely describe this series is unique.

The series just jumps right into the action and any information or rule that you require to know is given as the series progresses. All in all, it is a violent treat filled with a certain flair of film noir.

4. Mardock Scramble

Mardock Scramble

The OVA trilogy is about a resurrected teenage prostitute who’s out to get revenge on the gambler who killed her.

Mardock Scramble is filled with violence and action scenes that will either excite or offend. This series is probably one of the most well-rounded ones.

Some important questions with respect to the human life and society related issues are asked in a very thought-provoking manner.

It makes us question the morality and exactly how much good has the society actually done for itself.

3. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This series is for fans who love erotic humor and sacrilegious jokes; it covers the misadventures of action-addicted angels trying to buy their way back into heaven.

It is easy to get grossed out by the way certain things play out involving vomit, boogies, urine and other foul stuff…

One can tell that the established goal of the series is to disgust and offend its audience and it definitely succeeds to do so.

Anyone up for rude, offensive and gross anime? Grab your popcorn.

2. Berserk


Berserk is one of the more famed anime shows out there. More so the manga than the 3 anime adaptations.

Berserk is a dark series filled with death, revenge, gore, and s*xual violence. If you are a little queasy, you’ll want to stay away from the series, even though it does have a good story.

Strong themes, such as r@pe, homosexuality and pedophilia are openly discussed, without half words. The anime definitely does justice to its name.

1. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon takes everything you know and believe about the world of mafia, crumples it up, throws it in the trash and hits you in the face with truth, lovely characters, guns, violence, profanity and complex real world dynamics and themes.

Mafia, gang wars, assassins, mercenaries, former military professionals? Everything.

Black Lagoon will stab you in the gut with realistic facts and then slowly turn your chin up in hope.

A relatable bunch of protagonists, well developed characters and an intensely blurred line between good and evil.

Black Lagoon makes you think, empathize and then doubt your own morale while showcasing that the world will always move on.

An all-round show that NEEDS to be on your watchlist..

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