12 Best Manhwa like Sweet Guy

This manhwa is unquestionably one of the best because the storyline is excellent.

This is why we are here with manhwa like Sweet Guy.

It all started when a good-looking transfer student entered Ho Sang’s life.

After finishing high school, he now works at an electronics store.

He’s not a popular or outgoing type, he’s more of a weak nerd.

But there are a number of attractive girls flocking around him.

This list has manhwa that is similar to Sweet Guy. 

We chose the titles based upon art, story, characters, so make sure you check out the entire list.

Updated June 2, 2024, by Shagun Singh: Over the past few years, manhwa has gained immense popularity, often reaching the same level of success as manga. Webcomics are incredibly popular and continue to gain a devoted following. Each month, fans eagerly anticipate the release of new stories, making them easily accessible and highly enjoyable. Thanks to its growing popularity, manhwa has attracted fans from all walks of life, making it more popular than ever. We have made some updates to this list to align with My Otaku World’s current publication standard. It now includes a selection of captivating manhwa titles, such as Sweet Guy, that readers are sure to find irresistible.

Here Are Some Of The Best Manhwa like Sweet Guy

12. Skill of Lure

Skill of Lure

Sung-Gi Jang has the reputation of being a total pervert. 

He is an alcoholic who only wants women. 

In reality, his social skills are terrible, and he is unable to properly express his feelings and intentions to the women around him. 

All of this changes when Jae Hwang (a good friend and fellow student) sees Sung-Gi in chaos and decides to help him. 

Sung doesn’t know that Hwang is a master at attracting the opposite sex, a pick-up artist.

Through many trials and tribulations, Sung-Gi improves his communication and interaction skills with women. 

Sung-Gi soon discovers the depth and finesse required to properly communicate intimate emotions to others. 

Sung-Gi soon learns more about subconscious signals that people send out and finds himself paying more attention to one girl in his class.

He then puts the skill of luring to good use.

11. Ghost Love

Ghost Love

Ghost Love ManhwaKeo Balkan wrote the story and illustrated it with Keo Balhan’s illustrations.

Ghost Love webtoon his site is all about Drama, Romance and Supernatural stories.

Hojin discovers that sleeping naked can cure his sleep disorder and decides to give it a try. 

He didn’t know that a ghost lived in his home. 

He didn’t know the ghost was a little girl. 

He didn’t know the ghost was in his naked body.

10. Bastard’s dead man

Bastard's dead man

Bastard’s Dead Man Manhwa, also known as “Kill the Dead Bastard”. 

Gyou wrote the story and Gyou illustrated it.

Bastard’s Dead Man webtoon is a Drama, Harem story.

Bastard’s Dead Man Manhwa Summary: The ultra-sensitive body won’t listen anymore! 

The game of robbery and being robbed begins between the rich president’s family, which has sensitive bodies, and the poor people who only have bodies!

9. Household Affairs

Household affairs

Manhwa Household AffairsAlso known as (AKA: Geujib, Sajeong the House, No Matter, Domashnie Intrizhki, geujib, sajeong). 

This is the complete webtoon released in 2015.

The webtoon Household Affairs, is a story about Action, Drama and Mature.

Household Affairs Manhwa Summary A neglected wife is caught in adultery with her delivery boy.

However, she doesn’t know that her husband is an assassin.

8. Sstudy


Study groups are where students come together to achieve the same goal and support each other. 

Each study group is different. 

There is no single goal. 

Sunggi joins a study group that is supposed to be focused on the government service exam. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to focus on the government service exam.

7. Drug Candy

Drug Candy

Seung-GuHis demotion at work has made his life difficult.

He also has issues with his marriage.

He meets a girl named “Betty” at the right moment. YuraSoon becomes addicted to her as a drug addict.

I have never seen such a disturbing story…

This manhwa is full of amazing sexual interactions.

The story is fantastic.

The beautiful artwork is possible you won’t know the difference until you have read all of the chapters, just like Sweet Guy.

6. Freshman


June went to college hoping for a great college experience. 

He is surprised when he discovers that he doesn’t get the college life he expected.

A secret affair between a professor and his wife and ends up sleeping with a freshman.

I love the way both of these characters sleep with girls.

It is filled with good art, hot-looking women are the ones to watch this manhwa. 

This manhwa is very similar to Sweet Guy.

5. She is Young

She is Young

The MC has the right to select aVersion 19 years old and an aVersion 31 years old is the girlfriend.

Which would he rather make a move with less experience, or with more?

She is a Young Girl. This manhwa is amazing.

There are tons of NSFW scenes. 

It is a great story, and the interactions between characters are amazing.

There are no hardcore scenes in this manhwa.

4. H-Mate


Tae and Miro have been best friends for fifteen years and, one night was reunited and ended up sleeping together.

Are things going to get more complicated? Or will they be able to keep it the same as before?

This one will be a great addition to your collection if you enjoyed the Sweet Guy manhwa’s artwork and sex scenes.

Both manhwas Romance is amazing you’ll be amazed at the similarities between characters. 

It is a manhwa that is similar to He Does a Body Good.

3. Love Parameter

Love Parameter

Young Hoon is extremely unlucky when it comes to women and is often dumped by his girlfriends.

One day, A mysterious man gives him special glasses.

He is a magnet for women, which makes him irresistible.

Love Parameter is another manhwa that has a similar storyline to Sweet Guy.

This manhwa has beautiful artwork and some very pleasurable scenes.

2. Stand Up!

Stand Up!

Jaejin has faced many difficulties in his life. He can’t keep his erection going for long. 

He faces another problem after undergoing a major change.

He can’t get the erection to stop, and his daily life is filled with women, which makes his life even more difficult.

Stand up! Also known as “The Other Side of the Moon, Brawling Go” is a great adult manhwa that has some very intense scenes.

Both of the main characters are given a special ability and face difficulties. 

The story is well-written and the artwork is excellent.

1. Pheromone-holic


Hyunwoo was once a loser, but one day he saved an elderly geezer on the way back. 

Old man offers him a Special potion As a token of appreciation.

Hyunwoo is going to have a lot of hot chicks and his dreams will come true.

You can see from the plot how Sweet Guy is treated. 

Each main character receives some Fantastic powers to make girls fall in love with him.

It is addictive that you read at least one chapter per day.

The artwork is great.

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