13 Best Harem Manga That You Should Read

For manga fans every genre is perfect and best but for some fan harem is their favorite genre to keep them entertain. Everything is irrelevant when it comes to your fav genre.

Harem manga is a genre which include different and many female characters around our main male character. This genre combines with lots of humor and funny moments while this is a very flexible genre that can easily mold with many other genres.

This genre is truly very popular when it comes to these kinds of crazy manga where our male character is surrounded by many female characters are thing are going wild and crazy.

So, this list of most popular harem manga helps you all to pick your favorite manga and enjoy.

13Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians

Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians

The plot spins around Kasuga Arata, who lives in a humble community with his cousin and cherished companion, Kasuga Hijiri. He was carrying on with an unremarkable life in the city, yet everything transformed one day with a dark sun’s appearance.

Furthermore, he is by all accounts the one in particular who could see this wonder. Following the dark sun’s dangerous occasion, a performer shows up who enlightens him concerning the virtual world that he had made with the Grimoire, an otherworldly thing given to Arata by his cousin for the memento.

A high appraised array of harem manga, which has figured out how to adjust the various kinds of the arrangement phenomenally. The plot probably won’t be that one of a kind, yet what it has done is sufficient to catch its per users.

12Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi

Man-made intelligence Yori Aoshi changes your point of view totally on sentiment array of harem manga.

It has extraordinary characters and a fair storyline alongside straightforward art. It will be a pleasant difference in speed in the collection of harem type with a decent plot and sensible characters. Consequently, it is a standout amongst other collection of harem manga out there.

Aoi Sakuraba states that she will wed Kaoru Hanabishi who she’s been adoring for a very long time, notwithstanding their fights. From the start, Kaoru imagines that she will accommodate him with his oppressive family yet later understands that her adoration is veritable.

Her disclosure was amazing as well as helped the most profound part to remember Kaoru’s memory for why he left the Hanabishi family in any case.



Tsugumomo is unquestionably a standout amongst other manga with a solid plot. Tsugumomo has been outstanding amongst other array of harem manga throughout the decade. Thus, I enthusiastically prescribe you to peruse this group of harem manga.

Kazuya Kagami carries on with a cheerful life because of his valuable “Fukurobi” which his mom talented.

However, one day he discovers that “Fukurobi” is a young lady when she saves him from a fall. Normally, he leaves with a young lady named Kiriha in his room.

10The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Fuutarou Uesugi is a helpless secondary school understudy who got an impermanent private coaching position with great compensation.

Yet, out of the blue, he finds that his students are his schoolmates, and they are quintuplet’s sisters. They are on the whole lovely yet are very inconvenient and scorn examining, which brought about their terrible scores.

The manga has just finished up the series inside the primary part, and now the per users are left with the speculating game. With a brilliant cast of characters and an awesome workmanship style, this manga can draw in you in its story.

The madness of sisters will leave you giggling until you cry. There may be numerous buzzwords minutes, however you can in any case hope to appreciate it completely.

9Strawberry 100%

Strawberry 100%

As Junpei Manaka sneaks to the rooftop to appreciate the dusk, he out of the blue found an excellent young lady. Alarmed, she promptly gets away, yet Junpei was as yet ready to get a sight of her strawberry undies in an amazingly close end result.

Follow Junpei Manaka in his journey to locate that tempting young lady with the lone sign being that underwear. Strawberry 100% is one of the incredible old-style arrays of harem and manga.

A failure kid with delightful young ladies encompassing him is a normal plot, however it is somewhat pleasant with its affable characters and sentiment advancement. You will consistently be hypothesizing about the completion and with whom the hero will wind up.



The best thing about this manga is that it impeccably oversees both collection of harem and satire. Along these lines, in case you’re searching for a collection of harem manga that will engage you without limit, at that point this is an absolute necessity read. All things considered, it is outstanding amongst other collection of harem manga, time.

In this collection of harem manga, you can discover it in the parody class. The reason, at the outset, may appear to be somewhat exhausting however as you experience the parts, you’ll get amazed by how great the plot advancement is.

Kenji Kazama plans to take over Fujou High School with his three-man pack yet his misconduct experiences a thrashing when he gets into Game Development Club unwittingly. In the club, he meets four young ladies: The understudy chamber Chisote, Advisor Manami, Sakura, and club president Shibasaki.

7Jitsu was Watashi Wa (My Monster Secret: “Actually, I am”)

Jitsu was Watashi Wa

The plot premise is very basic. Kuromine Asahi is a man who can’t stay quiet to himself. Nonetheless, when he discovers that his better half is a vampire, he can’t resist the urge to shroud her mystery. Nonetheless, with his attitude, would he be able to figure out how to secure her mystery?

Indeed, even in group of harem manga, there are some romantic comedies which cause you to like it. This manga is regardless on the collection of harem manga with stunning sentiment. Powerful and array of harem get along very well and consider the possibility that humor includes with it.

It will submerge you totally all through your read. Along these lines, try to add this group of harem manga to your rundown since it is a standout amongst other collection of harem manga, time.

6To LOVE-Ru Darkness

To LOVE-Ru Darkness

The story rotates around a disastrous secondary school kid called Rito Yuuki. He had needed to admit to his pound for a long yet has neglected to do so often.

At some point, while he is struggling with his disappointment in the shower, a baffling naked young lady unexpectedly showed up before him. He before long discovers that her name is Lala, an outsider from the planet Deviluke, and he is to be her life partner.

To Love-Ru is quite possibly the most engaging collection of harem manga. It comprises of roundabout sections, irregular comedic minutes, and various curves for character improvement.

Its specialty is very respectable, which makes the scenes considerably more fun loving. An enthusiastically suggested manga in the event that you are searching for an ecchi and array of harem classification.

5Mahou Sensei Negima

Mahou Sensei Negima

At first, the arrangement appeared to be another sentiment satire with collection of harem classification, yet it has additionally progressed into the shounen, frightfulness, dream, and activity.

To peruse this manga, the peruse needs to have persistence as a result of its subplots and moderate pacing. Besides being a little ecchi (somewhat abnormal thinking about the hero’s age), this array of harem arrangement is a decent pick.

Negi Springfield, our fundamental character who is a ten-year-old virtuoso wizard, moved on from Merdiana Magic Academy in Wales. He has two objectives throughout everyday life.

Most importantly, he needs to turn into the Magister Magic to use his forces to help normal people. Second, he needs to discover his dad, otherwise known as. ‘Thousand Master.’

4High School DxD

High School DxD

This manga with an extraordinary mix of fight and collection of harem component. It has extraordinary art minutes that will give any man a nosebleed. Thus, in the event that you are searching for the activity in addition to array of harem sort, at that point you should attempt ‘Secondary school DXD.’

Issei Hyoudou is a debased secondary school youngster who is very enthusiastic about his journey for ladies. The normal world he thinks around, at some point, takes a total move in the direction of something startling.

His sweetheart Yuuma wounds him while he was out on the town with her. Uncovering her way of life as a fallen holy messenger, she was sent here to execute Issei in light of the fact that he has the “Consecrated Gear” given to people by the Gods.

3Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven’s Lost Property

The plot spins around Tomoki Sakurai, a kid who wants to carry on with a quiet life yet experiences a fallen young lady with wings, named Ikaros, who turns into his worker.

There are innumerable manga however a couple of stick out and this one is unquestionably among them.

Tomoki Sakurai has been awakening from an odd dream for quite a while. The fantasy is about a heavenly attendant who vanishes into the sky saying “The sky has caught me”.

But one day, his fantasy gets diverse as the blessed messenger dives from the sky and requests his assistance as opposed to vanishing into the sky.

2Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

This manga is very opposite to your imagination but it is funny. This harem manga has a good plot and handles its gender orientation very well. The series likewise has not many noticing minutes, however they are not so extraordinary.

However, the moderate pacing may very well exhaust you as well. but to get good you need to be patience and for this manga you need to be very patience to the end to get good art.

Mizuki our main character is a Japanese-American track style sports star who moved to a Japanese secondary school. However, this isn’t a regular co-ed school.

To follow her godlike object, the top jumper Izumi Sano she disguised herself as a kid in this all-guys-academy. What’s more, as destiny would have it, she turned into his schoolmate just as his roommate

1The World Only God Knows

The World Only God Knows 1 13 Best Harem Manga That You Should Read

This manga with profundity in plot and incredible bends, which makes it agreeable. Yet, the manga appeared to have surged it a lot toward the end, which has baffled numerous per users.

By and large however, it is a magnificent arrangement with an extraordinary story and nice character advancement.

Katsuragi Keima, a secondary school student, can rapidly catch the hearts of any dating young lady. He feels that three-dimensional young ladies are irritating, not how a genuine young lady should resemble.

At some point, subsequent to tolerating an abnormal message that needs him to overcome the young ladies, a fallen angel young lady named Elsie shows up before him.

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