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Jujutsu Kaisen filler list was an awesome anime series. Five Jujutsu Kaisen filler lists have been shown. Jujutsu Kaizen filler lists were highly popular among youth.

The shattered pieces of the demon Ryoumen Sukuna are missing in a realm of demons. The strength they acquire could cause the end of the world as we know it. ingestion of Sukuna’s body part.

Fortunately, there still exists an ancient Jujutsu Sorcerers’ School. This protects the weak lives of the living from the dead. Yuuji Itadori is a student at a high school who is a frequent visitor to his elderly grandfather.

While he may look like a typical teenager, there’s something remarkable about his physical ability. 

Every sports team is begging him to join. The club wants him to be a part of the Occult Club as well as Itadori.

However, he prefers hanging out with his friends from school. The club can obtain an object that is cursed and locked at some point. They are unaware of the terrible consequences when the seal breaks.

Yuji takes the information as a single argument after his father’s death. He is later confronted by Megumi Fushiguro, a wizard.

The wizard reveals to him the school of his cursed charm talisman, with whom Yuji is in recent contact. The talisman was snuffed out by his classmates, which drew Curses at the school.

Creatures are created through negative emotions and are boosted by the absorption of supernatural forces by wizards. Yuji swallows his finger to protect Megumi and his companions from becoming the hosts of Sukuna.

This is a powerful Curse in a state of inability to conquer the curses because of his inability to use magic abilities. Every wizard must immediately rid him of his curse due to Sukuna’s sinister nature.

Yuji remains able to remain in control over his body, for a vast part, even though he is possessed.

As a result, one of their teachers of Megumi, known as Satoru Gojo, agrees to bring his student to the Metropolitan Magic Technical College of Tokyo to suggest it to his bosses. 

They would like to postpone the execution of Yuji until he can eat every finger of Sukuna and allow them to take him down once and for all.

A Brief Introduction to the Plot


In this world, when we die, the majority of our souls go to the next side. However, some souls remain in the grave and transform into evil spirits. 

A spirit that is evil becoming less human over time, turns into a monstrous curse that claims the lives of many people across the globe.

To fight the curses that range from grade four (the weakest) and up through special grade (the most powerful) Sorcerers are a reality. 

Sorcerers are extraordinary people who can see these spirits and use the spirit of curses to defeat evil.

The story revolves around the young high school student Itadori Yuuji. Yuuji is a mighty boy who excels in any kind of sport. 

But, he decides to stay in the occult research center as it allows him to care for his grandfather in hospital as well as the sole person who is his guardian. 

In the final moments before his death, Yuuji’s grandfather informs him that he has been given the body of a strong man for some reason and that he should ensure that when he dies the body is surrounded by his friends, not like his who is surrounded by his grandson.

With this in mind, Yuuji encounters Megumi Fushiguro, who is one of the students at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School in Japan, an institution that teaches sorcerers.

He is in search of the fatal cursed special grade object that is that of the finger of Sukuna the ruler of curses. 

He brings the object to Yuuji who tells Megumi that he handed the item to teachers at the occult club. Megumi informs Yuuji to not try to touch it with their finger they’ll die.

They both go to high school to see all the curses that have been released. In a desperate effort to rescue Megumi and his fellow students, Yuuji ends up swallowing the finger. 

The most cursed object in the world, it is reincarnated as the demon king the Ryomen Sukuna which is in a league of its own.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Manga Episodes


Jujutsu Kaisen: Episode List

1Ryomen SukunaManga Canon2020-10-03
2For MyselfManga Canon2020-10-10
3Girl of SteelManga Canon2020-10-17
4Curse Womb Must DieManga Canon2020-10-24
5Curse Womb Must Die -II-Manga Canon2020-10-31
6After RainManga Canon2020-11-07
7AssaultManga Canon2020-11-14
8BoredomManga Canon2020-11-21
9Small Fry and Reverse RetributionManga Canon2020-11-28
10Idle TransfigurationManga Canon2020-12-05
11Narrow-MindedManga Canon2020-12-12
12To You, SomedayManga Canon2020-12-19
13TomorrowManga Canon2020-12-26
14Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event -Group Battle 0-Manga Canon2021-01-16
15Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event -Group Battle 1-Manga Canon2021-01-23
16Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event -Group Battle 2-Manga Canon2021-01-30
17Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event -Group Battle 3-Manga Canon2021-02-06
18SageManga Canon2021-02-13
19Black FlashManga Canon2021-02-20
20NonstandardManga Canon2021-02-27
21Jujutsu KoshienManga Canon2021-03-06
22The Origin of Blind ObedienceManga Canon2021-03-13
23The Origin of Blind Obedience -II-Manga Canon2021-03-20
24AccomplicesManga Canon2021-03-27

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