How to Grill Our Love Manga Gets Live-Action

Last Friday, the 14th compiled book volume of Shiori Hanatsuka’s How to Grill Our Love (Yaiteru Futari) manga announced some exciting news – the series is getting a live-action adaptation!

Hanatsuka celebrated the news by sharing a delightful drawing on Twitter.

How to Grill Our Love Manga describes the story:

Dating can be challenging when you have a passion for barbecue.

how to grill our love How to Grill Our Love Manga Gets Live-Action

Kenta, a down-to-earth pitmaster, seeks a grill companion in Chihiro, a reserved and impeccable business professional…or is she? Seeking solace in their shared love for food and each other, the two individuals find refuge from the fear of being rejected for their true selves…and everything is going smoothly until Kenta has to move to a different location.

With their blossoming connection on the line, Chihiro suggests they take the plunge and commit to each other through thick and thin.

Managing a long-distance marriage can be challenging, especially because they have limited knowledge about each other. It’s quite a unique union where the initial awkwardness of dating combines with a fiery passion for grilling!

Hanatsuka introduced the manga in Kodansha’s Morning magazine in September 2020.

On March 5, Kodansha USA shipped the seventh volume of How to Grill Our Love.

Source: 14th volume of How to Grill Our Love

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