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How to Give Yourself Money In Sims 4?

Here is a collection of money cheats for The Sims 4 that you can use to either make your Sims very rich or very poor.

You’ll have a lot more power over your sims’ simoleons with the help of these tricks.

Make sure to open the cheat code box using CTRL + SHIFT + C and enter “testingcheats on” if you don’t know how to use cheats in The Sims 4 or have forgotten how to do so.

Then, close the cheats console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C once more.

Sims 4 Money Cheats

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This cheating post will be a somewhat brief one today due to time constraints.

There aren’t very many money cheats for The Sims 4, but that’s not because there isn’t a lot you can do; rather, it’s because these tricks will take care of pretty much everything you require.

But if you’re searching for even more power, I recommend downloading a couple of mods like the UI Cheats Extension Mod or MC Command Center.

In the post I wrote about essential mods for Sims 4, you’ll find more information about the mods in question.

You need to make sure that testingcheats are turned on and that the cheat code is filled in correctly for these money cheats to work properly.

It is highly recommended that you use copy and paste from your browser into the game in order to avoid making any typos.

The following is a list of money cheats for The Sims 4:

kachingThis gives your household 1,000 simoleons
rosebudThis gives your household 1,000 simoleons
motherlodeThis gives your household 50,000 simoleons
money #This gives your household however many simoleons you want them to have. Replace # with an amount.
FreeRealEstate OnThis makes all houses and lots free
FreeRealEstate OFFThis returns all houses and lots to the original cost
household.autopay_bills trueThis turns your household bills off
household.autopay_bills falseThis turns your household bills on

Sims 4 Money Cheats FAQ

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Q-In The Sims 4, how does one make use of the Motherlode?

Ans: In The Sims 4, activate the cheats console by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C at the same time.

This will allow you to use the motherlode feature.

After that, ensure that cheats are active by putting testingcheats on into the cheats console.

This will turn cheats on.

After that, you should type “motherlode” followed by the enter key.

This will immediately bestow 50,000 simoleons upon the household of one of your Sims.

Q-How can I earn an unlimited amount of money in The Sims 4?

Ans: Using the most fundamental of the Sims 4 money cheats is the quickest and easiest way to obtain an endless amount of money in The Sims 4.

To begin, access the cheats console by simultaneously pressing the Control+Shift+C keys on your keyboard.

Check that cheats are active by typing testingcheats on into the cheats bar.

This will turn cheats on.

Next, enter money # and replace it with a HUGE number of simoleons when you’ve typed it in.

You may continue doing this whenever you need more money, thus providing your sims with a limitless supply of cash.

Q-How exactly does one go about accumulating a million dollars in The Sims 4?

Ans: In The Sims 4, if you want to earn unlimited money or a million dollars, you will virtually follow the same set of procedures as if you wanted to get a million dollars.

We’ll take it step by step from here on out.

To begin, bring up the cheats bar by simultaneously pressing and holding the keys CTRL, SHIFT, and C on your keyboard.

After that, ensure that cheats are active by putting testingcheats on into the appropriate field in the cheats bar.

Next, input money #, then replace # with 1,000,000, and hit enter after you’ve finished.

Your Sims’ household will each receive one million simoleons as a result of this action.

I really hope that these cheats for The Sims 4 money were helpful to you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Happy Simming!