GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

In GTA Online, you might want to think about pulling off a robbery if you’re searching for a quick method to earn some cash. Heists are mostly cooperative tasks in which you must work with other players to carry out different types of criminal acts, such robbing casinos, banks, or military installations.

all about how to play gta 5 online in 2021 GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

In addition to being exciting and demanding, heists can pay off handsomely, depending on the complexity and quantity of participants. The most paying theft, though? Which one is also the simplest to finish? All the answers to your million-dollar queries are provided by this payout-ranked list.

It just accounts for the rewards from the theft. Numerous prizes throughout the heists might earn you extra cash, however each player’s experience may vary.

Here is a list of all the heist.

8. The Fleeca Assignment ($100,625–$251,560)

The Fleeca Assignment GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

In GTA Online, the Fleeca Job is the most straightforward bank robbery to begin with. In addition, it’s the only robbery in the game that calls for two players—one to act as the driller and the other as the driver and hostage-taker. If you’re new to the world of GTA heists, it may still be an exciting experience even if it offers the lowest compensation.

But before you can really start working on this task, you have to do a few warm-up tasks. These include searching the bank for potential entry ways and obtaining an armored getaway car, both of which should be rather simple for novices. It’s also important to note that, because of its short duration and low difficulty, The Fleeca Job is the greatest method for earning platinum medals. Play this heist to earn the Mastermind achievement/trophy.

7. The Prison Escape ($350,000 and $875,000)

The Prison Escape GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

As the name implies, this isn’t a theft per se. Instead, the objective of this operation is to free a notorious criminal named Professor Maxim Rashkovsky from a high-security state prison. This ‘heist’ calls for a team of four.

These days, it might be hard and time-consuming to get three other random people together, therefore it’s better to play with friends or organize a session on PSNProfiles. But before you can start the grand climax, you have to do four preparation tasks that require obtaining a bus, an aircraft, a police vehicle, and eliminating some of the Professor’s former colleagues. In the epilogue, you must free the criminal from custody and utilize the obtained cars to escape.

6. Series A Funding ($353,500 – $883,750)

Series A Funding GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

The way this robbery plays out for the four participants makes it a little different. Because of the extremely low effort-to-reward ratio, it is regarded as one of the worst heists as well.

Under Trevor’s direction, you’ll complete five setup missions in which you’ll take various illicit substances from different gangs across the city in order to sell them all in a massive drug sale in the last act.

The heist ending, sadly, leaves a lot to be desired. After all, you deliver Trevor the “goods” and get paid for them. Trevor manages to evade arrest when it is revealed that the customer is an undercover agent for the Drug Observation Agency.

5. The Humane Labs Raid ($472,500 – $1,181,500)

The Humane Labs Raid GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

The Humane Labs Raid is one of the most exciting heists in Grand Theft Auto Online. It assigns you the mission of breaking into the Humane Labs and Research facility and looking for signs of chemical weapons.

Five simple setup missions make up this heist. You need to get the lab keycodes, an EMP device, two Insurgent LAPVs, and a Valkyrie helicopter gunship before the end.

You may buy a wide variety of cars in Grand Theft Auto Online. Here are some of the greatest planes you can buy for comfortable air travel.

After the exciting conclusion, you’ll be split into two groups. The squad in the Valkyrie helicopter will offer air cover and then recover the ground team while the assault team enters the lab to acquire the confidential information.

4. The Pacific Standard Heist in GTA online ($750,000 – $1,875,000)

The Pacific Standard GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

Another risky bank robbery in Grand Theft Auto Online is the Pacific Standard theft. As a group of four, you must finish a number of setup tasks to acquire tools, cover stories, and getaway cars in order to get ready to attack the Pacific Standard Bank’s main branch in Downtown Vinewood.

Like the Fleeca heist, the ultimate goal in this case is to enter the bank undetected, drill through the vault, and take possession of the loot. Thereafter, there’s a drawn-out escape procedure to complete. It’s a charming method to connect the last and first original heists.

3. The Diamond Casino Heist ($2,115,000 – $3,619,000)

The Diamond Casino Heist GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

One of the largest rewards in the game is available in the Diamond Casino Heist, but it all hinges on what you take out of the vaults. You are given four target vaults to choose from, each holding cash, art, gold, and diamonds.

The caveat is that the diamonds are only accessible for a limited time, and it can be challenging to predict when they will really arrive in the vault. Cash offers the lowest payment, while diamonds provide the most.

In GTA Online, there are three distinct businesses: managing a nightclub, producing cocaine, and producing money.

These investing choices might be useful if you’re in GTA Online and need some quick cash. Make quick money in business by anything from automobile sales to casino heists.

Furthermore, the setup tasks change based on the strategy you select: large con, aggressive, or stealth. Every one has pros and cons of its own, requiring distinct crew members, gear, and entrance locations.

2. The Doomsday Heist: $4,200,000 – $5,250,000

The Doomsday Heist GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

One of the game’s most exciting moments is the Doomsday Heist. It consists of three acts, each of which is akin to a mini-heist with a distinct set of setup objectives and a lucrative end goal.

Act One: Avon and his AI, Clifford, seek you to avert a catastrophic attack on the city, and you assist them in fending off Merryweather mercenaries in an IAA facility.

The next task is to seize control of a submarine that belongs to Bogdan, the guy who is said to have plotted the attack on the IAA site.

In this passage, Bodgan discloses that Clifford AI is hazardous and has to be removed. Concurrently, Avon divulges his actual schemes to seize control of the city’s defensive system. In an epic conclusion, you will battle Avon, Clifford, and their mercenary army in the third act.

1. The Cayo Perico Heist ($1,500,000–$2,450,000)

The Cayo Perico Heist GTA Online: A Guide About Every Heist

Because it may be played alone, the Cayo Perico Heist is the most profitable game. In other words, you will keep all of the profit after deducting a few fees. Unfortunately, both your primary and secondary targets in the Cayo Perico theft heavily rely on random numbers. For optimal effects, you need purchase two sets of cocaine and the pink diamond.

One Cocaine, two sets of Weed, or one Cocaine and one Painting are good substitutes for the latter. Remember to also open the office safe.

Upon completion of the elite challenge, you should get at least $1 million, regardless of your luck. Here, you’ll need to play silently, but if you follow the instructions, you should be OK.


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